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    WWE Day of Reckoning

    Game » consists of 3 releases. Released Aug 30, 2004

    WWE Day of Reckoning is a wrestling video game for the Nintendo GameCube that was released in 2004.

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     Featured wrestlers


    Match Types

    • Normal
    • Hardcore
    • Ladder
    • Table
    • TLC (Tables, Ladders, and Chairs)
    • Steel Cage
    • Hell in a Cell
    • Bra & Panties
    • Iron Man
    • Tag Team
    • Triple Threat
    • Fatal 4 Way
    • Handicap
    • Royal Rumble


    • Raw
    • SmackDown!
    • WWE Heat
    • Royal Rumble 2004
    • No Way Out 2004
    • WrestleMania XX
    • SummerSlam 2003
    • Unforgiven 2003
    • No Mercy 2003
    • Survivor Series 2003
    • Armageddon 2003
    • House Show


    A created superstar starts off as a new wrestler signed to a WWE developmental contract trying to work his way up to the main roster. After developmental comes a stint on Sunday Night Heat before the wrestler finally joins the main roster. You get to choose which brand your superstar enters (RAW or SmackDown!), which also chooses the stable they will enter for the story ( Triple H's Evolution for Raw, The Undertaker's New Ministry for SmackDown!). While the created superstar works his way up the roster, the leader eventually becomes the shows' world champion, then starts kicking people off the team as they fail him or (as in the case of the created superstar) become a threat to his championship. The final battle is an iron-man match at WrestleMania XX for the championship.

    The story is continued in the sequel, WWE Day of Reckoning 2, though under the assumption that the superstar chose Raw (which was essentially necessary because both brands end up being involved).


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