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    Shun Di

    Character » appears in 14 games

    Shun Di is a character from the Virtua Fighter series who employs Drunken style Kung-Fu and is a doctor.

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    Shun Di first appeared in Virtua Fighter 2 as a playable character whose origins are from Northern China. A master of Drunken Kung-Fu whose skill surpasses almost all. He is a sage-like character who has trained many other fighters throughout the years. Shun also works as a herbal doctor when not involved in training. His hobby includes drinking both before after and during a fight. Due to his profession as a doctor, it is likely that Shun is one of the richest characters in the series.

    Win Quotes

    • Madamada genekijawai (You're still not ready...)
    • Washiwo mikubirudenaizo (You shouldn't have looked down on me...)
    • Amizo (naive!)
    • Onushi yudanshitajaru (You underestimate me...)

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