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GamespotNoMore said:
"CLue!! I like your name ColMustard"
Thanks brother... you should see what I can do with my lead pipe.

"I fell asleep watching someone play Fallout 3, and fell asleep again when I actually got to play."
sorry to  hear that. Narcolepsy is a bitch.
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hyperslug said:
"Man i'm so bummed out that MS is keeping this from the PS3 version :/"
you shouldn't have bought the inferior version... seriously though, I think I could be content just playing Fallout 3 for many years.  Its that good.
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Fallout 3 smoked every game that dribbled its way on the scene this year... Fallout3 homes...

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Buckwatters said:
"I thought the ending was cheap, no last boss, and the fact that if you really thought about it the brotherhood of steel and the Enclave were trying to do the same thing which was purify the water, the only difference being the virus, to me that seemed a little off considering the BOS was fighting the mutants as well. In the end, I just didn't really get that "satisfaction" for saving humanity that I was hoping for."
This I can live with to an extent... Personally, I just finished the game last night after 70 hours and pretty much a maxed out character, the games ending was highly satisfying for me.  I felt the power they tried to convey about being the lone wanderer of 101 and how the bond between father and son had come full circle... it was very satisfying and moving. When you get down to brass tacks, yeah you can nitpick, but Bethesda got my thumbs up for tugging at the most powerful aspect of the game, your relationship with dad.
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Woffls said:
"Maaaan this vault creeped me out. I stumbled upon it and was intruiged by the fact i'd found another vault (i'm veeeerrrryyy early on in the game) and the visions started appearing an i waz all leik [neo]"woah" [/neo]. I was rather happy to find one of those statue things as well, i'm sure they're useful for something..."
uh yeah... their very useful... stat boosting galore. You should get a guide to them though, you will miss a few. Achievment points for 10 and 20 collected... I lfound them all, its kinda a bitch to be honeest.
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yup sorry, I did it as a level 20 WITH Fawkes... no problems.  Hopefully you have an old enough save were you can start outside and work your way back in.  Sucks bro.

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I can't bring myself to buy one. I have a family and a mortgage and I live in the real world where people lose jobs and suffer in life.  No PS3 for me.

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re-up your subscription to live...

or SF4, Dragon Age, RE5 or a new coffee pot...

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I really can't agree with most things you've said, though your entitled to your opinion... Personally I can't get enough of this game. I love the main story, the sidequests are all deep and engaging. The combat is aggressive and requires you to actually think. It has some of the best RPG elements I've played in a while, leveling up, perks, questing for bobbleheads and books to boost stats... the locations are incredible (probably the best part of the game) having a gun fight outside the gates of Arlington National Cemetary or throwing a frag grenade into a pile of raiders on the war torn steps of the Lincoln Memorial is leterally awesome.  I never played Oblivian, mostly because I hated Morrowind. I can see if you feel slightly jaded by comparrison for the similar experience Fallout offers, but for me, as a standalone experience, this generation offers nothing finer than Fallout 3.

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someone better sign SeanBaby... best articles in the whole magazine.\