Quick Update.

Just a quick update, like the title says. I haven't been on too much lately, we got rid of our interent because the company decided to pump up our price about 90 bucks without telling us. So that's why I haven't been on much, which I'm sure none of you noticed. This will continue for awhile until we decided to get it again, if ever. So I'll have to get on at my mom's house and at school. It's not very often or very long but atleast it's I get to get on some. So I'll try to get on as much as I can.   
On a happier note, I did find this totally kick ass website, ps3heroes.com. It's a little website, not too well known but it's pretty well done I think. It's mainly for discussing trophies and such. If you own a PS3 check it out, and help build support. I think it'd be great to see this site explode. Hm. This whole section sounds like a pitch for the site.  
Anyway, that's it. Not a lot of stuff is going on. I've got senior pictures today and I've been playing a lot of Fallout 3 again. Almost have a platinum in that game. But that's pretty much it. 
Thanks for Reading, 


Regionals, a New Experience.

Last Saturday our bowling team bowled the greatest game of our lives. Never before have we bowled a 1000 series as a team, we had a1038. This cemented a place for us in Regionals, somewhere we haven't been in six years. We all bowled great that day and were so excited to finally move on, especially for us seniors which we have three of them, me included.  
Today, we bowled in that Regional. It was in the oddest yet coolest center I have ever seen. It was split into two sides, 28 lanes on the right side. Then you walk across the enterence to another 18 or so lanes. We were by far the smallest school there, we have about 500 kids total. As I looked at the teams, there were teams that had 6000+. Which that showed in the size of the crowds. All the big schools there had what seemed like 50 people there cheering them on. We only had moms and dad, so probably a total of 4. 
When we started bowling we bowled well, we were like ourselves, mostly shooting about 900s which is normal for us. We were all excited after the first game with shooting a 8-something and we looked around and all the other schools were shooting 1200, 1300. Fuck. We were so screwed, there was no way we were moving on. By the end of it all we had about a 1750 total. Which put us in, last place. By that time we made it to baker matches we, well I, decided that it might be the last time we ever make it so we should have some fun.  
The first thing we did was make fun of all the teams who were flipping the fuck out whenever they got a strike. In the first game, the team next to us screamed and cheered like it was the last game of state and they were bowling for the championship. Pathetic. So we just yelled nonsense, I yelled "That's what happens when you flip the kitchen table over!", "The toliet doesn't overflow twice!" Keep in mind that this was in all out screaming. It was a blast. After a strike I threw, my friend shouted "Who let the dogs out?!" and I did the Alan dance from The Hangover on the lane, infront of everyone there. After doing that, I didn't expect someone to come up to us and say we were the most classy team there, which to me is a huge compliment.  
Even though we didn't win and finished last, it was the most fun I've had in a sporting event in about six years. I was so proud of us all and I will never forget this year, even though we fought a good amount. There's a part of me that wishes we would have made it, but I wouldn't trade today for anything.


Gaming Retail Done Right

I've always been a fan of Gamestop, I've never had the problems with them that most people seem to have. I liked their wide variety of games, accessories etc. But the closest  one to me was about thirty minutes away and I don't get a chance to go there often. There has been a game place in my town for about two years now and I never went there, for reasons I can't even explain. I went there today due to me wanting to get rid of a back up of games I'll never touch again. I went there and it doesn't have the best setup of games, most of their games are for the 360 and I have a PS3, but there was so much more there that I appreciated.
The owner, who was working, knew a lot about games. I like to think of myself of knowing a lot about games as well thanks to sites like Giant Bomb and magazines like Game Informer, but when you have a guy who has played the games he's selling it makes it a lot better to shop there. I bought Assassin's Creed 2 and Star Wars Force Unleashed The Sith Edition. With both he told me a great deal about each game which is something I never got from Gamestop. Also I traded in five games and got $60 bucks for them which isn't bad at all either I think. They also have a deal that if you trade the game back in that you bought there and you keep the stickers on you get a automatic half price back on trade - ins which is really nice. 
The name is EDJE Movie/Games and it's a lot better then Gamestop. Gamestop is a corporation which means all they want is money so there isn't that customer/owner relationship that you get at local only stores. The selection might be small, it may not give packaged deals with codes and such, but EDJE gaming retail done right (see what I did there?).


An Overall Update: 2010 Edition.

'Sup my GB friends! Here's what all I've been up to. Hope you enjoy.


