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I saw WVGCW episode 1, it was fine for introducing or reintroducing all the characters. I was excite for Classic Jill but then turned on her instantly when she went up against The Boss, one of my favourite video game characters (I really hope someone puts some work into Boss because her model isn't great). Bayonetta and Jessie were cool.

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WVGCW on the air.

#203 Posted by FLStyle (4762 posts) -

@marekkpie: Thanks!

Hope BRYN locks down a WVGCW day soon.

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These things need to be on a tighter schedule. Last Saturday the WVGCW came on and now its on Friday. When does the regular VGCW start again?

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VGCW or Unprofessional Friday...I...I can't decide!

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@flacracker: As I understand it regular VGCW takes a week off after the end of a season, but it's always Tuesdays.

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The Grunty-Jessie and Rydia-Terra matches were fucking brilliant. Terraplex around the world.

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Poison is the new WVGCW Champion. OH THE IRONY.

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Great show tonight.

FF6 > FF4 Confirmed

Grunty finally got her win

Sheik destroyed Lightning

Samus destroyed that FAKE Android 18

and we got a new Champ


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Yup, the chat was pretty split on whether too cheer or boo Poison after winning. Was a great show today.

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It's Tuesday!

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Heads up, Bazza is planning on airing VGCW on Thursday.

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@c2c: I am so god-damned ready for this. Thursday can't get here soon enough.

#215 Posted by C2C (855 posts) -

Bazza is possibly going to push the show forward to today. He said to keep an eye on his twitter feed (@BazMcMahon) to keep updated.

#216 Posted by Brodehouse (10066 posts) -

Goddammit Baz! Now my girlfriend won't be able to watch the beginning of Wrestlevania.

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Confirmation from Baz, VGCW Season 4 starts tonight! Which means that...

Tonight is the night!

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Get hype! Season 4 in 3ish hours!

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VGCW is live. Get your ass over there.

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The Dark Lord Ganondorf and Zangief put their Tag Team titles on the line against Mario and Luigi!

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Royal Rumble! Go go go!

#225 Posted by flasaltine (1681 posts) -

How does that guy win the fight when the people in the beginning have to fight 10 times as many people? That doesn't seem fair.

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YEAHH GROOSE!! http://www.twitch.tv/bazza87/

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Gah Vegeta beats Barkley for the Championship belt ! (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻)

#229 Posted by Mirado (1011 posts) -

For a second there, I really thought Red was going to be able to win that 1v3 match. He absolutely brutalized Dan.

Also, I'm legitimately shocked that Majin Badman beat the Chaos Dunk. I thought Barkley had it in the bag. That Instant Transmission back into the ring was fucking #THQuality city, though.

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Well, that was glorious. I do like a good dark middle chapter.

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Great season opener!

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Waluigi redeemed!

The Groose got loose!

Team Steampunk, will it last?!

Wooden Gear?!

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That ending could not have been better. Great opening episode to season 4!

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I was a few minutes late so I missed the new intro but HOLY COW DAT NEW INTRO!

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Some intense heel stable action tonight. Didn't think I could be more sold on the VGCW but tonight was pretty solid.

Oh and the fact that Gaben won the tag team match offscreen by having Ezio submit while the camera was actually fixed on Raphael was giving Jensen a Samoan drop offstage was pretty hilarious.

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Damn, I missed it. :(

#237 Posted by C2C (855 posts) -

The highlight for me was the Royal Rumble. Haggar was just tearing it up at the beginning! Then you also had the Badman cosplayer showing up out of nowhere. You also had the return of DK and Protoman after everybody thought they are long gone. It was Groose winning that had me in stitches though.

#238 Edited by Mento (2671 posts) -

Bazza just posted a link to the new theme track. It's a pretty solid mash-up.

As much as I loved that insane Royal Rumble last night's highlight for me was the Red Casual Championship bout, from Lakitu freaking out to the drama that followed.

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I'm currently watching the archived version of the latest VGCW before TNT starts. Poor Table-San.

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*crosses fingers*

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I would be hype for Chie, no doubt. Looking forward to tonight's WVGCW.

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Shouldn't be more than 20 minutes. Hype hitting maximum levels.

EDIT: It's live! 200 Bison Dollars on Valentine!

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WVGCW Ivy has more covered up than actual Soulcalibur 2-5 Ivy models.

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That has to be a record for most botched moves in a match. Jill was determined to miss absolutely every move she had.

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Jill - The Master of Botching


Finally a DoA character

FF7 > FF8 Confirmed

and Real 18 stole the artifact?!

Great show!

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Does anyone else feel that BRYN is overusing the unique matches?

#248 Posted by Reisz (1516 posts) -

I've got to start watching this.

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Did anything happen to Table-san again?! I dunno if I can watch this anymore, I can't watch her go through all of this!

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