TL;DL Podcast 30:th Anniversary Special!

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It's not everyday you can say that you hit a milestone. 30 years. 30 years we've been doing this podcast and it's been a long hard road. We've seen games and systems come and go, we latch on to the things we're most fond of. Both good and bad.

@bonbolapti is back from Vegas, with @commodoregroovy, @apathylad and @ossi joining him. Let's not beat around the bush, let's just start the show.

  • BON Talks Vegas, The Pinball Hall of Fame and the difference between an American and Canadian Big-Mac.
  • Ossi gives the personal perspective of the Diablo III auction house kerfuffle.
  • The Neverwinter MMO: Why it's cool in it's goofy little way.
  • Apathylad Showed Dolphin_Butter around little tokyo.
  • Apathy's Tales addiction
  • Injustice talk: Lobo, the iphone thing and Wii U owners complaining about no support for the game, so they don't support it.
  • 3DS games to look forward to.
  • Poketalk
  • Dark Souls and the comparison to Die by the sword.
  • Bene is the source of health issues.

I'm having some problem with the database, So I don't know when I can get it up onto the iTUNES store, but you can download the audio here. For those interested, here's the archive of the live video feed we did for the podcast:

Also, here's the link to the video we mention near the end, THAT EVERYONE SHOULD WATCH!


TL;DL Podcast 29.5: Pre-game

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Hey guys, word on the street is that the last episode was downloaded a hell of a lot of times. So things magically stopped getting busy for us, then a bit of the pack got together and talked up a podcast.

exciting? YES.

@dolphin_butter and @ossi Join me as we hit all the right notes and more. Key topics include:

  • Why Nintendo not doing an E3 keynote is far from a big deal.
  • Smash Bros. Tournament style play.
  • The Cancelled Maverick Hunter game.
  • Dragons' Dogma, Nintendo Direct, If you're getting a New console you're only getting one or the other.

As mentioned in the Podcast, Ossi is done with school, and he has a couple of game concepts to prove it: if you go down to Bob's Cave, front and center is Gopher forest and Sheep cave. CHECK EM OUT. We also talked about Dolphin uploading a bunch of fighting game videos to a youtube channel, but I can't find it right now, I'll have to bug him for it and update this.

and although I didn't mention it at all in the podcast, I wanted to mention that I doodle whenever I can over at, though it's doodling for the sake of doodling, most of the time the drawrings are video game related stoopid pictures.

Anyway, the PODCAST is available right here, and the iTunes music store as usual.

PLUS, if you're curious we usually end up live streaming the podcasts over on my youtube channel thanks to the power of google plus. You're always welcome to join in as it happens, and I'll usually remember to tweet it whenever we get the goings on.

That's about it for now, enjoy the listen! give us feedback in the comments if you like, or if you have a question or something you'd like answered on the podcast, DM me on twitter or leave a comment down below.

thank you thank you thank you,

Now if you excuse me, Deadly Premonition Director's Cut is calling out to me.

Your Pal,

Uncle Lapti

PS: This is the version of Costa Del Sol that plays at the end of the podcast.


TL;DL Two-for-tuesday (podcast episodes 28 and 29)

Hey kids, how is it going? Did you miss the last episode of TL;DL? Of course you did because I didn't put it up last week. What can I say, life gets in the way and then you have no enthusiasm for the hobbies that you do for fun (albeit experience.) But my treat to you is that I'm uploading both Episode 28 AND 29. It's a TWOFOR, Download one, Download the Other, OR BOTH?

Lemmie break it down for you.

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It's a Bon, Ossi and Dolph cast. Which is also basically a slow news day, or as I like to call it, Not much worth mentioning day. But the show must go on, and if it's a chill day then it's still a fun time.

