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what was that Zach? you want me to burn the house down? (p.s. sorry for the crappy quality!)

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- Having an Imaginary friend is perfectly fine if you are A) a five year old, or B) an FBI agent. 
- Agent York could beat Guybrush Threepwood in a 'hold your breath' contest. 
- David Lynch needs to get on the phone to his lawyer right away

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thats a tough one, but iv got to go for Dunston from  'Dunston Checks In' either him or his famous brother Danny DeVito, never have two primates acted human like 

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errr, probably 'dave' at the moment actually, thats right all you non british Giant Bombers, we've got a whole channel entirely devoted to Dave Snider!

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Lets hope this is a step up from the indie 'games' you find on newgrounds hu?    

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@Scooper said:
" Actualy in 6 months Whiskey Media are replacing the original guys with "4 hot new faces that are going to bring the latest news to YOU!" to keep the site fresh and appealing to the 15 - 35 males that are the only people who play video games. "
God Finally!! i think i speak for the majority of the afore mentioned demographic when i say that these changes cant happen sooner! i mean, dont get me wrong, i think the current four guys John, Ron, Ben and...that over guy are quaint and all but...i mean... there not hot new faces! and how am i supposed to listen to these guys about hard hitting topics like when that long awaited Alex Kid sequel is coming out when none of them are hot girls!!??  
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I started watching the endurance run with absolutely no knowledge of persona 4 other than 'the last one had teenagers shooting themselves in the thats cool i guess' and had no idea on how the whole feature would actually end up turning out but i have to say  99 hours and 59 minutes and all i can do is thank all involved for what has been a hell of an entertaining ride. 
So long Endurance Run and thanks for the memories......HO!!!

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@destruktive said:

" @Ahmad_Metallic said:

" the whole concept of time travelling to fix history seems really original. "

yes... original...... "
Oh totally original....first of its kind.... pssst, somebody get H.G Well's relatives on the line, i got an idea on how to make a quick buck! failing that, try getting Robert Zemeckis, im not too picky... 
Hell, failing that, get Rich Gallup, time trotters did it before these guys!
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@MattyFTM said:
My heart belongs to Giant Dave.  (I didn't make this picture, nor the last one I posted. Dudes posted them on the comments of the vid) "
Ill take responsibility for this shoddy piece o' junk, thats what ms paint and five minutes of boredom can get ya folks! 
As for Dave running the site..... although i love the idea, i cant escape the fact that he'd probably go mad with power within the first week, use the site simply for propaganda purposes in an effort to take over the world, reduce the bombcast to two hours of him simply crying into the mic and run outside in nothing but his pants and beat up an old lady claiming her to be 'the king who lived inside the tv'. 
So, with all that in mind, to answer your would not mind at all!
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58. Mark Hamill must really hate people thinking Heath Ledger is the Quintessential Joker. 
59. Batman may be rich, but he's not above going all 'Crocodile Dundee' on your ass if the situation requires it. 
60. Arkham's lead architect had a thing for the old Disney cartoon 'Gargoyles'.