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I'm in the market for a new keyboard and have decided that I was tired of squinting in the dark trying to read the keys while I type and want a keyboard where the keys light up. The main use of the keyboard will be gaming, but I don't want some uber1337 ultra hardcore to the max gaming keyboard that costs hundreds of dollars; which annoyingly seems to be the only thing I can find with back light keys. So I was wondering if any of you fine folks could recommend me a good one that's under $100 and, if possible, closer to the $30-$40 price range.

I did a quick search over at and this was the only thing I could find in my price range that did the back light and not cost $100+, but the way the numpad/arrow keys being bunched up with the main part just looks like it may be uncomfortable to me. So far it's sitting in the number one spot by default.

So anyway, if anyone can help recommend me something here's a quick checklist of musts:

  • The keys must light up.
  • Be under $100
  • Wired
  • Must ship to Canada.
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End of Friday when I get home from work.

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I want summer back. October just started and I'm already scraping the frost off the dam wind shields before I go off to work some mornings.

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City of Heroes. It's free and one of the best MMO's ever made.

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No. I have never bought an apple product and I doubt I ever will.

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@Zelyre: Nothing that serious, but sometimes it feels like it.

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As long as Nintendo as a company is around there will always be a Mario game.

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@msavo said:

@crusader8463: Yeah I say confront him about it and if he continues you have to go to your supervisor. A couple times it's funny, if it's an ongoing thing you have to report him or something.

I just let it slide for the longest time because for some reason gay guys love me and always hit on me, so I'm used to it, but the bit at the end of my OP about what he said in the lunchroom is what made me decide otherwise. If he makes an effort to keep coming at me after we get split up and assigned to the floor I will start looking into confronting him and then going from there. Hopefully it will just blow over.

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Not yet, but I think I may have to someday soon. There is this really flamboyantly gay guy at this job I just started a few weeks ago, and I think he has a thing for me. He thinks I'm gay, and he seems to have made it his mission to "out" me and does weird stuff constantly after over hearing a conversation where me talking about what I like in a girl came up and I made it very clear I like girls. We have been in training for about three weeks now, two and a half of those weeks he has sat behind me, and he keeps brushing up against my ass by "accident" and whenever we make eye contact he makes this weird "Hey you sexy" kind of face at me. I thought the ass thing was just him hitting me with his foot by accident when he adjusts in his seat, we sit close together, so I just ignored it for a long time, but it happens so often that it makes me think he is doing it on purpose at this point.

Next week we go on the floor so I'm going to make a point of trying to sit further away from him, and if he comes at me and trys to manoeuvre to sit next to me again, or ramps up his efforts to convert me, I'm going to just make it clear one last time that I'm not interested before I go to a supervisor about it. It's hard to concentrate on learning the job with him right behind me doing what he does all day. I have also caught him several times just staring at me in the reflection of things non stop for several minuets, and over heard him in the lunch room proclaiming to other people at work that "He's obviously a homo! He's just too chicken shit to come out!"

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I don't find it very funny. It's keeping me from playing several games that I want to.