  • We talk a bit about School and Career. Writing, Game making and TV Show Development.
  • Bon talks about being another podcast where he discussed his hometown and Marvel Universe ROLEPLAYING CHATROOMS.
  • Dolph went to Drama Class for the LAYDEEEES (Bon's Note: perfectly acceptable)
  • Bon explains the difference between acting school and Acting Seminars.
  • Ossi warns about Game Design Courses.
  • GAMETALK like: Stylesavy-Fashionista-Barista
  • Confusing Ossi with Greg Kasavin
  • Psycon Dongle Joke (it was relevant at the time)
  • Hygiene Rituals, Hair, and weather
  • Threatening to kill a Groundhog
  • Kill the sun
  • complaining in relation to the internet.
  • Ossi levels up
  • What's the use of Capture stations in this day and age.
  • Lengthy Afrika talk
  • Then we basically close it off with One Piece chatter, Cosplay porn and Transistor.


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This one is a Bon Ossi and Apathylad cast, brought to you by Sonic Dash on iOS. Suddenly it feels like there's conversations worth having. Apathy was at Wondercon, Bon still has his show, and Ossi still has school, but let's get into what's cool!

  • Bon get's straight into Apathy's Wonderful Wondercon trip and we totally name drop someone while doing so. Games, panels, and the pronunciation of Xillia.
  • Apathy played year walk
  • another Update from Bon's Panel show, Vancouver kids take note.
  • Luigi's Mansion 2, and a Deep conversation about Luigi and the Mario Universe as a whole.
  • Professor Layton and the Canonical Query.
  • Playing as Ganondorf in a Zelda game. That would be pretty badass right? What kind of game would that be like?
  • Lego City undercover is tops.
  • Touching up a little bit on Bioshock games.
  • Sonic Dash, Sonic Dash, Sonic Dash.
  • Ossi has been playing Final Fantasy VI you guys, YOU GUIZE! (finally)
  • Fire Emblem, is it still sold out in places? Who beat it? Bon hasn't, he played it too much to burn himself out.
  • Justifying DLC purchases.
  • Videogame storytelling theory: old days versus the now.
  • Let's open a school that teaches people how to think again.
  • People stepping down from companies.
  • Iwata and Nintendo are Maxin' and Relaxin' and why they're still a pretty great company.
  • David Hayter isn't the voice of Snake anymore. Yay? Nay? Meh. (Though, Hayter himself recently addressed it, and if it's something you're genuinely mad about, you'll have to move on.)
  • Old Voice actors reprising their old roles.

Download Episode 29 RIGHT HERE.

Thanks again, as always, for listening to the cast. As usual, you can also find us in the iTUNES music store. If there's anything worth bringing up or asking, for shits and giggles. Feel free to make a comment, and we'll act accordingly, for shits and giggles.

Bonjamin Laptor.

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TL;DL podcast 27: While we play Diablo III

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Hey folks.

I don't really have that much time to sit here and think of a blerb to say about how awesome and amazing this podcast is. What I can tell you, is that Ossi and I are playing Diablo III while we are recording in a google hangout. So even though you can get the audio from this link here and/or the iTUNES music store, we're going to have some fun and post the video of the whole thing.

Which you figure would be amazing, yet the quality is only 480p so I get I could be sitting here and apologizing, but screw that. enjoy enjoy enjoooooy the podcast.

with love,



TL;DL Podcast 26: What would Chie do?

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Oh my god, we missed a week I am so sorry. What happened to episode 25 is strictly the fault of Garageband. Lately there alway seems to be something technical about it where it just fucks up and I have no understanding on how to fix it. I may have a lot of apple products but I'm not a wizard.

So we just do another episode anyway.. Show must go on and all. Bonbolapti (that's I) hosts with the regular crew of at least Bene and Ossi. Ossi starts up the conversation right away and we talk about games, tropes, culture, and that goddamn internet.

Here's the part where I'm just going to ask for some participation. Around the end of the podcast we talk about how interest in communicating with the audience. Reach out, and make this stuff more fun. If you have any comments or questions you wish to bring up, feel free to comment below. If we get enough, we'll dedicate an entire podcast to it. (probably. It would be a nice change of pace for us in general.)

Just never mind my snarky, cynical attitude.

