Games I have finished ...

Here is the list of games I have finished and I have played all of them on PC. Games that I am currently playing or haven't finished won't be included in it. And also It will get updated every time I finish a new game. Also I include the games that can't be finished ( Like Civilization ) only when I play them for a good amount of time.

The list is sorted from my most favorite games to least favorite ones (** UPDATE: not anymore, thanks to Giantbomb changing their listing system). Expansion packs, DLCs and games which were not marketed as a new stand-alone game or sequel are sorted at the end of the list (Also not anymore).

List items

  • Suffers from extreme laziness and lack of ambition from its developers. It's supposed to be a stand alone add-on, but it's worse than many half-baked DLCs out there 5.1/10

  • A total rehash from Flatout 2. Waste of time. Even the great music tracks from Flaotut 2 are replaced with extremely average ones in UC. only and only play it if you haven't played F2 and in in that case, it's better to play that game instead.


  • More of the same really. But still, very fun. Also I found settings of forest of tomorrow which revolves around the effect of science in the life of families and making everything artificial ( Even love or spouses ) very thought provoking for a humorous game like TB. 7/10

  • A great arcade title and fun action/RPG. A very respectable achievement as an arcade game and more importantly, first product of a studio. 8.1/10

  • I absolutely liked nearly all of BiB's aspects, great storytelling and character development ( Especially for Ray himself ), amazing cut-scenes, gorgeous graphics and a perfect connection with CoJ. Also the multi-player of the game is awesome. A total blast sometimes. 8.7/10

  • Way ahead of its time as an adventure game. Hard, but rewarding at the same time. There is remake for the game called Maniac Mansion Deluxe which uses Day of the tentacle UI and makes the game a lot more accessible. Highly recommended. 8.8/10

  • Although it gets cheap when super natural powers get involved in the story, but still, IP is still a very unique experience that you should not miss at all. 8.3/10

  • Extremely revolutionary for its time. Especially in terms of visuals. No doubt about that. But it gets very boring and repetitive after a while. 7.3/10


    Lost Missions DLC

    It's a bonus 8 level expansion pack for Doom 3 included in D3: BFG Edition, so the fact that it's short and insignificant can't be considered a really bad thing, because that's basically the nature of it.


  • It was better than what I expected. But still, why ruin such a great franchise with an underdeveloped game like this? 6.1/10

  • Challenging , fun and addictive. One of the top 5 racing games I have ever played and probably will ever play. 8.2/10

  • Best expansion pack ever for me. It unleashes AOM's true potential. 9.2/10

  • Doesn't fully use its potential, but between all the FPS of its era, it stands on its own. 8.2/10

  • AKA AS: Vengeance. Very entertaining and satisfying. But it's one of those games that you forget about it after finishing it. 7.1/10

  • A great chance to feel how it looks like being Spider-man in a comical world. Also, playing as Venom is a real treat too. 7.5/10

  • One of the games that I immensely enjoyed and I consider myself a true fan of it. Don't know why it was overlooked so easily by gamers and critics. A cult-hit probably. 9/10

  • The original idea of the game and its implement is good, although the game gets annoyingly hard at certain areas. 7.3/10

  • Adds a good amount of game-play to an already superb game. 7.9/10

  • I liked certain parts of the game. ( Especially the parts where you play as the spy. They were thrilling ) But it wasn't really necessary to change the structure of a franchise like this. 6.8/10

  • A very respectable game according to the budget and materiel it was created from. A good GOW clone to play on your PC. 6.9/10

  • Probably TQ has the highest production value among other Diablo clones, but it gets boring after a while. 7/10

  • Savior of a console is not much of a big deal on PC and compared to the elders of the genre, Although Halo has some very nice and innovative elements which you can't turn a blind eye into. 8/10

  • Oh well, we all have played our share of childish and cheap game, haven't we? :P Although Surf's up isn't that bad. It can be quite fun for a short amount of time if you don't take it seriously. 6/10

  • Fun little game. 6.6/10

  • Another game that I didn't think it's going to be anything great, but turned out to be superb. Even if you haven't much of an interest in Marvel characters, this awesome game is highly recommended. 8.6/10

  • Well, what do you except as game made from a movie? a quick cash grab. Although this one is a little bit better than the others. 6.1/10

  • Not as bad as people say. Decent H&S. 6.4/10

  • One of the best FPSs ever. Scary, innovative and classy. 8.9/10

  • It was exactly the kind of game you would except from id. Satisfyingly intense. 8.7/10

  • An average military shooter you see every year which is fortunately enhanced by great visuals. 6.7/10

  • One of those games that will always find a way into your memory after finishing it. Although there are some big faults with it, but the main story and the way events take place always kept me going. Also the game was ported to PC pretty well. Didn't experience a single bug or annoyance in my whole 30 H playtime. 8.4/10

