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I don't have a doubt that this game will be good, but early reviews mean jack shit. They are almost always biased so the developers will send them more (this is the main thing that keeps a magazine alive in 2012).

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Halo 4 now this... will anything please you people?

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Castlevania Mirrors of Fate seems interesting.

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@Sooty: I played it 3 years ago...

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I don't like to have shit games showing on my account. This is why I would refuse a free copy too.

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I was browsing through the e-shop today and I saw a game called One Piece Unlimited that seemed interesting, so I started searching about it on the internet (using my PC since the 3DS browser is garbage). One thing I noticed is that the game was only released in japan and PAL teritories, and that reminded me of other japanese games in recent years that did the same.

I am european so it doesn't affect me, but I was wondering why do they do that. They are being released in the UK so they already have an english translation, and isn't USA a bigger market than Europe?

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I was playing Shadow Wars on the 3DS (found it for cheap) and I encountered a game breaking bug. I know there is no way you can help me with it, but I just want to mention it since it pissed me off.

In that game there are two guys (the bad guys) that will come on some missions to give some orders and when I am close to winning they will both run and disapear from the map. So I have this mission where I have to destroy a train, and they are there. I proceed with destroying the said train and after that they run off the map and disapear.

Soon after, I lose one of my guys so I fail the mission and restart it. This time because I know where the bad guys will come from, I position a turret at a specific spot and it just eats thru the enemies. I focused all my troops there, so I finish all those bad guys before I actually plant the bomb on the train. And since those two will only trigger if i destroy the train, they are just hanging there. So I send one of my guys and shoot one of them, and then I proceed with blowing up the train.

They will then have their speech and one of them will run off the map.The 2nd one tho (the one I hit) just stays there. The mission then enters phase 2 and reinforcements come. Since I have to take them out, I forget about that one and I proceed with destroying the others.

Once I'm done, I noticed that the game didn't award me with mission complete (I had to destroy all enemies). So I go and start shooting the dude that was supposed to run off. However, I quickly notice that his life never goes under 1, so it's imposible to kill him, and since the game sees him as an enemy, it means I cant finish the mission. FUUUUUCCKKKK!

Gotta restart it now, I'm so fucking pissed!!!!