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Games Completed in 2014

I love keeping lists of all the games I've completed during a year. They are great reminders, and considering I completed 64 videogames last year, I need all the help remembering as possible. Here's to another year of knocking down my backlog, playing a new game or two, and trying to see what some of them so-called classics are all about. Like...Grim Fandango. I'd like to play that eventually.

Okay, let's chronicle my latest journey forward...


#1 - Gone Home

#2 - Disposabot

#3 - Temple Run 2

#4 - Ys I

#5 - ~airwave~ - I Fought the Law, and the Law One

#6 - Falling Skywards

#7 - Bad Dream: Butcher

#8 - Bad Dream: Graveyard

#9 - Escape the Barn

#10 - 9 Months In

#11 - Journey

#12 - Fragment

#13 - Ben Chandler: Paranormal Investigator

#14 - Broken Age (Act One)

#15 - Winnose

#16 - Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon

#17 - Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

#18 - Scaling the Sky

#19 - Ben There, Dan That!

#20 - Spelunky

#21 - Thomas Was Alone

#22 - Don't Drink the Pink

#23 - Tainted Olive, Chapter 1: Shadow of a Choice

#24 - Pokemon Y

#25 - Beyond Good & Evil HD

#26 - Tomb Raider

#27 - The Walking Dead, Episode 2 - "A House Divided" (Season 2)

#28 - Wallace & Gromit's Grand Adventures, Episode 1 - "Fright of the Bumblebees"

#29 - A World of Keflings

#30 - Wallace & Gromit's Grand Adventures, Episode 2 - "The Last Resort"

#31 - The Binding of Isaac

#32 - Metal Gear

#33 - The Everloom

#34 - Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake

#35 - Dear Esther

#36 - Metal Gear Solid (replay)

#37 - Wallace & Gromit's Grand Adventures, Episode 3 - "Muzzled!"

#38 - Deadlight

#39 - Disney Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse

#40 - Wallace & Gromit's Grand Adventures, Episode 4 - "The Bogey Man"

#41 - The Walking Dead, Episode 3 - "In Harm's Way" (Season 2)

#42 - Transistor

#43 - Crackdown

#44 - Hexic (Windows 8 phone)

#45 - Halo 3

#46 - Nelson Tethers: Puzzle Agent

#47 - Puzzle Agent 2

#48 - Guacamelee!

#49 - Doki-Doki Universe

#50 - Deeper Sleep

#51 - And Yet It Moves

#52 - The Deepest Sleep

#53 - The Walking Dead, Episode 4 - "Amid the Ruins" (Season 2)

#54 - Remember Me

#55 - Angry Birds Rio

#56 - The Walking Dead, Episode 5 - "No Going Back" (Season 2)

#57 - BattleBlock Theater

#58 - Suikoden (replay)

#59 - Metal Gear Solid: VR Missions

#60 - Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty (replay)

#61 - Disney Magical World

#62 - Dead Island

#63 - You Have to Win the Game

#64 - Proteus

#65 - DLC Quest

#66 - Diablo III: Reaper of Souls

#67 - The Swapper

#68 - The Stoneville Mystery

#69 - Botanicula

#70 - Suikoden II (replay)

#71 - Jazzpunk

#72 - The Tiny Bang Story

#73 - A Date in the Park

#74 - BioShock Infinite (replay)

List items

  • Fantastically short and solid game where you're exploring an empty house in search of your sister and parents. This game never wastes a single moment, and everything you find exists to enhance the story and tell you things in a non-traditional way. Loved it.

  • A bit glitchy on my Windows 8 phone, but still an enjoyable endless runner. Basically, it's one big grind, but still has that "one more run" feel to it that I just can't shake.

  • So far, just Ys I. But I plan to dive into Ys II relatively soon as I find the "bump" combat to be really fun and addicting. Certainly a faster way to grind. Had to look up some things though as the game does a terrible job of pointing you in the right direction.

  • Really great experience, with not a single word ever said. The ease and flow of everything made for an effective two hours or so of chirping, sliding, and floating into the light.

