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    A 'spiritual successor' to the Super Stardust series, Resogun is a voxel-based shoot 'em up that takes place on a cylindrical plane.

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    Resogun is the first PS4 release by Housemarque. It carries forward concepts from the studio's own Super Stardust franchise, and the developers also cite games like Defender, Datastorm, DoDonPachi and DeathSmiles as influences.

    Instead of moving across the surface of a spherical planet as in Super Stardust, the player now moves about a cylindrical stage, which only loops on the horizontal axis. The interior is transparent, so enemies and such can be seen from any point on the playfield. The change of perspective also allows for enemies that inhabit the upper and lower edges of the screen.

    Resogun's entire world is composed of voxels, including the enemies, making for near-constant explosive bursts of debris.


    The main objective is to rescue humans and bring them to drop-off points at the top of the level. The humans are all in cages at the start, and groups of aliens called Keepers periodically come for them. If a group of Keepers is not killed in time, one caged human will be lost - kill the Keepers, and the human will escape and run along the bottom of the level. Taking it to the drop-off point will ensure its safety, but humans on the ground can still be killed by the other aliens after a while.

    The player acquires shields, screen-clearing bombs, and weapon upgrades throughout the level. There is also a recharging Boost move as in Super Stardust, which allows the player to blast through their enemies.


    The game features 2-player campaign co-op, and single-player Arcade and Endless modes.


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