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Who wants 'em? If by any chance you have an invite to Dota 2, I would be willing to take that off your hands if you don't want it.

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I'm gonna agree with everyone else here, you're just an ass. I mean that guy tried to help you and the first time he did you tried to slit his throat for no reason whatsoever. I'm surprised he even tried to help you out to be perfectly honest.

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@evillander said:

Do you have a beta key for Super Monday Night Combat?

Indeed I do, good sir!

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Not really a Youtube LP as it was made for Something Awful, the Let's Play 20 Years of Sonic series is pretty damn entertaining, it's two guys who decided to do the craziest thing they could do for Sonic's 20th anniversary and play through every Sonic game ever made, mind you they aren't very great at the game, and the commentary tends to stray from Sonic, but they manage to keep it interesting. They just finished Adventure 2, so there's a bit to catch up with.

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Not sure if anyone else here has heard of it, but I'm currently really enjoying the Run Button Podcast. It's 3 guys 2 of which are cousins, talking about whatever comes to their minds, but it's usually video games. I recommend listening to it. Two of the people doing it are currently doing a Let's Play of every Sonic game ever made, and they just finished Sonic Adventure 2 if anyone is interested in that as well.

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I'm willing to give it to someone who asks, but if anyone is willing to trade me a beta code for Dota 2 or the Eternia Shards DLC for Dungeon Defenders, I'll take it.

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Bastion and any Sonic Game ever. This cannot be disagreed with.

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Is there any proof out there that Golden is actually coming out over here? If not, I'm gonna have to say I'm gonna skip out. I already have a next gen handheld that I don't use in my house, I don't need another.

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I used to do this when playing some of the older Sonic games. Oddly though, I did not resolve to this while playing Sonic 2006.

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Would you like a code to AirMech per chance? although it appears to be the Chrome based alpha, and I have no need for either of the codes they sent me.