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im so sad we will never get this game i am crying

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I joined NA West

PS4: Lunaescent

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They both have a 4 in the name so it's pretty much required, right?

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As one of your resident outspoken trans women:

Seattle is VERY good about this sort of thing, I know that more than a few of us are in the area and if you like the girlies, Seattle has toooonsa lesbians. Toooonsa!

I hear that Portland is also very good about it, and certain areas of California. Austin and Houston are closer to you and both are also good options. Major metropolitan areas tend to be the best about accepting non cis/het lifestyles.

I also hear from a trans lady friend of mine that Minneapolis is the transgender capital of the United States.

Not everyone is going to be 100% behind you on this no matter where you go, but these are good places to try. Just remember that cities are VERY expensive to live in, even with roommates to split the rent with. It's not a terrible idea to live close to a city, but still close enough that access to it isn't a pain. In my case, I am not in Seattle and my rent is $1025 for a three bedroom, two bathroom apartment with two friends, whereas my friends in Seattle can expect to pay $1200 before utilities for a one bedroom, one bathroom.

Whatever you do, as a pre transition trans girly, make sure you research options for pursuing it in the area you want to move to. Look up therapists, trans friendly health care providers, network with the local trans communities if can.

You can do this, Emma! It's a lot of work and a lot of heartache, but reaching the goals you've set for yourself here feels SO good. My fingers are crossed and I will do whatever I can to help you succeed.

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Lament that we will never get any of the spin offs or 5. What a cruel, dark place this world is..

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Berserk is love. Berserk is life. I am constantly trying to get people into Berserk because it is greaaaaaaaaat. So if you haven't experienced Berserk, go do so! Start with the 1997 anime. It's a bit dated, but still wonderfulllll

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@adam1808 said:

Yo Halo 2 came out in 2004. How has Bungie, the progenitor of online matchmaking, forgotten to include such a useful feature?

It hasn't been forgotten, it's been intentionally left out.

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The concept excites me. I don't have people to play with, but that's easily fixable so long as you do a little bit of networking and why wouldn't you when you're on a website like this one already? GB always has been getting together to do dumb/cool stuff together and I am excited to get some high end content done with some duders.

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It's never good to hear about people losing their jobs, especially ones they've held for so long.

I hope for the best. Most of these people have voices that deserve to be heard.

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@crcruz3 said:

@artelinarose: I saw you in the roof of the messenger in the Tower 2 days ago...

Pretty funny seeing these pictures here.


If you see me doing anything, I'm probably taking screenshots at some point along the way. I've been taking a LOT through both the alpha and beta.