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Mine is Extra large.
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@girdz said:

" ?? "

How are you confused, it's a fairly simple question. 
I wear large-extra large tee-shirts as my arms are pretty long.
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Im a medium.

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Well, I need Medium size width, but Large size length.  I usually have to go to Big & Tall shops to find dress shirts and the like.  Also, I am big chested(I'm guy, so don't get all excited) so I always have to get "fitted" dress shirts.

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@CitizenKane said:
"Also, I am big chested(I'm guy, so don't get all excited) so I always have to get "fitted" dress shirts. "
This  made looking at this thread worth it. Thanks for the laugh i needed it.
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im a small however iv got pretty long arms so only shirts with specifically longer arms fit me well really

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I'm a large, although sometimes a medium works. Depends on the shirt.

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UK Medium sized. I bought a medium size in the US and it's like a british large.

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@Bucketdeth: I'm not confused it's just a bit of a weird, random thing to have a poll about.
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A bell curve, not surprising.

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2X for me since I'm "big-boned".

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medium but sometimes i like really long sleeves

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I'm tall but quite skinny so I wear medium. Most of my height is in my legs so I don't need to wear longer shirts.

#16 Posted by Everyones_A_Critic (6499 posts) -

XL most of the time.

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4XL (I know, I am waaaaaay overweight).

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Medium fits me well, but I have some Large shirts. They are exactly what they say...large. They are slightly big, and I hate trying to wear large polo t-shirts. Stick with the medium!

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Small because I like my shirts( and jeans) tight.

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How is he still alive large, jk, but i generally go for big clothes cause i like them loose

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Medium or large, depends on how the clothes fit

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I wear American Medium and Large, Japanese Large and X-Large and Icelandic X-Large.
Oh man, the more you say "Large" the stranger it sounds.
Large large large.

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Medium normally, sometimes though I have to get large, but that's because certain designers idea of "medium" is tiny, then the large is more normal. Pretty sure one of my casual blazers is XL, blazers are never for the size they say.
Mines also a height thing, I'm tall but thin, tops always seem a little short when I get medium, but too big when I get large.

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Medium regularly, but large in those gay ass clothing shops where all they sell are skin tight jeans.

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Medium, but I prefer wearing large. I like loose fitting clothing.
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XL, but I prefer getting 2XL since I like my clothes loose. 

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Large, I usually end up getting the slim fit ones when I can because I need the length.

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I'm using Large. 
Not that I'm fat or anything I just wear big stuff like baggy pants stuff like that.

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Medium usually, sometimes small.

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I went from a large to XL, seriously this blows. Trying to loose it
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I Use Med-Large depends if i want it baggy or not.

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It's actually Medium or Large. I'm not fat or anything. I'm just tall, and I don't always like Tall Tees.

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I wear some XL but mostly Large, i like my T-shirts be pretty tight.

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Small...... im a runner......
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Small or Medium depending on what I feel like wearing.

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Large. I am tall and slim though.

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Flamebait thread? 
Either way, 2X.

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Large, although I probably would fit in a medium.

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Hmm...Large or XL.

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90% of the time I'm a medium, some stores I've needed a small or a large.

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Medium mostly. Sometimes a large small will work.

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bunch of skinny dudes up in here!

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I wear Large to Extra Large. It all depends on the manufacturer though......Cause sometimes Large sizes are like medium on me(it's not that I'm fat, it's that I'm tall).

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Medium, slim-fit when possible.

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Small or medium (UK size that is).
I feel tiny here.

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I don't know.  What ever wife beaters I can find, I wears. 

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medium or small  yeb

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Small, I'm short and skinny

#50 Posted by Sticky_Pennies (2032 posts) -

Small shirts. 28 or 30 waist sizes for pants. I'm scrawny as shit. :b