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The Community Spotlight 2019.10.12

Small business man Vebaum Karravelli is here to sell you this week's best from the Giant Bomb Community.

Hello and welcome to the latest edition of the Giant Bomb Community Spotlight and I, @zombiepie, am once again honored to be your host as we look back at the best creative endeavors from the Giant Bomb community! This week we have a diverse assortment of blogs, lists, reviews, and thread, but more on that latter. If there is one request I could make for all of you it would be to seek out the top blog of the week. After reading my commentary, I think you will all agree it's one of the most heart-warming things this year. Regardless, we have a lot of site-related housekeeping, so, let's jump right into it!

  • Two new Giant Bomb shirts will soon be available to pre-order! If you want a hint of one of the two designs, it's jea_rum's Alex Navarro's Junji Ito design from a while back. The second shirt is still a mystery and will likely be announced when pre-ordering becomes available.
  • Speaking of Giant Bomb merchandise, the Giant Bomb skateboard decks are shipping RIGHT NOW! If you pre-ordered a skateboard deck, you should expect to see it soon, and if not, feel free to contact Rorie on Twitter (@frailgesture).
  • For those who missed out on the skateboard decks the first time around, there should be a second opportunity to buy one coming soon!
  • Last week, I noted the engineering staff trying to locate the source of the freezing and skipping issues for Apple TV users during live streams. The update this week is Will and the engineer working on iOS did a test stream last week to try and figure this out. Expect more updates soon!
  • If any of you are running into issues using the site's Embiggen mode, please file a bug report with your screen resolution using this link! Be aware, the issue is being worked on.
  • Jan turned 28 last week. Use the link to wish him a belated "Happy Birthday" on Twitter.

Giant Bomb Galleria

Burgle My Bananas + Crazy Frights (By: @jearum)

jea_rum is back and this time as strong as ever! Check out the two pieces of artwork they have made and don't forget to support artists however you can.

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Tweets Of The Week

Giant Bomb Community Activities

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Giant Bomb Extra Life 2019 Donation Page +

Giant Bomb Extra Life 2019 Team Page +

Extra Life - November 2, 2019 - Join The Giant Bomb Team! (By: @matt)

Giant Bomb's personal Extra Life 2019 page has raised $8,450! The Giant Bomb team has raised over $19,000 and currently features 106 MEMBERS! Donate and/or join the fun using the links above!

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Destiny 2 Clans and Grouping Utilities (Updated: 10/6/19) (By: @hestilllives19)

Some major changes are coming to clans in Destiny 2 with the release of the Shadowkeep update. Read what those changes include, and debate how you feel about them on our community Destiny 2 Clans and Grouping Utilities thread!

Clip Of The Week

DOOM Music, But It's Surf Rock (By: @hamst3r)

Who doesn't like the soundtrack from DOOM? Well, Giant Bomb user Hamst3r made a couple of DOOM music remixes that are definitely worth a listen! The two remixes they made this week combine surf rock with DOOM's throbbing death metal.

Best Of Blogs

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Help Design An NPC For Indivisible [3 YEAR-OLD BLOG] (By: @gyratyne)

Alright, so this is going to require a bit of storytelling on my part. About three years ago a Giant Bomb user by the name of Gyratyne accepted a job designing NPCs for Indivisible. They created a thread on the site when they got the job soliciting suggestions on possible Giant Bomb staff cameos. With the release of the game this week, it appears the character design proposed by the community for Vinny made the cut and you can encounter a character named "Vebaum Karravelli" in the final version of the game.

I Finally Beat Pokémon Ranger: Guardian Signs and Gosh I Love Pokémon Ranger (By: @willherox)

WillHeroX recently gave Pokémon Ranger: Guardian Signs a shot and details why they consider the original Pokémon Ranger one of the best Pokémon off-shoots out there.

I Just Beat Devil May Cry 5 And It's A Mixed Bag (By: @humanity)

Humanity finally got around to playing Devil May Cry 5 and uses their latest blog to extrapolate why they don't buy into the hype surrounding the game. Give it a read and discover why the game didn't "click" with them.

