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As far as something similar to that Resident Evil song almost anything from the Silent Hill soundtracks should do the trick.

It may not be exactly what you're looking for in terms of genre, but it's all very good in that 'dark' way.

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You're right, and I'd say that's pretty integral to the game design.

Vanquish can be played as a mindless run-and-gun shooter on easy or normal, but on later difficulties it's all about being resourceful with weapons and AR. It's one of the many great things about it's design, at least for me.

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@Krampus said:

I loved this game almost as much as I loved Contra. I didn't like the Overheating suit but I thought it made sense, I just wished it didn't overheat a quickly as it did. That said I wish more people had given this game a try, it felt like everyone I mentioned it to had never heard about it.

I hope enough people bought it for SEGA to consider letting Platinum re-iterate on Vanquish.

btw. was that the best 'effin credits you've ever seen or what?

Seeing "Platinum" and "reiterate" in the same sentence is depressing, unless it's promptly followed by words like "Jet Set Radio". We still need some devs who create new IPs; not everything needs to be an iteration.

As for the topic, I love the risk/reward system in Vanquish, including the overheating. It feels like every good thing also has an even consequence.

And yeah, those credits were totally awesome.

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The Northies runners-up list is fantastic. Why settle on 3, when they're all crucial performances?

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Good blog, you're on-point.
I do think there's a place for the Spike Video Game Awards in the future after watching some of this year's show. I mostly watched the announcements, debut trailers, the musical performances, and Game of the Year, and skipped through a lot of the rest (learned my lesson from last year). I thought both "Far Away" and the "Halo: Reach Theme" performances were excellent in terms of the kind of content gaming enthusiasts were looking for. So far, this was the best one I've seen. If anything, I'd just like to see more exposure for the people behind the games and see all of the awards being given out during the show.

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Bass Rush Pro should be changed to Bass Rush Dream.
 done - mracoon
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Sonic 2.

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Haven't played Limbo outside of expos/conventions. Not sure I get the appeal. Maybe I need to play through the whole thing to get it.

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There's no way I've come anywhere close to that. The most time I've ever put into a single game was probably StarCraft. I'd guess I accumulated more than a week in gametime in that, but I can't think of anything else that comes close.