  • Limbo doesn't deserve all the credits it gets IMO, It's just a series of trial and error based easy to solve yet enjoyable puzzles with a nice art direction. That's as far as it goes. Maybe if I hadn't such a high exception, I would have a more positive opinion about it. 6.9/10

  • A big improvement over the first AC. Bigger, lengthier and totally better. 8.3/10

  • A role playing experience that should not be missed by any fan of the genre. Story and character development is masterful in NWN. 8.9/10

  • A disappointing game from DF which suffers from an extreme lack of depth and interesting material. Way too childish. 5.4/10

  • A bit harder but shorter version of F.E.A.R. with better scary situations and more variety in terms of locations. It's not anything groundbreaking or " must play " , but a pretty standard expansion worth to be played by anyone who enjoyed the original game. 7.4/10

  • Nice little adventure game with a great musical score. A casual game worth to play if you have the need for one. 7.8/10

  • Very entertaining ,addictive and full of charm. A casual game that I didn't feel that I'm wasting my time during playing it. 8.3/10

  • Low production values and illogical puzzles, but there was something in the game that made me go on. But still, you won't miss a thing if you don't play the game, even if you're the fan of the previous games in the series. 6.5/10

  • Definitely a better game than its predecessor with better puzzles and of course, better visuals. Although lack of challenge and a good and engaging story slightly bring it down. 7.9/10


    Goblin Menace DLC

    Definitely a worthy DLC. It's short, but the new levels look so damn gorgeous. 7.2/10

  • Really liked the game. An intense brutal combat, great use of the source engine, and some very nice and thrilling moments in the game make DMoMM a winner in my book. 8.2/10

  • Playing as Hulk can be really fun. Although this game doesn't fully use the potential, but still, it can give you a feeling of how smashing stuff as Hulk looks like. 7/10

  • A longer version of Deathspank with new and more locations and quests which is very good thing for the people who liked the original DS. 8/10

  • Innovative FPS. You won't see those two words together in the same sentence very often. Worth playing. 7.8/10

  • An adventure game with beautiful graphical design, innovative puzzles and lots of charm in a generation which adventure games are considered to be dead is soemthing you can't turn a blind eye into. 8.3/10

  • Best indie game I have ever played. I don't say this for many indie games,( cause they're usually overrated ) but WoG truly deserves all the praise it gets. 8.8/10

  • Splinter Cell presents the ideal stealth game-play which is both accessible and deep. Fortunately, other parts of the game like visuals, voice acting, sound effects, etc meet the standards too. 8.9/10

  • A very well made strategy game indeed. Everything about it just sounds right. 8.3/10

  • Just like Fallout. Although I consider Fallout slightly better because it was a whole new experience While F2 brings more of the same. ( in terms of basic structure of the game. )


  • A pure recycle, but a fair one. SP is mildly fun, Spec Ops is improved by the level-up system and MP maps are cool. Your average MW experience. 7/10

  • ARPG in terms of combat, CRPG in terms of everything else and equally good at both, DD is a game that any RPG fan should worship and anyone who intends to design RPGs should idolize.


  • While it doesn't leave the best first impression, S.T.A.L.K.E.R. becomes the most rewarding and atmospheric FPS out there after its slow start. 9.5/10

  • In some terms like Story and atmosphere, even better than Gothic 2. If it was a bit bigger and longer, it could take the crown from Gothic 2 as my most favorite game ever.


  • Tasteless combat and average story. Two faults that can truly bring this kind of game down. Fortunately, there's effort put on other areas of the game like visuals or voice acting, but they're not enough to save the game from medicority. 5/10

  • Innovative, fresh, fun, engaging, satisfying. DK stands the test of time. 9.5/10

  • Short but sweet. 6.8/10

  • Doesn't use its full potential. Still an innovative and at some points groundbreaking game. 8.5/10

  • Spore could use a lot better expansion pack. Idea is good , but the same thing can't be said about its implement. 7.6/10

  • Unlike many people, I didn't LIKE MP2 like the first one. My main complain is about the unrealistic and uninteresting story and character development ( especially for the Max himself who is very different from the first game. ) But MP2 is still a very entertaining third person shooter till it lasts. 7.2/10

  • Engaging and entertaining at first, but gets painfully boring after some time. 7/10

  • Very intense and realistic if you play it on the highest difficulty setting. Totally an immensely satisfying FPS experience. 8.7/10

  • Nice addition to the game. 6.8/10

  • Still a great game. But health regeneration makes it very cheap compared to the first game. Also, the game gets repetitive and boring at some points and I just wanted to finish it quickly. 7.8/10

  • Some nice additions like cars and vampires. 6.7/10

  • Underrated. I think it will turn into a cult-favorite in the future.


