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Hard to remember, most likely Super Mario Bros on NES though.

#52 Posted by Fearbeard (860 posts) -

Well first console I had was an Atari 2600 but we had a Pong system at my Grandparents house which we probably had first.

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It was probably something like Pong or Pac-man, can't remember since I was at most 4 when I played my first game. First system and game that I remember getting was a NES with Super Mario Bros and Duck Hunt when I was 5 or 6. Never did beat SMB even though i played it a lot.

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No clue. It had to be either one of my neighbour's Atari games or possibly something in a hotel arcade (my family did road trips a lot when I was young).

#56 Posted by iam3green (14368 posts) -

i think it was either super mario brothers. good times playing that game.

#57 Posted by downtime58 (234 posts) -

I knew of the Atari and Intelevision as a kid, but the first game that I actually played myself was the first mario bros. on NES - one of those memories I'll probably never lose.

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I'm pretty sure the first game I ever played was Combat on the Atari 2600. It would have been 1979 or so. The first games I remember ever being excited about, though, were Empire Strikes Back and Pitfall! (both on the 2600). I would have been five or six at the time. I definitely remember enjoying it. In fact, I can trace my love of all things technological to those early gaming experiences. Within a few years, I was programming little games with sprites and a joystick on a C64. Good memories.

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Got an N64 and hot wheels turbo racing for Christmas when I was 6.

#60 Posted by BisonHero (7707 posts) -

@Clonedzero said:

@BisonHero said:

@Clonedzero said:

when i was around 3, i was hospitalized for awhile with some sort of sickness i dont remember what, but i was in there for awhile. (i got better obviously). but the childrens hospital had this like playroom for the sick kids, and there was a donkey kong arcade machine, and i hogged that thing all day long.

Bummer about you being sick at the time, but that is a pretty rad playroom for sick kids.

Be honest: are you Billy Mitchell?

no, im not that big of a prick

Oh snap! Yeah, that guy is a pretty big asshole.

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I can't remember which came first but it would either be Pitfall on the Atari or Frogger on a table top thing that my Aunt had. They both resided in my Grandparents basement by the time I got to them (I was 3). There were probably other games in the basement with the Atari and such but those 2 games in particular are what stick out in my mind as the first. I also apparently had a commodore 64 but I don't remember it at all. According to legend (actually according to my mom), when I got the NES for christmas when I was 5, I threw the commodore down the stairs because I felt the NES was so much better.

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Super Mario World.

#63 Posted by WMoyer83 (663 posts) -

I think it was some Commodore 64 games. I remember playing MULE, The Goonies, and some Helicopter game, although I was really young.

#64 Posted by myketuna (1781 posts) -

Either Super Mario Bros. on the NES or Street Fighter II at the arcades. I'd have to ask my parents, but I bet they don't remember the first time I touched a video game (in any form) much less what game it was.

The first game I remember playing? I'd think it'd have to be Super Mario Bros. 3 on the NES when I was about 4-5.

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Super Mario Land on Gameboy. Took me a long ass time to finally beat it but I was young so I have no idea if it was actually difficult or I was just bad at it

First real console was PS1 w/ FF7 on Christmas

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Uhm. I think it was Alex Kidd and the Enchanted Castle. Really, when I think about it, I only remember jumping over a red car and rock, paper, scissors. Still, that game was the first puff of weed that got me into heroin.

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first game i bought with my own money was cool boarders 2 for the PS1. better and worse decisions have been made.

#68 Posted by ajamafalous (12249 posts) -

Super Mario Bros., NES.

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I can't recall what the first game I played was but I remember loving Commander Keen, Jazz Jackrabbit, and the original Duke Nukem as a kid.

#70 Posted by Sanity (1964 posts) -

Super Mario i think.

#71 Posted by Zomgfruitbunnies (963 posts) -

Tetris on a Gameboy that my grandma brought home from work.

#72 Posted by vikingdeath1 (1028 posts) -

Pokemon Blue version! Christmas gift when I was...... shit, I can't remember

#73 Posted by Blannir (254 posts) -

Sega Genesis with Altered Beast. Even though I sold my Genesis long ago I made sure to keep Altered Beast.

#74 Posted by Chaoticarsonist (37 posts) -

Putt Putt Saves the Zoo!

