whats your favorite non rockstar open world game?

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#1 Posted by spyder335 (540 posts) -

saints row 2 hands down for me

#2 Posted by cnlmullen (910 posts) -

Saints Row 2 is awesome, in some ways they made the Sandbox even more fun than GTA 4.... but the original Mafia is also one of my favorite games.  

Can't decide.
#3 Posted by myuusmeow (4 posts) -

Just Cause 2 is great. 

#4 Posted by FesteringNeon (2227 posts) -

True Crime Streets of LA

#5 Edited by Mr_Blue_Sky (30 posts) -

Saints Row 2 is an absolute blast to just fuck around in, but there are other sandbox games that are of higher quality.

#6 Posted by FluxWaveZ (19818 posts) -

Most definitely Saints Row 2.

#7 Posted by laserbolts (5446 posts) -
I know it had it's issues but I absolutely loved the saboteur. The setting and music is what done it for me.
#8 Posted by craigbo180 (1763 posts) -

Mercenaries 2,  Crackdown, Saints Row 1&2 and Dead Rising if that can be considered open world, that's what springs to me off the top of my head anyway.

#9 Posted by Animasta (14821 posts) -

Just Cause 2 probably.

#10 Posted by AjayRaz (12664 posts) -

Saints Row 2 or Just Cause 2.. hmm.. 

i'll have to go with Saints because of the endless co op fun 
#11 Posted by wolf_blitzer85 (5284 posts) -

Just Cause 2 modded with crazy things. Best sandbox ever.

#12 Posted by Mahonay (841 posts) -

Saints Row 2.  Stupid and completely ridiculous fun.  My Saints Row 2 character looked and sounded exactly like Moss from The IT Crowd.

#13 Posted by Vorbis (2763 posts) -

Assassins Creed series counts right? Then that.

#14 Posted by TheUnsavedHero (1263 posts) -
@Vorbis said:
Assassins Creed series counts right? Then that.
#15 Posted by HandsomeDead (11854 posts) -

Fallout 3, by far. I can't see what keeps people playing a game like Just Cause 2 or Saints Row 2 outside of achievement grinding.

#16 Posted by Azteck (7416 posts) -
@UnsavedHero said:
@Vorbis said:
Assassins Creed series counts right? Then that.
#17 Edited by AhmadMetallic (19303 posts) -

Edit :
@Azteck said:
@UnsavedHero said:
@Vorbis said:
Assassins Creed series counts right? Then that.
I'm a full blown Assassin's Creed fanboy, but i don't really consider it an open world game.. the maps are relatively small, and there isn't much location variety. what makes it great is the atmosphere, gameplay and story!
#18 Posted by Guided_By_Tigers (8020 posts) -

Saints Row 2 probably.

#19 Posted by Spoonman671 (5038 posts) -

Either Oblivion or (sorry) Far Cry 2.

#20 Posted by A_Cute_Squirtle (779 posts) -

That's a toughy. I'd have to say Oblivion or Assassin's Creed 2. 

#21 Posted by KillyDarko (1990 posts) -

I'm not really a big fan of Rockstar to begin with, so I'd go with Fallout 3 anytime, anyway ^^

#22 Posted by SoldierG654342 (1864 posts) -

Mercinaries: Playground of Destruction is the only open-world style game that has managed to hold my interest beyond fucking around, to the point where I've beaten it multiple times.

#23 Posted by birdbrain (76 posts) -

Infamous and Oblivion. Cant wait for Infamous 2 and Skyrim. I also love me some Borderlands too :)

#24 Posted by waitwhat (260 posts) -

fallout 3.

#25 Posted by august (3912 posts) -
#26 Posted by Mikemcn (7454 posts) -

Just Cause 2 changed me. So many explosions. 

#27 Posted by Hosstile17 (788 posts) -

Saint's Row 2.

#28 Posted by drag (1212 posts) -

hello there thread 

shadow of the colossus 
#29 Posted by TehFlan (1954 posts) -

inFamous. I also like it more than any Rockstar game.

#30 Posted by FlamingHobo (4769 posts) -

Saints Row 2. It's the most fun I've had playing a game with an open-world setting.

#31 Posted by Surkov (1017 posts) -


#32 Posted by RadixNegative2 (531 posts) -

Oblivion for me.

#33 Posted by zombie2011 (5215 posts) -

The Assassins Creed's

#34 Posted by FancySoapsMan (5882 posts) -
@august: This.

In fact, Morrwind is way better than any game R* has ever made.
#35 Posted by DAFTPUNK (1307 posts) -

fallout motha fuckers, soo damn goood

#36 Posted by jelekeloy (469 posts) -

Infamous, Spiderman 2.

#37 Posted by Bwast (1376 posts) -

Just Cause 2. Skyrim may have something to say about this in November, though, we'll see.

#38 Posted by FluxWaveZ (19818 posts) -
@drag said: 
shadow of the colossus 
I think that might be stretching the boundaries a bit.
#39 Posted by ShadowConqueror (3302 posts) -
#40 Posted by RiotBananas (3822 posts) -
Oblivion for me.
#41 Posted by ThePickle (4268 posts) -

Fallout 3.

People saying Saints Row 2 need to play actual video games. 
#42 Posted by SlightConfuse (3995 posts) -

assassins creed
saints row 2

#43 Edited by SaturdayNightSpecials (2528 posts) -

Same as my favorite open-world game: Morrowind.

If it has to be more GTA-like, Infamous.

#44 Posted by Claude (16629 posts) -

First Person: Oblivion
Third Person: Assassin's Creed

#45 Posted by JerichoBlyth (1039 posts) -

Best Open World game that isn't a Rockstar title huh?

Well, I have to say Shenmue II to be honest. Fallout 3 being a close second.

Oblivion was a good game and all but personally, I didn't give a shit about the plot and therefore could not invest myself completely in the Open World that was created around it.

#46 Posted by Arker101 (1484 posts) -

Saints row 2 sounds cool, but I've never played it, so Just cause 2.

#47 Posted by CandiBunni (465 posts) -

Does Minecraft count? ^^''

#48 Posted by drag (1212 posts) -
@FluxWaveZ said:
@drag said: 
shadow of the colossus 
I think that might be stretching the boundaries a bit.
maybe if he said sandbox instead of just open world ... but yeah these are things other people could argue about i guess
#49 Posted by one_2nd (2388 posts) -

Fallout 3

#50 Posted by Red (6146 posts) -
@drag: Nope, SoTC isn't open world even. I mean, it has a world map, but it's completely linear. If you're saying that just having a world map makes a game open world, you could throw in pretty much every RPG in existence as "open world" 
Now, in order to answer the thread, InFamous.

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