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Saryrn is the Mistress of Torment and Pain.  She was not always a goddess.  In her mortal life, she was a woman of stunning beauty and a devout follower of Erollisi Marr.  The goddess of love blessed Saryrn and promised her a rare and special love by telling her she would meet her soul mate and live a long, happy life.  Through a vision from Erollisi, Saryrn was shown who the man was; a Paladin of Marr in the city of Freeport.  The young lovers married and built a modest home on the outskirts of the city.  Saryrn could not have been happier.  While everything seemed to be perfect, Saryrn began to become possessive, jealous, and suspicious of her husband who was often on duty with the Knights of Truth.  She would continually ask her husband if he truly loved her or if he would ever leave her.  He assured her that he would not, but her distrust festered and became unbearable.  One day, her husband forgot his lunch when he left that morning for patrol, so Saryrn left the house to deliver it to him.  She spent hours upon hours without finding him, her worrying and anxiety growing towards insanity.  She became convinced that the reason she could not find him was that he was hiding somewhere with another woman.  Her mind struggled to maintain sanity until she heard the sound of a woman's laughter emitting from a nearby inn's window.  The woman was a waitress, serving Saryrn's husband a lunch of cooked poultry, bread, and mead.  As the waitress refilled his cup, they exchanged words and laughed together as any friendly people would.  Saryrn snapped and in the weeks that followed, she imprisoned her husband in their home and kidnapped the waitress.  She tortured them with hot irons, jagged wood, metal skewers, and even flayed their skin with sharp knives.  The waitress died rather quickly, being a frail woman.  The paladin, being strong and healthy, spent many more agonizing days and nights.  Until his dying moments, he professed his love for his wife.

The truly sad part of Saryrn's tale is that after the death of her husband, she repeated this process several more times in different cities around Norrath.  As her insanity grew, she began to realize that she was not alone.  A figment of her imagination known as Baraguj Szuul was informing her of her husbands' infidelities.  Following the death of the Paladin of Marr, she heard the voice of Maareq the Prophet, who told her of her ascension into the pantheon of the gods.  Saryrn began practicing the arts of necromancy to further improve her torturous skills in order to please Maareq.  As she tortured and killed more and more innocent people, Saryrn's memories of the mortal world escaped her and she eventually found herself in a planar realm she envisioned for herself.  A twisted citadel of obsidian rose out of sea of blood of those she had tortured.  She soon discovered the ability to move through the minds of mortals, similar to the ways of Terris Thule.  As her victim count grew, so did her power.  Maareq's prophecy had come true.  Saryrn had ascended to the pantheon of the gods as the goddess of pain and torment.  Many of the Elder gods regarded the occurrence as an example of why not to meddle in the affairs of mortals.  Saryrn quickly formed an alliance with Innoruuk, Bertoxxulous, and Cazic-Thule; the gods of hate, disease, and fear.


Saryrn & Sorrowsong 
Saryrn & Sorrowsong 
In most lore, Saryrn is depicted as a strong woman wearing a steel mask with wild hair swirling out eradically.  She is typically shown carrying a scimitar and wearing a revealing top with a skirt with a full-length slit up her right leg.  During the Age of Turmoil, her realm was a target of the Norrathian adventurers on their path through the Planes of Power.  When confronted by these mortals, Saryrn manifested herself as a towering, muscular woman of pale skin wearing skin-tight leather, spiked gauntlets and spike-toed obsidian boots.  Her face was still hidden by a steel mask and her hair was braided into dreadlocks.  Saryrn wielded a wicked mace and was protected by a viscious raven pet she named Sorrowsong. 

Among the Pantheon

Saryrn's forsaken realm is known as the Plane of Torment.  It is here that she shackles and imprisons her victims.  At random, she chooses one of the poor souls to torture for her amusement via a myriad of means including sadomasochism.  The amount of time the torment and pain lasts is random as well, depending upon a whim and the mood of Saryrn.  Her bloodlust is insatiable.

Saryrn is one of many gods who have not returned to Norrath during the Age of Destiny.

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