I've went out of my normal reaches lately. I played a online game, which never happens. It's not that I don't like the online play concept, I guess I get too nervous. Now I must say, disregarding my 2,200 post count, I'm probably the shyest/nervous user on the site. I often don't post blogs into the forums because I'm afraid of the reaction. Though none of my threads ever get commented on, but when they do its always been positive stuff. That shyness or nervousness has always kept me away from online game. Yes I know they can't see you or sometimes hear you but it's the fact that they can see every dumb move you make. I don't want other players getting a hate for me or something. Well all that has pretty much disappeared. I started to play some Battlefield 1943 and I think I'm going to stay with this online fad I've heard so much about. I must add, Battlefield is not my first online game, I played a lot of Fat Princess and loved it. 1943 is a fantastic
 Pew Pew Pew
downloadable game, which is something that has been happening a lot. You play as either the Marines or Japs, one team being red the other blue. Games are pretty fast paced, some can last 10 mins, or if it's hectic, an hour.  You're goal is to capture bases, you do this til the other teams bar is depleted (not sure how the bar works, if you know please explain it to me). I have played with a riflemen the whole time. I'm a level 16 or so I can't remember and I've played it for about five hours. The thing that is weird is, I DON'T SUCK AT THIS GAME! I'm not the best FPS player, I die often, too often. But I've was a big fan of Battlefield: Bad Company's controls they were solid. Thankfully that plays well into 1943. I've been part of  the best squad about 10 times which I know is not so great but to me it's awesome. My favorite map is Iwo Jima. Yes, I know a lot of people like Wake Island but I find it too big and fire fights can be spread out too much. What I like about Iwo Jima is that you can hide in many places and it's a small island so fire fights are close and dramatic. Which is really the strongest part of 1943. Getting into a fire fight with five others
 I hate that lava suit! So many deaths.
from the enemy team and barley making it out is very satisfying. My happiest moments all involved tanks. I hid from one for about five minutes, I killed all enemy soldiers that came at me and held the base, by myself, until one of our tanks came. That happened twice, once on Iwo Jima and the other on Wake Island. Those were such great moments. 1943 also looks great, it can be rich and colorful or gritty and dark. 1943 is a game that has got me hooked on playing online. Also I've played some PixelJunk Shooter. It's also a fantastic downloadable game, a frustrating one too. The first level is pretty easy enough, mostly a tutorial, but what I hated was that I was so obsessed with getting all the men and all the treasures. There are diamonds scattered all across the maps. For some reason this game has hit my OCD switch in my head that makes me have to 100% a area before moving on. I'm only just started on Episode 2 so I'm not to far along in the game to say much more. One thing to add, the controls and graphics are sooooo damn good. Oh and I beat Fallout 3 for the fourth time. That game after all that time, somewhere in the 200 hour range, it's still gripping and fantastic. I bought some of the DLC and started on Broken Steel.
 'Sup dude.
I can't say that it's amazing or good, just okay. It feels like Bethesda wanted to please everyone who wanted to continue after the main story ended. I mostly hate it because it focuses too much on shooting. I think the game is much better when you have small fire fights and are contained. Not big areas with lot of enemies, hard one too. When Bethesda raised the level cap they had to have jacked the difficulty, they added some new enemies. I've come across some super strong Super Mutants, scorpions and ghouls. They game likes to put you against some of the hardest enemies in the game in big numbers too. There's one where you have to go to Old Olney, which is where tons of Deathclaws are. You have to deal with a lot of Sentry Bots and lots of strong ghouls, those parts were so fucking frustrating. Which it lead me to not care too much for the add on, the game before was pretty low on action, but this one is over the fucking top compared to the main story. But the new perks are cool and new areas are really cool. It's not bad, just not really want I wanted out of Fallout 3 DLC, I wanted more of the same. 


Since I'm getting into online stuff now, feel free to add me on PSN. My name is taswell, yes I did get that from Ryan's Twitter. I thought it was awesome so there. If you want to add me just let me know you're from GB, though I'll probably add you either way. 
End Credits
Well that's it. Kind of long, boring and badly written I know. But I hope you enjoyed it nonetheless. Thanks for reading

Overall Update: 1970's Edition.

I've been on Christmas (or Holiday) break for a couple of days now and this has given me a chance to catch up on some games. And I've played enough that I feel that I need to write up a update. Hope you enjoy.


 That's so damn satisfying.
Game wise, Christmas went well. I got Demon's Souls and Assault on Dark Athena and some Gamestop gift card stuff. Demon's Souls is fun, very high risk/high reward type of game. It's like I can go down this route despite the warnings but there will be some good, if not great, items waiting for me. I've done that three times, died twice. I'm still trying to find a class that I like the best. The soldier is alright but looks the coolest, and the priest is okay too. Before I get real into that game I want to try them all out, as weird as that sounds. I've only played a little of Dark Athena, it seems to be fun. I have to find time for that one. With my gift cards I got three games: Mercs 2, Battlefield: Bad Company, The Orange Box. I've beaten both Orange Box and Bad Company but they were both
 I'm really, REALLY, looking forward to this. If it gets delayed, I'll be pissed.
cheap and I loved them both. (I've beaten Bad Company 3 times before I re-bought it.). Now for Mercs 2. I love it, I know there is a lot wrong with it, but it's kind of my guilty pleasure game. I felt the same way with Wheelman, but I'm having much more fun with Mercs 2. I really like the style of that game. The menus, icons, load screens all have a high level of style. Only if that could be said for the ingame stuff, not that I'm saying the game looks bad, it looks pretty good but it's all the same. I'm really looking foward to spending time with that game, Pandemic I will miss you. With the Orange Box, I've played some Team Fortress 2. I don't play a lot of online game, but I really like that game. I suck, which is expected, I only wish I had played it longer ago. It was kind of dead on the PS3, but it had a respectable amount playing. Each match I played was almost 5 on 5 . On a side note I have this weird obsession with the game 3D Dot Game Heroes. I can't explain why, but I fucking want that game so bad, I feel like I'm the only one.

