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this all depends on how fast the chickens are going to be.....

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Kanji Tatsumi 
(id also like to add a new rule, the more obscure, the better! i dont want to see any 'mario' or 'link' unless its absolutely necessary!)
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mmm, hard to say, but i think, at this given moment, im gonna go with... Sympathy for the Devil: Rolling Stones.

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when i try and click on the user review from the tab that accompanies the staff review, i keep getting the 404, anyone else having the same problem?   
(edit, sorry for the mess mess with the title)

 so from this....
 i get this
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So has anyone played 'the name game'? if not, this is how our good friends at wikipedia explain it:  
'The first player names a well-known celebrity, such as Brad Pitt. The next player must use the last letter of the celebrity's last name, in this case 'T' as the first letter of a celebrity's first name, such as 'Tom Arnold'. The next player must use 'D' as the first letter, and so on." 
So i was thinking of using the same game, but with video game characters? ill start with 'Mega Man', which sets us up with an easy one: 'N'

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So many to choose from: 
Vinny: "Brought to you by the fine makers of Cunt!" 
Ryan: "The ogre is on some baller shit! he's got his castle in the sky, got his fly lady, he just rolls in the front door, starts going off the head..." 
Vinny (about 'totally spies') "there's three of of them's actually kind of hot..." 
Others: "err...."  
Ryan: "....moving on...."
Vinny: "... i mean... what?" 
Jeff: "i swear to... this is the worst fucking website in the world! they funded this! they funded this and this is what we doing with it!" 
Ryan: "i know, somebody paid money, like tens of thousands of dollars!" 
Jeff: "there probably watching this upstairs and just going like 'god, we have to pull the plug on this!! i mean, it seemed like a good idea, those guys at least pretended like they knew what they were talking about!'"

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will these be archived? i only ask as, being of the british persuasion, chances are ill miss watching it live... damn good idea btw, damn good...

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All fine, fine answers, stick an Aerosmith soundtrack and we have an apocalypse that would make Michael Bay wet himself with envy!