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The Community Spotlight 2020.03.21

Learn how to create a slew of nightmares for your Animal Crossing villagers in this week's Community Spotlight!

Thank goodness for Animal Crossing (Image provided by @SerenaMidori on Twitter)
Thank goodness for Animal Crossing (Image provided by @SerenaMidori on Twitter)

Hello and welcome to another episode of the Giant Bomb Community Spotlight and I, @zombiepie, am once again honored to be your host as we look back at the best user-created content from the past week. Whelp, as we transition to a new week, let's all give the Giant Bomb staff a huge "THANK YOU" for another week of home streams! I know there are plenty who have expressed issues with the solo streams, but the staff are already looking into ways to stream collectively and get back into the normal routine. Some staff members plan to begin recording Quick Looks with other staff members remotely, and Alex has revealed the next episode of Mass Alex should occur soon. Either way, they are trying and I think I speak for a lot of users in saying their hard work, on top of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, is helping me get through this difficult time. With that in mind, keep on keeping on, and stay safe!

  • As mentioned above the staff will continue to stream from home until further notice. However, the plan is to explore ways to return to Quick Looks and subscriber content in the coming week.
  • If you have the time, please, consider joining Giant Bomb's Folding@Home Team! The team is joining the world-wide effort to investigate the protein structure of COVID-19. Even if you are working with an older system, every new member counts and could help the world get through this pandemic.

Giant Bomb Community Endurance Run


Giant Bomb Community Endurance Run X Announcement Thread (By: @thatpinguino)

It;s that time of the year again! That's right, it's time for the Giant Bomb Community Endurance Run! For those unaware, the Giant Bomb Community Endurance Run is a long-running spring-time charity event hosted by Giant Bomb community members, myself included! Use the link above and donate what you can!

Here's a link to my personal donation page. If you enjoy the Community Spotlight or my activities with the GB Duders Feed on Twitter, help me reach my goal of $2,500 raised for Pencils of Promise, a charity that builds schools and invests in clean water sources in developing nations like Ghana, Guatemala and Laos! Small amounts are appreciated

Tweets Of The Week

Community Activities

The Animal Crossing New Horizons QR Code Thread (By: @marino)

Who would have guessed that the Giant Bomb Gunpla community would see a resurgence this week?
Who would have guessed that the Giant Bomb Gunpla community would see a resurgence this week?

Calling all Animal Crossing: New Horizons owners! Here's a link to the community "QR Code Sharing Thread!" If you have any designs worth sharing, whether they are GB-related or not, use the link below and post them!

Deep Rock Galactic Community Hookup Thread (By: @choi)

If you have been enjoying Giant Bomb's recurring livestreams of Deep Rock Galactic, here's a link to the community online hookup thread! Give a yelp if you want to play the game with other Giant Bomb users!

MLB The Show 20 Custom League (By: @shoney)

There's a community-led attempt to set up a CUSTOM LEAGUE MLB The Show 20! If you are interested in playing some baseball with your fellow users, then click the link and post a yelp!

Gunpla First Time Thread (By: @propagandapanda)

Inspired by Ben's Gunpla stream, there's a new "Gunpla First Time Thread" on the site! If you are looking for tips on your first build, or purchasing advice, this is the thread to go to for now!

Giant Bomb Galleria

Giant Bomb Themed Animal Crossing New Leaf QR Codes (By: Various)

While most have transitioned to New Horizons, don't forget to check out the community QR Code sharing thread for Animal Crossing: New Leaf! There are a TON of Giant Bomb user-created gems worth scanning! For example, you could make your entire village look like the characters of Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 or Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4!


Cloud Strife wants YOU to remember moderate exercise is important during a quarantine!
Cloud Strife wants YOU to remember moderate exercise is important during a quarantine!

Seven "Burning Questions" I Still Have For Final Fantasy VII Remake (By: @zombiepie)

Moderator ZombiePie is up to their usual tricks on Giant Bomb and this week talks about Final Fantasy VII Remake and the seven "Burning Questions" Square-Enix haven't answered! Give it a read and share your own unanswered questions about the game!

Analogue Audio Setup for Streaming/Recording +

Playstation 5 System Architecture Explained (By: @decoyoctopusx)

Many thanks to DecoyOctopusX this week for trying to explain heavy technical topics in plain English to the community. Several users have talked about hosting their own streams in response to the lockdown and shelter in place orders. User DecoyOctopusX created a helpful guide on how to set up your audio if you don't know how! Likewise, they also tried their best to explain Sony's system reveal conference using simple vocabulary. If the conference overwhelmed you, give it a read and feel free to ask them additional questions.

Even with DecoyOctopusX, I'm STILL confused if BC will be available at launch!
Even with DecoyOctopusX, I'm STILL confused if BC will be available at launch!

Indie Game of the Week 162: A Short Hike (By: @mento)

Nothing stops Mento's "Indie Game of the Week" series! This time, they look at the relaxing exploration game, A Short Hike! Discover why they were largely charmed by the game!

Favorite Movies of 2019 - DarthOrange Edition (By: @darthorange)

COVID-19 gave DarthOrange some time to get caught up on their movie-watching, and as a result, they decided to discuss their favorite movies from 2019! Read over all ten movies they thought were especially memorable, and share your own personal favorites.

Top 10 Anime Of 2019 (By: @dochaus)

DocHaus didn't get around to making a poll for Giant Bomb's 2019 "Anime of the Year," but they did take the time to write about their favorite anime shows from the previous year!

Discussions & Threads

Another great AC creation from @Sir5000 on Twitter!
Another great AC creation from @Sir5000 on Twitter!