#75 Posted by xMEGADETHxSLY (445 posts) -

Halo 4

#76 Posted by nywt (455 posts) -

The first game I ever remember playing was Kung Fu for the NES. When I was really young, my parents friends got a NES for their kids and I would often go over and play Kung Fu and Super Mario Bros.

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Outlaw mofo

#78 Posted by nintendork666 (203 posts) -

Toploader NES w/ Super Mario Bros 3 for XMAS.

#79 Posted by VaddixBell (275 posts) -

Super Mario Bros on NES

According to my dad, I finished it in one sitting on my first go; much to his annoyance. I vaguely remember it, but I was very young.

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@Lenny said:

Something on the ZX Spectrum.... too long ago to say what the first game was, we are talking games on cassette tape here.

I used to have a Speccy too. I remember having to wait about 10 minutes for Robocop to load up.

@MikkaQ said:

I can't really remember, probably some early-mid 90s edutainment software. Plus the computers at my first school were old enough to have oregon trail on them, so it could be that game.

My first console was the N64, so Mario 64 was my first console came, got it when I was like 5 or 6.

You're reminding me of my school days. They had BBC Micros. They also had what is laughingly referred to as a "computer club". In theory kids could come and study on them in break time but the vast majority were playing Chuckie Egg.

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@Kidavenger said:

Utopia, No idea why my parents would have bought a game like this for a little kid, but this was the first game I remember really getting into.

Oh, there I thought you were talking about this.

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Um as far as I can remember back it was most likely Pac-Man on my Dad's Apple II black and green monitor and all.

#83 Posted by NoelVeiga (1180 posts) -

Too old, can't remember. Plus, there wasn't A first game ever. I played arcade machines with my dad when I was little more than a toddler, then 8 bit computer games with friends, then I got a PC with a ton of games on it at once and then a Mega Drive (yes, that's its name, deal with it). So yeah, it's really hard to narrow it down to one game. Rastan? Tetris? Maniac Mansion? Oh, Mummy!? Enduro Racer? Who knows...

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Jet Set Willy, which was when I was still in nursery, so a long ass time ago.

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First exposure to video games was playing Dig Dug on a PC in the 90's. No idea what year exactly since I was so young.

#87 Posted by BonzoPongo (110 posts) -

Eye of the beholder. Its a Legend of grimrock like game. It only had one save slot and you had to make a map with pen and paper. The drm appeared when you finished the first level, it asked you what word X from line Y on page Z of the manual was.

#88 Posted by Hunter5024 (6196 posts) -

Ecco The Motherfucking Dolphin Son. I was like 2 when that game came out. I had older brothers and my dad liked toys, so I had the benefit of being born with video games around. Since its impossible to die they would just put me at the first screen of that game, and hand me the controller, and I would swim around. Apparently the first time I got the dolphin to jump made me squeal with delight.

#89 Posted by Philedius (207 posts) -

Mine was probably a tabletop Galaxian. I still have it but it doesn't work, unfortunately.

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 This was my first video game(s) ever.
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Robocop on the Apple II

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First video game I played was Digger on my father's IBM computer... First one that was actually mine though (well my parents bought it for me but it was officially mine) was Super Mario Bros for the NES

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My first video game was Pokemon Red and I received it on Christmas. I loved that game to death and replayed it numerous times. I have never caught them all because I didn't have a companion who had Blue.

#97 Posted by fisk0 (4914 posts) -

I'm not really sure, some of my earliest gaming memories are of playing Pitstop II, Digger and a game whose executable was named CASTLE.COM on dad's work PC. I assume it was Castle Adventure, as it was that kind of top down exploration game with ASCII graphics, but it's possible there were more games with similar names and gameplay.

Neither of the games were mine, but something dad had gotten from some guys at work for my older brother (who never was much into games).

Pitstop and Digger were incredibly fun games at the time, Castle Adventure was terrifying and fascinating, though I'm not sure if I understood what I should do in it back then.

#98 Posted by Nux (2496 posts) -

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to The Past on the SNES. It was because of this game that I now love video games, thanks 5 year old me.

#99 Posted by Sanj (2656 posts) -

Alex Kidd I think.

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Something on the Lynx when I was around 5/6. Apparently the Linxus was horrible? But I'm pretty sure I had a lot of fun since those were the first video games I ever played.