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I'm currently level 35 which means I've played for some time and for all that I have yet to run into a big glitch until now. I'm trying to complete the second part of the quest "Blood on Ice" in Windhelm and right now I'm told to catch the killer but its glitched. From what I've read, I'm supposed to kill and loot him but because my game glitched, the killer is invincible which renders this quest impossible to complete. So far I haven't found any fix for it since I play it for 360. Also because of this, I doubt I can even buy the house.

Does anyone know if they're planning on shipping out a patch for these kinds of things? Also if there is a way to fix it, please help.

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Is there any way to change your username on GiantBomb? I made mine like 4 years ago and don't like it anymore

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this work?

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So the original Fallout and Fallout 2 are currently on sale for 50% off at ( and I'm wondering if I should buy them now for $3 or wait and see if they go cheaper on Steam? I've never really payed attention to see if these went on Steam sale or not

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I got 50% off Section 8: Prejudice, if anyone wants to trade for it I'm more than happy to since I already have this game

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any new Pokemon that came after the first 250 are irrelevant and suck

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Ladder Master in Mortal Kombat

Sore wa kantan desu in Doritos Crash Course

No Point in Dieing in Limbo

if he doesn't already have these of course

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Ok, well I guess I'll just watch a movie instead, thanks everyone

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All I wanted to do was play some games, so I turned on the Xbox and it had an update, I accepted and it downloaded. For some reason, it said it couldn't continue at some point due to a network problem. Now I can't sign into XBL. Its not my internet connection since I just posted this and not my subscription because I was online earlier in the day, plus I renewed in September.

So all I want to know is how to fix this, it seems the update worked since I have the new dashboard but I am unable to connect to XBL. Is everything down due to system congestion or is my Xbox completely fucked now?