DOOM Eternal Impressions Thread (By: @nodima)

To everyone playing Doom Eternal, what are your thoughts about the game? Is the single-player as epic as you were hoping? What are your feelings about the multiplayer?

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Review Thread (By: @glots)

Have any of you been following the reviews for Animal Crossing: New Horizons? Here's a link to the community "Review Mega Thread!" In your book, what stands out between all the reviews to you the most?

Are You Getting Physical Or Digital Version Of The New Animal Crossing? (By: @maxx2029)

Calling all Animal Crossing fans! Are you getting the physical or digital version of Animal Crossing: New Horizons? If you bought a physical copy, did you have to wait for shipping a long time? Did the global pandemic change your pick?

Have you enjoyed messing up the forces of Hell this week?
Have you enjoyed messing up the forces of Hell this week?

Is Shadow Complex Responsible For The Metroidvania Boom? (By: @regularassmilk)

Here's an interesting discussion topic on the forums: was Shadow Complex responsible for the Metroidvania boom? How much credit does it deserve in making the sub-genre relevant again?

Anyone Else Playing DOOM 64 Remaster? (By: @clapmaster)

While most are talking about Doom Eternal, and rightfully so, have any of you checked out the Switch eShop port of Doom 64? Does this version keep the spirit of the claymation-esque artstyle of the original?

Call of Duty: Warzone Solo Mode Discussion Thread (By: @sahalarious)

Have any of you tried out the new solo mode for Call of Duty: Warzone? Are your impressions of the mode positive or negative? For those that plan to give the mode a try, what's stopping you from jumping into the game's massively multiplayer option?

Is Coronavirus Going To Be The Final Tipping Point That Ends GameStop Or At Least Forces Bankruptcy? (By: @bigsocrates)

Right... we also are supposed to get two new consoles at some point.
Right... we also are supposed to get two new consoles at some point.

Is GameStop going to be one of the many businesses that might go bankrupt as a result of the coronavirus pandemic? Can you think of any measures the retail chain could do to keep itself afloat during this pandemic? Will their reputation survive the pandemic if the business survives?

Space Requirements For Ring Fit Adventure (By: @isomeri)

Hey everyone, a lot of users need YOUR HELP with Ring Fit Adventure as they use the game to get through this pandemic! Do you have any tips in setting the game up in smaller, studio-sized, apartments?

Sounds Like They Are Actually Still Going Through With A Complete Artifact Rebuild (By: @rorie)

It sounds like Valve is still committing to an Artifact rebuild! Learn all about it, and join the community debate if the game has any hope of rebooting itself. Does this have the makings of Final Fantasy XIV Online: A Realm Reborn? Only time will tell.

Retro Gaming Magazine Appreciation Mega-Thread - Post Your Old Mags! (By: @michaeltransactions)

If you still own your "classic" video game magazine, we now have a "Retro Gaming Magazine Appreciation Mega-Thread!" Here are some awesome scans from the thread thus far!

Has Warzone impressed you or left you wanting something different?
Has Warzone impressed you or left you wanting something different?

PS5 Full Specs Released (By: @frytup)

For those of you still trying to wrap your mind around Sony's PS5 system spec reveal conference, or maybe just poke fun at Mark Cerny looking like Dana Carvey, here's a link to the community discussion about what we now know about the console!

Xbox Series X Full Specs Released (By: @frytup)

The full system specs for the Xbox Series X have been revealed! What do you think are the pros and cons of what is on paper? How do you feel about the console's reliance on memory cards? Is there anything about the console you'd like different?

The classic video game magazine thread is a delight to read!
The classic video game magazine thread is a delight to read!

Control: The Foundation DLC Gets A Cool New Trailer (By: @humanity)

Control's The Foundation DLC got a fancy new trailer everyone is talking about! Give it a watch and join the community discussion on what your main takeaways about what has been shown thus far.

What's Your Favorite Wrestling Promo Of All Time? (By: @sombre)

Wrestling Board now has a friendly community discussion about the "BEST WRESTLING PROMO!" Whether it involves Dusty Rhodes, Paul Heyman, Shawn Michaels, or CM Punk share and discuss your pick for the best!

Which Did You Prefer?: Resident Evil 7 or REmake2? (By: @liquiddragon)

Here's an interesting poll and discussion thread from user liquiddragon: would you rather the Resident Evil franchise go in the direction of Resident Evil 7 or Resident Evil 2 Remake? Vote and discuss your choice!



The Explormatorium (By: @mento)

Because they love being different, moderator Mento is proposing that from now on we call Metroidvanias "Explormers" instead. Read all about it and what games they consider Explormers on their latest user list!

User Reviews

We have not one, but TWO Ori reviews this week!
We have not one, but TWO Ori reviews this week!
  • @machofantastico would have liked to see different in Ori and the Will of the Wisps, they can't help but give the game a glowing recommendation!
  • @vookatos finally got around to playing God of War III and shares in their review for the game why they were disappointed and disgusted with what they played.
  • @riostarwind uses their review of Resident Evil 2 (2019) to discuss how it is a perfect example of a game that respects its past while also adding extra spice to a successful formula.
  • @sethparmer's review of Ori and the Will of the Wisps discusses the ins and outs of what made the game special to them and what they wish was a little bit different.
  • BHLAAB uses their review of the PC port of Blue Reflection to discuss why they found it to be a low-rent Persona knockoff through and through.
  • @ameliamayix is a long-time fan of Minecraft and uses their "updated" review of the game to discuss why they think the game is going in the wrong direction.