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Hit it and Quit it and Arena Style would probably be the most fun, though I'd be fine with anything.

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R.I.P Ryan, the gaming industry has lost one of it's biggest and brightest personalities, you will be missed immensely.

My condolences go out to his family and friends, who must be having a rough time right now.


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I'm guessing a stand-alone chapter bridging the two seasons together. Either way, looking forward to it!

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I've encountered a game-breaking bug in the time-traveler section. You need to push a block in the prehistoric era to prevent the stalactites forming in the present, thus allowing your other party members to pass through. The block in question though, is bugged and I am unable to move it, and since you need your party members to solve puzzles, I'm pretty sure I'm stuck and unable to finish the game.

Anyone else come across this glitch and have a fix for it?

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Yes, though I understand why people don't.

@themangalist said:

I don't smoke but I don't go on a fucking "moral crusade" against those who do. Man can choose whatever he wants to do.

I wish everyone had this same line of thought. There's nothing worse than telling people you smoke and having them act like they're better than you because they don't.

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Dark Brotherhood was ok, Oblivion's was waaaay better though. Gotta be Thieves Guild or the Daedric Quests; A Night to Remember is probably my favourite quest in the whole game.

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Yeah I've just started ordering from them, really awesome company with great customer service.

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Yeah been looking forward to this, recently got into watching speed runs on SpeedRunsLive and I'm always astounded by some of the tricks they can pull off. Definitely gonna be watching when I can.

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The Green Mile and Toy Story 3

Toy Story was a huge part of my childhood and seeing that series come to a close was incredibly emotional.

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These are all fantastic but it's gotta be the 40 cents story for me; I haven't laughed that hard at anything all year. The way Jeff suddenly goes from slightly annoyed to homicidal maniac is fucking comedy gold.

Team Brad, North Korea and Ravaged are very close behind though, all for different reasons. Team Brad provided a climatic and uplifting end to the BLLSL3; the North Korea stream was incredibly fascinating; and Ravaged was tears-streaming-down-the-face hilarious. The variety on offer in these select moments is one of the reasons why I love this site so much. Here's to a good year, duders!