Download link is Right here, or get it on the iTunes music store.

Thanks for listening. We'll see you again next week.


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TL;DL 24: you are not (red) E

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Hello Fellow Fellows, come now and join us for another Episode of the classiest Mother Loving podcast around. Apathylad takes the reigns as host once again, for I had to spend another weekend doing tv show stuff that sadly didn't get anywhere.

Thankfully it doesn't stop these guys from talking. Apathy is joined by DolphinButter, Ossi, Sidescroller and special guest appearance by Early TL;DL alumni Tiwi-chan. So gather around the campfire children, they're going to tell Playstation Ghost stories.

In the loop, this time around.

  • Naruto Ninja Storm 3. If you're a fan of Naruto, then this is the continuation of the game for you.
  • Tomb Raiderz
  • Metal Gear Rising, in adequate discourse. Yay? Nay? Hay-hay-hay!
  • Playstation 4 was announced and there was a controller, and there was tech, and there was community. Stuff! Things! Drama! Explosions!
  • Durr-stiny. (hah! I made a joke!) Don't worry, Sides gives you reasons why you should probably be excited!
  • Maunster Haunter 3DS and Wee-you.
  • Tiwi dedicates the end of the podcast to playing the N64. More importantly, Smash Brothers.

There we go, that's a podcast! Um, I should be back next week, but give this one a listen. It's a good one. Guarenteed to entertain for at LEAST an hour. As usual download is right here, or you can wait for it to show up on iTunes.

Thanks for listenistening,

Big Popa-Lapti

Edit: I forgot that I wanted to share this. Apathy went through the trouble to make it, and it's been one of our favorite TL;DL moments that have happened. So here, I'ma share it:


TL;DL 23: These guys

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How is everybody doing today? Are we all glued to our 3DS's, balls deep in Fire Emblem: Awakening? Has the launch of the new site thrown your meticulous system out of whack? Did we all listen to last weeks episode? Should I apologize for the lateness?

Well don't fret, because I'm going to anyway. In fact, I'm making it up to you by giving you a new one a little bit early. It was just that efficient of a day. That catch is, we are just two people this week. Bene joins me to discuss topics in an orderly fashion, while everyone else has lives to attend to.

Consider this episode a pretty ironic one.

Tune in and turn up your listenin' ears, partake in the discussion at hand in the comments. Just get yourself cozy and be surprised that two guys can have so much to say.

In this week's cast:

  • We get right into it with a conversation Bon has been waiting for WEEKS to have with Bene: MOON BASE ALPHA, and the secret enjoyment of sim games.
  • Bon breaks his legendary silence on what he's been working on since November: A panel show.
  • The YEAR of LUIGI
  • That PS4 controller, and console naming conventions.
  • Bon talks a little bit of Fire Emblem, including speculation of future DLC maps.
  • Then bene brings it to a close with a rousing game of Dragonbjorn DLC for that there Skyrim game.

An hour, an HOUR of toe-tapping talk. For the Podcast you can DOWNLOAD HERE, or check it out at the iTunes music store. But I implore you, while you're there feel free to rate the podcast and we'll improve and have fun with everything accordingly.

Thanks for listening, and be sure to tune in next week. I am once again spending a Sunday for make benefit of television, but those Chuckleheads can and have a pretty interesting podcast going without me.

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TL;DL 22: Je ne Sais Bon

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Just a little bit late, but better that then never. It's the TL;DL PODCAST. Episode 22 is a special one, because Bonbolapti is gone. Wait, that's me. I was missing from the podcast. I had show stuff to do all day so Apathylad wants to take over decided to take the reigns as host. With him is the usuals DolphinButter and Ossi, it's a small group today. Oh yeah, and Sidescroller totally appears out of thin air to be the forth wheel. NOW LET'S GET THIS PARTY BUS MOVING!

What's in this podcast?