  • My favorite Sims 2 expansion pack. Interacting with your pet has a very nice feeling. Also werewolves for the win. 6.9/10

  • Hard and annoying sometimes, but putting effort into the game is worth it because of the unique experience it provides you. 7.6/10

  • Meh. 5.3/10

  • Manhunt's great stealth game-play mechanism was unnoticed due to the all of the talks about violence. Manhunt was more than a simple violent game. 8.3/10

  • Has a lot to offer for the fans of the violence. Although if you are not one like me, you still can enjoy the game's interesting game-play mechanisms like interrogation, quick kills, etc. 7.6/10

  • Excellent story and character development combined with well executed third person shooting and driving. 8.2/10

  • KOTOR 2 sounded like two or three step backward from its predecessor in nearly all aspects to me. But improving upon KOTOR is not something that anyone can do. KOTOR 2 is still a good RPG. 7.9/10

  • DS sounds like something special and provides an addictive party based action combat. 8.3/10

  • One of the very few FPSs that stand the test of time and that's a lot to say for a game in this genre. 9.1/10

  • The same thing that I said about Quake can be said about its sequel too. A long, intense and remarkable FPS. 9/10

  • Another FPS in the great series which this time, focuses on online matches. Although Quake 3 can be a blast when you play with the right person, but it can become boring pretty fast too if you play it with a random person or with bots. 8.2/10

  • Not in the same league with its predecessors, but still an intense and memorable game on its own.7.2/10

  • MUA was something else, but many of that game's awesome ideas are created with this game and its predecessor. ( Which sadly wasn't released for PC. ) 7.8/10

  • Great game , terrible port. 7.8/10

  • Becomes very very boring even though its short, but it has some very nice implemented schemes and also a great technical achievement for its time. 6.8/10

  • If you couldn't get enough of F.E.A.R.'s addictive game-play and EP didn't completely satisfy you, you might give PM a shot. 7.5/10

  • A great indie platformer game which never overstays its welcome unlike Super Meat Boy. 8.1/10

  • Alan Wake is clearly a game that was made with the passion of its makers and it's a fun ride from start to finish. But repetitive game-play and lack of variety is something you can't ignore. Especially when you finish the main game and reach its sub-par DLCs. Although everything else ( including story and character development, visuals, soundtracks , etc ) is great. 7.5/10


    The Signal DLC



    The Writer DLC


    Both DLCs are a waste of time and money.

  • Too much Burnout and not enough NFS. A disappointing attempt from Criterion after Hot Pursuit. 6.2/10

  • Although the PC port is terrible, but still, the greatness of the game is intact. Truly amazing. 8.8/10

  • Great presentation, graphics, RTS game-play mechanism and totally a high quality strategy game by all standards. 8.2/10

  • A true breath of fresh air. A gem between all of the indie games. 8.1/10

  • A top-notch adventure game for it's time. A great and memorable experience with the introduction of a great and extremely likable protagonist. 9.5/10


    Didn't like the remake with its ugly graphical design and lack of extra content. Could be done a lot better. Although it still has the MI charm 6.8/10

  • Great strategy game. Liked it a lot. It doesn't improve the genre, but it uses its blue-print in the best way possible. 8/10

  • Probably one of the few true AAA adventure games out there. Everything in the game sounds top quality, from the beautiful artistic graphics and music to its interesting fun to solve puzzles. 9.4/10

  • A very nice looking, classy Arkanoid clone with great soundtracks. Worth playing. 7.9/10

  • Such good times I had with this game. Humor is unmatched.


  • Short and brief, but provides plenty of good time. A must-play for western fans. 7.8/10

  • A lovely adventure which captures your heart. Although it's very hard, but I really liked the different ways you had to take in solving puzzles compared to other adventure games.


  • A standard adventure game with an interesting story and some very well designed puzzles. 7.8/10

  • One of the very few sequels that was made by another studio, but didn't turn out to be a treason to basis of the franchise. It's as good as all of the monkey islands before it.


  • Its very good at what it tries to do. Very exciting and tense. 7.8/10

  • Definitely not on the same par with the other games in the franchise, but still, one of best mainstream titles genre had to offer. 8.3/10

  • Although shallow as as role playing game, but JE's great story and unique settings save it from mediocrity. 7.5/10

  • Underrated adventure game. Recommended for the fans of the genre. 7.4/10

  • The first Hitman game has many rough edges and the implementation of the ideas are not done in the best way, but with the unique and tense atmosphere, great protagonist, beautiful soundtracks and an extremely rewarding game-play, it's easy ( at least for me ) to ignore all of its problems. 8.5/10