  • Act one completed! Really good, fun puzzles and delightful character designs. Still think this would have been phenomenal as a complete package, as it clearly ends right as the plot picks up.

  • Very silly, but surprisingly fun. Guess I didn't realize that this was going to be a mix of Deus Ex: Human Revolution and a bit like Fallout. Loved being sneaky as always.

  • Pretty good, though I already knew the ending because of the GOTY podcasts. Also, the control scheme really confused me up at certain times. Oh well. Otherwise...yeah, pretty good. Very depressing.

  • Cutesy and--at times--crude point-and-click game. Puzzles are pretty simple, but fun,, resulting in a relaxing, light-hearted adventure of two men trying to better their lives.

  • Beat Olmec! For my next trick, I'll attempt Hell and Yama. Wish me oodles of luck and a jetpack and shotgun combo, too.

  • A beautiful experience connecting with shapes, sounds, and colors.

  • Another Pokemon game bites the dust, and I got to use my Garbador for the final few fights. Will see what one can do in the post-game content.

  • The HD version! My second time completing the game, still a lot of fun. Surprised at how tricky that final boss fight is, especially when the controls become reversed and you have no more health-restoring items in your inventory.

  • Not your father's Tomb Raider--or mine, I guess--but still enjoyable nonetheless. Might go back to find the rest of the collectibles; might not. Also haven't tried multiplayer yet.

  • So far, finished episode 2 of Season 2. Great storytelling with tough dialogue choices, but this season the game is becoming less and less of a game, which is a bummer.

  • Pretty straightforward stuff, but light-hearted and charming, with fun characters and plenty of great silent looks at the camera from Gromit.

  • Management sim with bouncy, ear-infecting music. I enjoyed the first game and found the second one to be much of the same. Don't take that as a negative statement.

  • Another adventure, another round of pointing and clicking. Silly fun, and that Duncan McBiscuit is quite a character. Took about two hours to complete, and I'm looking forward to the third ep.

  • Beat Mom on the vanilla version of Binding of Isaac and on the same day that Patrick brings the daily video feature to an end. Oh well. I got the laser technology weapon early on, so it was pretty much a breeze to Mom. Very much interested in Rebirth for PS3!

  • I played the version included in Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater from the Legacy Collection. Evidently, this one has some big changes from the original version. Blargh. Still a lot of fun.

  • Bigger and better than the original Metal Gear, in just about every way. Also much more difficult, and that invisible swamp path still gets under my skin. Some interesting boss battles though.

  • A gorgeous, curious walking simulator set on an island. I liked it, but I also wanted more "game" from it. Oh wells.

  • A classic, with some still frustrating boss fights, especially the last three in a row. I think a lot of MSG holds up though, especially the Codec dialogue.

  • A much more contained story and set of puzzles. Only had to look up the solutions to like three of them, most involving chickens. Another big cliffhanger ending that I'm sure won't be addressed in the final episode of the series. Well, we'll see in due time...

  • Very cool looking game, but not fun to play at all. Every room was trial and error, you dying first and then figuring out what they want you to do. Predictable story, too. Kinda bummed overall.

  • A pretty mediocre action platformer. Found it too easy save for the final boss fight with Mizrabel, which took several attempts.

  • The final episode. Strangely, this one did connect storywise with the previous episode, which I liked, but I hated the gold key puzzle which involved too much memorization on what club to use and where to hit from and so on. Still, a rather charmer series of adventure games, fun characters for sure.

  • Beautiful game, interesting combat mechanics and choices, and a pretty muddled storyline that I had trouble comprehending all the way to its end. Might try New Game+ though...

  • Beat it just in time for a remake/new one to be announced! Fun if a little gameplay. Jumping from building to building is nice. Got around 400 Agility Orbs and maybe found around 75 Hidden Orbs. Oh well.

  • Hmm, there doesn't seem to be a page for Hexic for Windows 8 phones, but I beat all 100 levels and didn't spend a single penny on boosters and assists. It's a fun game, if marred by the "lives" mechanic...

