Childhood games.

Some people throughout their lives experience a childhood, and I was one such lucky individual.  I was born in 1989 and the first system I remember owning (other than a PC) was an SNES. A few years after having untold amounts of fun, the room that housed the SNES, which was adjacent to our laundry room, was flooded by machines in said laundry room when a pipe burst. That led to a later purchase of the Genesis. Later on, a PSone was purchased.  I also owned most iterations of the gameboy at that time and also played the other classic Nintendo consoles at various times.
Here-in you will find a list of games that I can remember playing, for any amount of time. Please note that a possible majority of these games may be bad and occasionally horrendous.  I apologize in advance for the bad memories spawned by any games found on the following list.
This list will be continually updated over time.

List items