Skipping a Beat: Kingdom Hearts III and Consideration for the Lapsed +

Indie Game of the Week 141: Oknytt+

Mento's Month: September 2019 (By: @mento)

First, Mento admits to being a "lapse" Kingdom Hearts fan and uses their latest blog to share how they got themselves up to date with the franchise before jumping into Kingdom Hearts III! Second, Oknytt for their latest "Indie Game of the Week" blog! Give it a read, and I promise this one doesn't have too many puns, and discover why they enjoyed the cute little adventure game! Finally, Mento reviews everything they played and watched the month prior.

Big Boy Season: The Design of Titanfall 2 (By: @gamer_152)

Moderator Gamer_152 continues their retrospective on Titanfall 2 and how it is always providing players another tactical option and constantly shifting the gears of play. This week, they explore the design that makes it great.

Join The Discussions

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Giant Bomb Reviews In 2019 (By: @smallville123)

The issue of reviews always seems to whip up the Giant Bomb community into a frenzy. However, with the site's recent review format change winding down, what are your impressions of where reviews on the site go from here?

Film & 40s: Listening Methods, Tips? (By: @onlineatron)

What is your preferred listening method for Giant Bomb's Film and 40's feature? Do you treat it like a podcast or do you watch the movie along with the staffers?

What Are Your Favorite Games This Year? (By: @haz_kaj)

With the end of the year drawing nigh, which game or games are your 2019 GOTY front-runners? Common Giant Bomb community picks include Sekiro, Fire Emblem, and Control.

Star Citizen PU Alpha 3.7 (By: @spacegg)

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Star Citizen Alpha 3.7 has launched, and if you want to discuss the additions and improvements with Giant Bomb users, here's the link to our community discussion thread!

Google Promises That Negative Latency Will Help Stadia Not Feel Laggy (By: @rorie)

Recently, Google Stadia's VP of engineering has made promises about the Stadia's use of "negative latency" will rectify any possible issues with lag. Do you buy this promise?

What's Your Favorite Top-Down Zelda Game? (By: @liquiddragon)

Do any of you prefer the top-down Legend of Zelda games to the open-world or 3D games? Which top-down Zelda games do you enjoy the most? Which handheld do you think had the "best" traditional Zelda game?

What Games Do You Think Will Be Part Of The Launch Lineup For PS5 And The Next Xbox? (By: @gameofadam)

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With the announcement of the PlayStation 5, which games do you think will launch with the new console as well as the next Xbox console? Share your predictions using the link above!

Washington Post Creates Gaming And e-Sports Section Called "Launcher", Under Their Sports Department (By: @boatorious)

What is everyone's reaction to the Washington Post's new e-sports website, Launcher? Do any of you plan to use the site to follow e-sports and major gaming events?

Do You Use A Phone Case? (By: @haz)

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Here's a fun, off-topic forum topic worth taking part in! Do you still use a phone case in the year of our lord, 2019? If you do, what material is your case made of? What style of kickstand, if any, does it feature?

Blizzard Ruling On HK Interview - Worst Thing A Video Game Company Has Done? (By: @silversaint)

Do you have any reactions to the recent controversy surrounding Blizzard and China? What do you make of Blizzard's statement after the fact? Which side of the issue do you err towards?

Christmas Has Been Cancelled - Doom Eternal Delayed To March 2020 (By: @glots)

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What is YOUR reaction to the recently announced delay of Doom Eternal? The majority of Giant Bomb users are saying they would rather wait and have the game be better, but what do you think?

Shenmue III Out Next Month, Any Excitement from Y'all? (By: @ghost_cat)

Shenmue III is out in about ONE MONTH! Are there any Giant Bomb users out there who are waiting to play the game with bated breath? Use the link below to join our community "anticipation" thread.

Lovable Lists

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My Son’s Top 10 List Of Games He Has Played During His Existence Here On Earth 2019 (By: @soupbones)

soupbones spent some time talking to their 11-year-old son and asked them to make a list of their all-time favorite video games. Here's what they ended up making!

Useful User Reviews

  • @undeadpool uses their review of Control to argue why they felt it was the game "Remedy's been trying to make for a decade."