  • What do I care, I'm not in this one.
  • Well, they talk about that Wii U hardware bundle.
  • Fuck the Used game market. M I RITE?
  • The Fire Emblem conversation I would have liked to be a part of. I'm talking to my computer hoping to be part of the conversation.
  • Dolphin deletes his 3DS's identity.
  • Sides is all up in that Dad Space 3
  • Apathy spoils the Dead Space iOS game for EVERYBODY.
  • The Dorkness
  • That fun little art conversation that we always need to have in our lives every once in a while.
  • Ossi is afraid of Mr. slendermenn
  • Fun Sony Conference speculations: Sidescroller edition.
  • Ossi played another demo. Etrian Odyssey?
  • OSSI THINKS ULTIMATE NINJA STORM THREE LOOKS AMAZING. and he also thinks the games do a way better job of telling the story then the anime does. agree?
  • Oh god they're having an anime conversation. #justjokes #yeahyohYEAHYOH.
  • Then they round it off by never stop mentioning games that they've touched within the week.

So as usual, Download linky poo right here. Or wait for it to show up on the iTunes music store. I will be back to host next week. So enjoy this low-key game ramble. Like us for what we do, and STAY CLASSY.


TL;DL Episode 21: Rub to win

I apparently start the show dropping a lot of F-bombs. Hi, I'm Bonbolapti, you might remember me from such things as guy playing with shoes on that one episode of the last season of Fringe. Today, I present to you another wonderful Episode of TL;DL. Joining me is Dolphin Butter, Apathylad and the ever Ossi. Nobody else.

Join us will you please, for a delightfully quiet show.


  • Apathylad talks about his Trip to Treyarch, something about Call of Duty maps. They hold events for maps.
  • What's the difference between COD maps and BF ones?
  • Dolphin likes to avoid talking
  • Subscription benefits
  • Final Fantasy: All the Bravest, and Bon goes on record of saying positive things about it, and screw haters. I'm serious, we get deep in there and talk Pros for as many bloody cons that you know it has.
  • We are going to VOW to not talk about Square-enix anymore.
  • Then we segue to Playstation 4 talk.
  • The Microsoft way of handling indie games.
  • The Price is right – PS4 edition.
  • Dolphin Has also played some new Project Diva game for his Vita?
  • Shoenen Jump Video games, when and what is the next one?

I hope you enjoyed the show, I have a feeling that the next podcast is going to include conversation about Fire Emblem, like it's a game that just came out. BUT, seeings how we usually record on Sundays, your old pal Uncle Lapti over here has some television entertainment related things to do for the afternoon, so it's up to the rest of the crew wether they want to do a new one for next week, or... not.

DOWNLOAD LINK IS RIGHT HERE, or visit the iTunes music store. Thanks as always for taking the time to listen.


TL;DL Episode 20: JRPGs are dead (So is THQ)

Hear-yee, Hear-yee! Gaming Royalty has once again graced the presence of TL;DL's eardrums! None other that Vidiot comes from beyond the grave of school work to talk about Ni No Kuni, and the merits as applied to the JRPG genre. Ossi, and Bene also tag along to discuss things like Nintendo Direct. Meanwhile Dolphin Butter is also here, sitting in the corner sipping a hot cup of cocoa, supervising the tomfoolery. Episode 20 of this potentially award winning podcast is ready, BUT... is your body?

Cliffy notes:

  • THQ, you came, you made games happen, and now you're gone.
  • Nintendo Direct Confrence, what we should be getting excited for.
  • A Ni No Kuni conversation, that takes a much more deeper turn.
  • The joy of playing a video game in a different language, like FRENCH for example.
  • What's going on in Norway? Goat Cheese?
  • Fire Emblem meets Shin Megami Tensei
  • Yoshi's Yarn story
  • Clay-mation related subject matter.
  • Vidiot calls out Sidescroller on a matter that he SHOULD HAVE been there to defend.

DOWNLOAD THE EPISODE RIGHT HERE~ or if you use iTunes, and subscribe, then the episode should be good to go.

Once again, thanks for listening, and we're only getting betterer, so tune in next week!

~ Old man Lapti