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Meh. Might be worth it for the comedy, but it seems like this game should just be linear. It just doesn't look like it would benefit from being open-world.

I'm definitely more interested now than before this video, but man, I still just don't know about this game.

Posted by Crono

Game looks fun and the graphics are sweet.  I can't wait to rock this game!

Posted by Brontes_Muse

Totally exceeded my expectation. It looks awesome.

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Damn I am excited for this.  They should just rename it to 100% Badass.  Thanks for the sneak peak, I can't wait!

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@whatisdelicious said:
" Meh. Might be worth it for the comedy, but it seems like this game should just be linear. It just doesn't look like it would benefit from being open-world.I'm definitely more interested now than before this video, but man, I still just don't know about this game. "
You probably haven't played psychonauts.
Posted by Kraznor

That was most enjoyable. Can't wait for this game. Hope there is a special Brutal Legend podcast with Tim Schafer when the game comes out. Make it so.

Posted by YoungDetective
@whatisdelicious: It is. I don't know it the demo gets there, but it is.
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Fucking dope. I want this game.

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does anyone know how long this game will be?

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The car lacks proper impact mechanics. 

That's sort of annoying when you crash into a group of dudes

and two of them animate like they've been hit even though they all did.

Or they don't even get hurt when you run into a group of enemies.

They slide around without taking damage... not good.

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@Guerrilla_Mason said:
"Really kind of takes away some of the funny when he says everything is going to be funny. "

yes. i hate when people do that
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I'm drooling over this fucking game right now.

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This game will be like infamous I think... looks good, but not really amazing. But it turns out it really is amazing.

And this game will have the best soundtrack evar!

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Rocktober indeed.

Posted by Maxszy

WOW! Yeah, absolutely can't wait for this!

Posted by FuzzYLemoN

This actually looks... extremely awesome. I'm now interested.

Posted by Lydian_Sel

I believe this will be my first Tim Schafer game.

Posted by okuzy

looks pretty awesome

Posted by MeatSim

Wow Jack Black is pretty good in this not annoying at all.

Posted by kallistosprom

i agree what happened to impact machanics? oh well looks fun and nice music. I'm sold :)

Posted by TheWorstPlayerEver

this game seems to be pretty hilarious

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Combat looks uninteresting though =(

Posted by PTZen

Great stuff! Cant wait for it to come out

Posted by Titl

i love the soundtrack, so cool!

Posted by Aeterna

"Uhh... whoever is playing needs to pick up the axe already"

Haha. +1

Posted by BenderUnit22

Gotta hand it to Tim Schafer, the guy knows how to make games funny.

Posted by Morden2261

That just sold me.

Posted by JoeyIA

I enjoyed that Quick Look.

Posted by BD_Mr_Bubbles

Awesome stuff,

Posted by ponyslayer

quick look sold me, looks great

Posted by Lotan

You know alot of people comment with mems like, "day one" and "must have" or "want now", and I usually think those are pretty stupid comments.  but.....

Wow!  I must have this on day one,  but I want it now!
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Man this game looks great, I'm glad they are getting this game a lot of attention because I probably would have never checked it out normally. Also I can't believe how extremely funny this game looks, I laughed 6 or 7 times during the quick look, thats pretty damn good!

Truly this is the age of funny videogames.

I am really looking forward to this game, and everyone who has been able to play the pre-release builds have said that the game is way better than it looks. I really want to see the open world elements and I hear theres some strategy stuff too!

I really liked the pace of the beginning, lots of bosses and random crazyness going on, had a really good pace.

Also tim schaefer is a champ. He is awesome at making funny videogames and was very awesome to listen to in this :P

Posted by Vinny_Says

"children of the grave"...I'm sold!

Posted by lacke

I watched about 1 min of this trailer and I'm sold. So far, the only pieces of info I've gotten about this game has been from the podcast. Complete media block about this game from now on because I like the beauty of "discovering" a game myself once and a while.

Posted by halfameatball

Wow, I really want this game...now!

Posted by Yobalt

This game looks amazing. Can't wait for October!

Posted by MachoFantastico

Game looks great! Must buy!

Posted by OrgunUK

Looks great, especially for an alpha build!

Daaaaaay-aaah onnnnneeeee-ah
Posted by SmokePants

Seems pretty rough. The combat doesn't seem to be anywhere in the same league as Ninja Gaiden or even God of War. It's more like... Legend of Zelda or Fable. Pretty tame and uninteresting. The driving looks like it has issues as well.

Also, an audio pet peeve of mine is when no effort is made to match VO with the context. It doesn't sound like he's standing atop a mountain of skulls fighting off demons when he delivers his lines, it sounds like he's in a little room with foam-padded walls, sipping a latte.

Posted by Lazyaza

Fucking epic. Must play iiiiit!

Posted by strangeling

I trust Tim Schafer when he says this is going to be awesome.

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wow, this looks way better than i thought it would. Before watching i didnt know what the hype was about but this looks like a decent purchase

Posted by Xeiphyer
@SmokePants: Dude keep in mind it doesn't come out for quite a while. Don't judge a game so harshly before it comes out =P
Posted by Kolonel_Kool

Tim makes great games.  I'm not completely sold on it.  Watching a game isn't playing a game though.  The art direction almost makes it look last gen, which doesn't concern me too much. After all, I play games because they are fun, not because they are pretty.  At least it doesn't look broken.  I may be sold by a good demo, but without getting my hands on it I just can't be sure.  Looks like it could be fun.

Posted by Tordah

Haha, that was awesome. I've been skeptical to this game since I first heard of it but now I'm convinced it'll be great.

Posted by Aaox

Defend thine self!

Posted by Jimbo

The dialogue seems excellent, but you know how Ryan felt about Chris Klein?  That's exactly how I feel every time Jack Black opens his mouth.  I don't want to, I just can't help it.

Definitely still a few issues to work on before release - there's a camera problem fighting the worm thing and a framerate crash when he's driving the car.  The transitions between game and cutscene need some work too.

Anybody recognise the hot rod?  It's almost identical to the one in Grim Fandango (right down to the 8 ball shift).  I'm surprised they can do that, but maybe that means we'll be able to get the bike from Full Throttle?  Maybe?