Games that mattered in 2010

This list consists of games that could reasonably me nominated for some positive category in the 2010 GotY awards.
The descriptions contain what awards get them on the list. (?) means that I'm not certain that it qualifies, and could be easily swayed to remove it from the category. 


Best Family Game: With the rise of the Wii, I think that there is room for an award dedicated to games that can be enjoyed by both hardcore gamers, their non-gamer friends, and the younger set. This award honors those games. 

Best Creation Game: Unless you count, you know, actually using map editors or *gasp* doing some coding, the genre of games built around creation is a relatively new phenomenon. It has seen some definite popularity int he last year, so it has its own award. 

Best Narrative vs. Best Story: Narrative is the way a story is told, whereas the best story award is based on what that story is, including characters and plot points.
Best Use of Motion Controls: Love them or hate them (hint: you hate them) motion controls are here to stay. This award shows respect for games that manage to accomplish something meaningful with the technology. 

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