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The other day whilst reorganising my games I found some old cartridges for the Commodore 64,  which I fondly remembered playing when I was just a young un'. Looking back at it now I realised just how old I was and how the gaming industry has vastly changed since then.
Saying that, I just wanted know what was the first console (can include computers of course) that you've ever played and which one made the bigger impact. Doesn't hurt to mention what game you played as well.
Edit: Turned out it was actually a Commodore VIC-20 first THEN the 64.  Also, computers are just as welcome.

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Mine was the NES.  Probably when I was about two or three.

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Probably the Sega Genesis, even if it was the better looking Model 2.

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Playstation 1/Crash bandicoot yes i am fairly young.

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Dude I honestly dont remember, my dad used to be a gamer so he had some stuff that Im sure I touched but the first one I considered my own was the ps1.

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Probably played a bit of the Mega Drive, dont really remember much of it. Otherwise, I guess it was the PS1...kinda late to the games scene compared to most

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NES here probably. Although my dad still had an Amiga when I was young so maybe I had a shot on that. NES is the first memory though. 

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Sega Mega Drive for me got it when I was about two or three years old I think.

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NES was my first.
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Sega Genesis.....'Sigh' Earthworm Jim I miss you =( 

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N64, that thing totally sucks now...
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the only console i ever played was at my mom's friend's house.. i touched it once. arabs call any old console "atari" (lol) so thats what i used to call it and i dunno which one it was. but my gaming is on PC only

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SNES was the first console I ever played on. Still own it too.

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My mom bought me a second-hand Atari 2600 when i was 8 years old. 
That must've been 1984/1985. 
There came two games with it: Space Invaders and Missile Command. 
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the first game console ive ever played was a Genesis but the oldest was probably an NES.

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I'm guessing most of us are about 16-20 or so? Despite playing older consoles first I was really more of a SNES/PS1 kid. My friend had a Sega Genesis and my cousins had a NES though I didn't have a chance to play them much.
Was talking to my dad a minute ago, turns out it was the Sinclair ZX-80 (he liked it so much he got two) that was the first computer in my house. I remember seeing it but not playing with it.

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I'm not sure, but it was either the Saturn or NES. I'm pretty sure the NES, because I have fond memories of playing through Batman all the time back then.

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Playing Mario on the NES I think.

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SNES for me, I was born 1990.  I have played the NES as a youngin' however.
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Commodore 64, and I still have it. It works but not its tape player. Although I don't know if that counts, as it's not really a game console.
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@guiseppe: Was the VIC-20 a tape player or was it orginally the 64? I found the tapes but I don't remember how to use them. (I was too young to fathom the technical details at the time).
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If we're including computers, then I believe it would be some very early 90s Mac model before they shifted to the PowerPC architecture. Super Munchers, Carmen Sandiego, and Oregon Trail were definitely my best friends on that thing. But if we stick exclusively with consoles, then it'd be the Model 2 Sega Genesis, which I ended up getting from my parents towards the end of its life, years after being weaned on the Mac. To this day, I still think that games like Sonic 3 and Earthworm Jim 2 are really fun and playable. The majority of my library from that time might not be so high in quality due to ignorance at the time, but I probably wouldn't be nearly the sort of gamer that I am if I didn't have that machine and fall in love with it.

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My first console was the Atari 2600.

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My parents Pong unit, followed by the Atari 2600.

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@eroticfishcake said:
" @guiseppe: Was the VIC-20 a tape player or was it orginally the 64? I found the tapes but I don't remember how to use them. (I was too young to fathom the technical details at the time). "

If I remember correctly, VIC-20 also had a tape player. I never owned a VIC-20 so I don't know for sure, but I think you could even use the same tape player for both systems.
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Sega Genesis/32X. Sonic the Hedgheog 2 and Virtua Racing were a couple of the very first video games I played. This was around 1994 or so, when I was 3.

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@guiseppe: Considering the fact that the 64 was really just an updated model on the VIC-20 it would make sense that it uses the tapes as well. I mean, apart from the colour they looked virtually alike.
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The first (and oldest console I own) console i ever played was the Sega Genesis. I still have it in a box somewhere, I just don't know where.

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First I played was NES, and the oldest was either the Atari 2600 or the Apple II e (not sure which came first.)

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TI994a was my first home device that could play games.
NES was my first console.
Had a 'friend' I visited once (just once) that had a Atari 2600, but he wouldn't let me play it.

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my first video game was the NES. very fun games to play. i remember playing contra, super mario, mario 2, mario 3, duck tales, and some others.

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NES, but the first one I really played the games seriously was the SNES

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It was either the sega saturn or the nes....

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Like a lot of other people here I started on the good old 2600

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Atari 2600. I've still got one hooked up, ready to roll.
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The first console I ever played was the SNES.  I think it was my uncle's.

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Frogger on my Atari 5800,it was the shit!!

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Super Pong in 1978 (I think) then a 2600 in 1980.

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Proud to say the Amiga.

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The Game Boy Pocket was my first video game "thing," my first console was the GameCube when I was about 8.
EDIT: The first console I ever played was my dad's NES.

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Mine was the SNES. After that, the Gamecube. Then the Wii. Yet I do not and will not consider myself a fanboy, as I don't like the Wii games anymore and I want a Xbox 360.
Sorry, just had to say that.

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Oldest console I've played is the NES

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Nintendo Entertainment System

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The Nes when I was 3. 
I always got beat up by my brother for deleting his Zelda save.

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The first console I played was the Genesis when I was about three.

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@PenguinDust said:
" Super Pong in 1978 (I think) then a 2600 in 1980.

Same ones I had as well.
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First played the NES, but dabbled with the Atari 2600 and Intellivision.