  • Meh, this was okay. I find it all a bit generic actually: the story, the world, the shooting. Some of the firefights can be quite fun when you have room to attack from different spots, but otherwise...oh, and the friendly AI is TERRIBLE. JUST TERRIBLE. I got in a Warthog and waited five minutes for the driver to back up.

  • A pretty quirky and bizarre point-and-click game from Telltale. I loved the art, felt pretty unenthusiastic about many of the puzzles, ending up looking most solutions up online, and was disappointed in how the storyline kind of fizzled at the end, refusing to really answer anything. Oh well. Maybe we get more in the sequel?

  • Basically Act 2 of the first game, picking up immediately where the story cliffhanged. Really enjoyed how the fiction played out, but it seemed like the puzzles were a million times simpler. Except for that Lunar Run one, had no idea what to do there. Would love to see a third game in the series, but it seems unlikely now that Telltale Games is working on a thousand new IPs.

  • Some of the toughest platforming around. The combat is fun and keeps you on your toes, but some of the platforming and boss fights were really tough, especially solo. Love the music and art and Metroid references.

  • Just a bunch of fetch quests, giving characters presents. That said, the art style and cute writing really kept me engaged. It's a sweet game to pick up and play for a bit over the course of a week.

  • Finally got back around to playing and completing this. The last chapter is just bonkers with some really intense turning moments. You gotta be quick with your fingertips! There's no story though, it's all mechanics.

  • It's got some problems, but man is it a fascinating world with really interesting dilemmas and characters. The build-your-own-combo systems allows for slight creativity, and the combat can get real tense at times.

  • A good time-killer to play when on my lunch break and just watching Giant Bomb videos. Beat all the levels, just have one more Achievement to go after.

  • Fun and sometimes really tough puzzle platformer! A killer soundtrack to boot as well.

  • Replayed for the first time in over 10 years! Still holds up, but is both an easy and strange RPG at times. I got all 108 Stars of Destiny, including reviving a certain blonde-haired servant of Tir McDohl's.

  • I did enough to complete just under 70%. That means I didn't see everything--especially some of the cooler, fan-service bits--but alas the majority of the early stuff is the same mission over and over with tiny differences. Also not a huge fan of anything timed in a Metal Gear Solid game...

  • More great and zany Metal Gear action! I still don't fully understand the plot, but that's okay.

  • A deceptively addicting and challenging life sim/RPG hybrid, with a focus on gathering ingredients and items and making more stuff from it. I opened a chest at 77 stickers that revealed the end credits, but still have plenty of goals to cross yet.

  • With three overpowered co-op partners, I plowed through the last two acts of this game, barely even swinging a stick at a zombie's messed-up face. Oh well. It's glitchy as heck, but a lot of fun in some spots. Might play again.

  • A challenging platformer with a really cool Commodore look to it. Technically, I "lost" the game by getting the bad ending, but it was still a lot of fun.

  • Man, what a strange, fascinating experience. A bit somber too.

  • Cute game with a single hook, but very cute and short and also cute.

  • Mindless addiction, but so so so very good. I still need to try out Adventure mode and want to get my demon hunter up to level 70 before I walk away from this for a bit. Apologies to the other cool classes, like the monk or witch doctor.

  • An amazing, captivating puzzle game. I had to look up two or three puzzle solutions, but otherwise figured everything else in the end. As dark and depressing as this game world was, I didn't want to leave it behind. Got no Achievements on Steam though, strange.

  • Really adorable point-and-click game. Just as amazing as Machinarium was, but a bit easier on the puzzles, thankfully.

  • Dumped another 48 hours into this fantastic JRPG. Got all 108 Stars of Destiny recruited, but not in time to get the good ending. Still, what a wonderfully strong roleplaying game, with terrible, terrible translation work.

  • Zany spy antics. There's a surprise at every turn, and I think I was smiling for my entire playthrough. Wedding Quake!

  • A bunch of puzzles, mostly involving a lot of clicking around a screen for hidden object. I thought there was gonna be an actual story here. Bah.

  • Another go through. Still a visually amazing game with so much to gawk at.