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I'm extremely happy with my Galaxy Nexus. The battery life leaves something to be desired, but I love the interface and how fast it is. Verizon 4G is rolled out in my area and it makes for really speedy web surfing when I'm out and about. Also, the big screen makes reading + clicking stuff on the internet easy.

The app library may not be as vast as the iPhones, but I've never actually wanted an app that wasn't also available on the android. I also don't use iTunes (I prefer uncompressed FLACs / CD rips) so the music thing also wasn't a factor. The Galaxy Nexus was definitely the right choice for my needs.

EDIT: Based on my experience with the Galaxy Nexus, I would recommend the Photon.

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Metal Gear Sold I-III, Final Fantasy ≤ 10, Zelda: OOT/Wind Waker, Silent Hill 1-3 and Shadow of the Colossus all stand out to me.

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I use a little less than 10 gallons of gas a week and gas here is about 3.75 a gallon. So $37.50 a week, which is $150 dollars a month.

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The most recent animal documentary I saw was Project Nim which was about the life of an ape that was taught to sign. It was also about the story of the scientists who studied Nim, so it wasn't a pure "animal documentary".

I highly recommend it.

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I don't like police misconduct, but I am happy a BMW was destroyed.

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I've changed my opinions in the past after losing arguments. Weirdly, that makes me even more sure of my current beliefs (I'm a secular liberal with slight libertarian tendencies on certain issues).

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Vampires... That's right, I'm not afraid to admit it.

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@Napalm: I thought we were talking about the expressiveness of real instruments vs. beeps and boops? The musicians above aren't playing a perfect mathematically accurate version of the work; they are providing a nuanced interpretation of it, through which their own character and personality are evident. Even the specific instruments themselves (e.g. the woman is playing a violin that's over 300 years old, from the end of the renaissance) add a distinct color to the piece. Not all violins sound the same.

I like beeps and boops sometimes too. I'm not saying beeps and boops can't be expressive, in their own way. I just prefer the sound of instruments. It's just a preference.

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@Napalm said:

@cnlmullen said:

But that being said, I still prefer the sound of real instruments. I just think they're more expressive than beeps and boops.

It all comes down to melody, which is the pure form of something expressive. Anything is a real instrument if it's used to create music. With a guitar, it's being filtered through an amp, and you're hitting strings. With electronic music, you're either hitting keys or playing a keyboard. There's literally no difference except the form of the instrument.

All I'm saying is this

is a little different than a 12 year old playing an MP3 file he made on his computer with Fruity Loops.

But, frankly, If you don't have some inherent understanding of how people can be expressive playing instruments, there is no way I can explain it to you.

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@Harkat: I have to admit, that's pretty interesting track. I like James Blake (I've heard of him from when he collaborated with Bon Iver). One of my favorite musicians, Sufjan, does a lot of stuff with electronics... so I don't just blindly hate all electronic music by virtue of its instrumentation.

But that being said, I still prefer the sound of real instruments. I just think they're more expressive than beeps and boops.