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What's this one?

Associating genitalia or other body parts with gender, putting it very basically.

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Thiiiiiiiiiiiiiis is really super gross. Your options are disgustingly transphobic, intersexphobic, cissexist...

Your defense of them is no better. See me after class.

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I was a pretty big fan of the original but the difficulty in this one is just putting me off way too much. There are some levels where it feels less like I'm being presented a challenge and more like I'm being punished into trial and error gameplay of figuring out what exactly will work and what won't, and often those plans can be undone depending on which enemies do or don't hear gunfire. And then there's the whole issue of the levels being too long, and enemies that are far, far off screen killing me, and...

I dunno. I don't think I can finish this one because I just don't have the patience for what it's trying to do.

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Anyone else here have the strange need to watch the entire intro everytime you boot up the game? Super Urf gets me every time

"Super Earth" is a great dumb joke and I love it for forever.

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Peacewalker is an excellent game.

One of the best in the series. I'm having a hard time processing that so many people are recommending it just be watched.

There's so much to do in that game and so much worth doing and if you don't like the gameplay but you like the other games I don't understand because it's literally just 3+4. Plus you miss out on all of the codec conversations if you just watch the story which are important D:

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I wonder if the war meter isn't moving at all because the factions are still being released. After the Illuminate are fightable, I think they might move? Just a hunch.

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PSN Tag: CommanderFork, usually playing with a friend talking though skype so I wont have my mic all the time.

Also this game is great, the galactic war seems bugged though as we aren't making any progress.



PSN: Lunaescent

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I also think you're pretty, and that's coming from a heterosexual male.

That's not really a compliment, that just says you don't actually view me as a "real" girl. :\

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Its great to hear things are goin good for you, since I started following your blogs I have learned so much, I can never trully understand what it feels to go trough something like that but I am now the wiser so thanks, I also did finally watched JoJos anime and you were right its amazing, So next pic trow some poses girl.

I am really glad to have helped you learn some things! It's always a very happy thing for me when people tell me that the lame stuff I post has done somebody some good. It's never a bad thing to become more educated!

jojos is fucking garbage and i love it to death

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@omega said:

Did you say you lost your job because you're transgender? How are there no laws to stop that from happening?


That's actually a whole subject I'm not educated on enough to properly talk about but I do know that it's not entirely illegal, especially depending on which state you're in.

In my case it was less "we don't want you because you're trans" and more "You keep 'getting complaints' about you but we're never going to tell you what is being said about you or who is putting them in so you don't know what to work on and oh hey look at that you went from 13-16 hours a week to 6 and we've made working here miserable so now you'll quit.'" It's garbage but it's what happened.