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Pfft, you call that a long form. I've seen longer.

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I did it. It wasn't really that bad. I've been doing surveys for gamestop gift cards for the last few years and some of them take almost an hour. Plus I didn't mind, especially if this helps you duders out.

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Yeah, I stopped without finishing it. I'm sorry!

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Happy to help, Jeff!

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That was way too long to not be paid for it like those gimmicky 'work at home' deals

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I lied and said I didn't pre-order in the past year. Don't tell CBS. I cracked with XCOM. I .... guile hair :(

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I was confused whether the counted retail games I purchase on Steam as Retail boxed or Downloadable PC. But other then that, filled out and enjoyed it.

Also, I hope that the "big prize" is just something CBS puts at the end of every survey because they are heartless corporate bastards.

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Why was there no option for when asking about what gaming websites I visit?

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I'm good, thanks.

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@Clouise said:

Wow that was a long form. I had to lie in the gaming hours bit, I don't play more than 100 hours.

:/ it was a percentage, dawg.

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@Tylea002 said:


this, but bing-bong

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That was really long. Sheesh.

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oh boy! what's the big prize? I wouldn't mind a autographed set of the giantbomb Cards against humanity set.

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Sure why not

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My phone comes with Linux installed. WHERE IS MY OPTION!?!?!?!

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I hope the BIG PRIZE is something really special and amazing!

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Man that was a long form... gave up halfway through like I do with most things in life...

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Glad to give some input =) Hope these kinds of surveys help your guys' analytics

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What was the bit at the end about a prize?

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I... I chose five music genres. Only after I clicked next did I see that you were supposed to pick three.

I've failed everyone.

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yes sir!

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No MOBA genre? Worst form ever.

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Only for you Jeff

EDIT: Also needs to be more Vinny in the videos, he goes with the why I watch gaming live streams. Without him I probably would've never stuck around the site long enough to appreciate everything they do.

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Yugoslavia huh? Sorry Jeff.

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Done and done.
All surveys should have some kind of percentage indication of how long the survey is.

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I like how when it came to your income, the smallest figure was $50,000 or less.

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@bemusedchunk said:


I like how when it came to your income, the smallest figure was $50,000 or less.

Yeaaaaaah, I noticed that too. It wasn't even combined household income, which would be more understandable. I don't expect to earn that much money myself for many years.

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@ThatFrood: Hahaha I know. I realised that after. Luckily I'd just put it down as a percentage anyway.

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"Do you think that the quality of Free-to-Play games is better or worse than console games?"

What a weird question. Do I think TF2 is better than Jerry Rice & Nitus' Dog Football? Of course. Do I think FarmVille is better than Rock Band? Hell no.

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I put OUYA into the consoles I'm gonna buy slot.

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@Brodehouse: You're a bad person.

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Weeeeeell, that was fun and time consuming!

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I was under the impression that there would nudity. Disappointed.

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I actually really like filling out surveys but this one in particular was mad detailed. What's the deal with the grand prize?

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Why isn't Senastia listed as a country? Or any of the Lunar Kingdoms, really?

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That was a long ass survey, I hate you jeff.

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Which of the following next gen consoles do you plan to purchase?


Good one Jeff.

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I filled the fuck out of that survey. Wish I knew how long it was before I became emotionally invested.

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"The Persona 4 Endurance Run" should have totally been a choice for the "When did you first hear about GB?" question.

Also, when can I expect my prize, and will it involve sexy lamps?

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thank you for keeping me distracted during class! All filled out :)

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@EvilKatarn said:

I... I chose five music genres. Only after I clicked next did I see that you were supposed to pick three.

I've failed everyone.

You were supposed to pick 3? I only picked 3 and I didn't even realize that. I win.... I guess?