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The Community Spotlight 2019.11.16

In the Community Spotlight, we don't have a bounty hunter show, classic cartoons, or even Jeff Goldblum. But, we do have shy guys, bad Christmas songs, and sweaty palms!

Image provided by jea_rum
Image provided by jea_rum

Hello and welcome to the latest edition of the Giant Bomb Community Spotlight and I, @zombiepie, am once again honored to be your host this week as we look back on the best user-created offerings from the previous week. As Game of the Year and Christmas loom closer and closer, the Giant Bomb community had an awesome but calm week. The offerings this week feature a little bit of everything, with works of art and discussion threads entertaining users far and wide. With that in mind, let's jump into the site-related housekeeping!

Giant Bomb Galleria

Four Shyguys and a Dizzy Goomba (By: @jearum)

jea_rum is back with another creative and hilarious interpretation of a recent Giant Bomb East moment. This time they imagine the Giant Bomb East studios as Goombas and Shy Guys constantly bickering at each other.

Tweets Of The Week

Community Activities

Tune in and donate if you can!
Tune in and donate if you can!

Giant Bomb GotY 2019 Fantasy League +

Giant Bomb GotY 2019 Fantasy League Discussions (By: @fobwashed)

It's that time of the year again! What time? Time for the Giant Bomb 2019 GotY Fantasy League! Predict which FIVE games you think will top Giant Bomb's official GotY list. And don't forget, there are wonderful prizes for those who nail it!

Unofficial Discord Extra Life Livestream (By: ???)

Hey everyone, Giant Bomb's Unofficial Discord is hosting a 69 hour Extra Life stream for the charity and Team Giant Bomb! If you have any free time, check out the stream and donate if you can!

Need for Speed Heat Xbox Crew (By: @darkjohnny477)

If any of you are playing Need for Speed Heat on the Xbox One, here's a link to the Giant Bomb community online crew for the game! Use the link below to learn how to join!

Clips Of The Week

Every Time They Spin The Wheel in Giant Bomb's Burgle My Bananas (By: JediFan421)

Did you want a compilation video of every time they spin the wheel during Burgle My Bananas? Well, BAM, thanks to YouTube user, JediFan421, here you go!

Warframe (Kuva Lich) - With the Giant Bomb Community +

PC Alliance Link (By: @rapid)

The Giant Bomb PC alliance for Warframe recently played around with a Kuva Lich encounter thanks to Warframe's new Nemesis system! Give it a watch and join the alliance.

Best Of Blogs

Remember when rhythm games had style?
Remember when rhythm games had style?

Get Back: The Beatles: Rock Band and the Group's History (By: @gamer_152)

Giant Bomb Moderator Gamer_152 uses the 50th anniversary of Abbey Road to look back at The Beatles: Rock Band. In it they look back at the game's portrayal of the band and explain how the group became cultural icons.

Bucketlog October: Arc the Lad +

Indie Game of the Week 146: Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night (By: @mento)

First, Mento always meant to get around to Arc the Lad. Give their latest blog a read to discover if they think the game has stood the test of time! Finally, Mento joined Vinny for their latest "Indie Game of the Week" blog by looking at Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night! Give it a read and see if they recommend the highly nostalgic game!

The Good, The Bad, And The Weird For Being OP In Games (By: @stantongrouse)

Giant Bomb user stantongrouse wrote an incredibly interesting piece about games and balance and examined three case studies where being OP is both good, bad, and weird.

Join The Discussion

Who's that Pokemon?
Who's that Pokemon?

Pokémon Sword/Shield Starters Discussion Thread And Poll (By: @chaz934)

Calling all Pokémon Sword/Shield players! Which Pokémon did you pick for your starter? The current batch of votes show a close race with the Giant Bomb community!

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Discussion Thread (By: @zurv)

Now that some time has passed, do any of you have impressions or feelings about Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order? Whether they are positive or negative, feel free to share them with the community using the link above!

GOTY Special: Giant Bomb's Worst Christmas Song (By: @moodytunic)

Inspired by Giant Bomb's new "The Worst Songs of the '80s" podcast series, here's a link to our community discussion related to the "Worst Christmas Song." If it ever becomes a podcast special, surely this thread will be used as a reference.


Games In 2019 That You Feel Were Incredibly Underrated (By: @mocbucket62)

Are there any games released in 2019 you worry will not come up at all during GotY discussion, but deserve to? Share and discuss the best "underrated" games from the year.

Best Current Generation Trilogies (By: @nutter)

Here's a fun discussion thread on the Giant Bomb forums: what's the "best" trilogy of the current generation of consoles? Current front runners include: Yakuza, Life is Strange, and Assassin’s Creed!

Which Games Make Your Palms A Sweaty Mess? (By: @liquiddragon)

Here's a fun, but slight gross discussion thread: which games make your hands or palms sweaty the most? Can you think of any games that shredded you palms or hands while you played it?

Inside XBOX - X019 Discussion Thread (By: @monkeyking1969)

What do you make of the recent Inside Xbox - X019 event? A lot of Giant Bomb community members seem to be excited for the new games set to launch on Game Pass, but was there anything else during the event that caught your attention?

Is Game Pass becoming a better deal every year?
Is Game Pass becoming a better deal every year?

Is Google Stadia Worth It At Launch? (By: @pcmusicer)

With the launch titles laid out for all to see, do you think the Google Stadia is worth the price at launch? Share your feelings after checking out the launch lineup with the rest of the community.

The Sonic The Hedgehog Movie Has Revealed The Redesigned Sonic (By: @alias)

The Sonic The Hedgehog Movie has revealed its updated Sonic character design and most people seem to like it. Share where you stand on the re-design and if the new trailer has you excited to watch the movie.

Planet Zoo Discussion Thread (By: @big_denim)

A lot of users and reviewers have sung praises for Planet Zoo from Frontier Developments, creators of Planet Coaster. If that's one of you, use the link below and share what makes the game so special.

Did someone mention games that shred your palms?
Did someone mention games that shred your palms?

Shovel Knight: King of Cards Community Resource Thread (By: @forcen)

Are any of you excited for Shovel Knight: King of the Cards? Does it excite you enough to return to Shovel Knight? Use the link below to learn more about what it is and how it's different from the original!

Who's Funkier? Toe-Jam Or Earl? (By: @sombre)

This sure is a community discussion that would've made Drew Scanlon proud: Who's funkier: Toe-Jam or Earl?

Lovable Lists

Kaga asks
Kaga asks "Am I a joke to you?"

My Favorite Games Of The 2010's (By: @fluitketel)

fluitketel tried their hand at listing and annotating their favorite games from the 2010s. Check which games topped their list by using the link and think about creating a list of your own!

Puzzle Games w/ Story (By: @vincentbrooks)

VincentBrooks is trying to compile a complete list of puzzle games with a story. Here are some examples and if you can think of a game not already on their list, feel free to drop a comment!

My Ranking of Fire Emblems (By: @majormitch)

MajorMitch has played a decent amount of Fire Emblem games and tries their hand at ranking the games from the franchise they have played from best to worst.