My Apologizes

For the longest time I have completely dissed on Borderlands, which I recently said it was one of my most disappointing games of 2009. I was going to trade it into my local game store, but I decided to give it one more shot. And I don't know what happened but I
 Hey guys, um, I was wrong.
fucking love that game now. It's a very well made game, while it still has its problems. I do feel some of the missions to be too much of the same at times and some guns don't work. I was shooting at a Bruiser and my rocket/shotgun wouldn't work. The rocket would go threw them and blow up behind most enemies. I fell in love with the shotguns. I'm a level 20 soldier with a 9 shotgun level. I think the closest to it is pistol with a 5 or something. All I have is shotguns. I have a long ranged shotgun that has a scope and shoots electricity so I don't need a combat rifle. This game is awesome, and I do apologize for not giving it a chance. 
Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoyed it.

That one James Cameron movie.

I saw the movie Avatar today, as did many people I'm assuming. I was a huge skeptic with this movie, mainly because of the huge amounts of marketing that 20th Century Fox put into it (I think it was $150 million). Me, my dad (who rarely goes to the movies), my grandma and two cousins went to go see it. We almost always go to the first showing for any movie we see. There is usually less crowds and well you don't fall asleep at a 11am showing, whereas you are more likely to do that at a 9pm showing. And the place was pretty much full, which shocked the hell out of me. I haven't seen that many people in a movie theater since I saw The Informant! I must say I enjoyed the hell out of it so this is why I am writing this blog, well review, of Avatar.... not the last airbender. 

If you look back at James Cameron's movie resume there is a lot to praise him for. Out of that list I really only liked Terminator 2 so his name being slapped onto this movie didn't sell me on it. To tell you the truth I got more excited when I saw Sam Worthington (Terminator: Salvation) was the main character. There is something about him that just makes me say, "this guy is going to be fucking huge". The movie doesn't really give you all that much backstory on Pandora, it just says, there is this planet, we want it's resources and so on. Worthington's character, Jake Sully or as the Na'vi call him Jakesully, is a marine who has been paralyzed and so he is forced to be in a wheelchair. His brother on the other hand, also played by Worthington if only for 2 seconds, has died. Since Jake and his brother's DNA match they can put Jake into his brother's Avatar. Which is what you all know because it's been in the 300 billion trailers for the movie. The coolest thing about the first time Jake is in his Avatar is the joy he is in. He hasn't been able to walk for I assume years now, and this has given him a chance to I guess in a sense start anew.  That part is really well done.
And of course this wouldn't be a action movie with out it's share of villains, or in this case, assholes. I'm usually a fan of Giovanni Ribisi but his character, 
 See, totally not cat people.

Parker Selfridge, is one of the biggest dicks in the movie. He is the one wanting to rape the planet of its resources. Next though comes Stephen Lang's character, Colonel Miles Quaritch. He is pretty much the main antagonist in the movie. He's the one who wants to do things guns blazing. Both characters are very well acted, which if they weren't I think that aspect of the movie would have failed. The real antagonist, for the the first 2 hours at least, is the planet itself. Which early on you'll see why. I don't want to give too much away about the planet, because Pandora is so well realized that you need to experience it for yourself. 
The movie looks good, eh, great. There are some technical hiccups that you can't hide. The camera zoomed in for no damn reason at times, plus there was sometimes where there was no sound where there should have been. Which you'd think a movie that cost $500 million would get all that fixed before release but I understand, things happen. The Avatars look great, they don't look too much like cat people like a lot of
 Jake learning the Na'vi ways.
people said. Pandora is just beautiful it's stunning to see this in a movie, I did not see this in Imax or 3 - D by the way. I was totally sucked into this world, and I didn't want to leave. And that is really the power movies should have, they should take you out of the now and into a world that you won't ever get to go to. I think that is the best thing about this movie, it makes a believable world, and it gets you involved with its characters. You actually care about them, and that's pretty powerful.
Powerful is I think a good word to describe the movie (cause I've used it a ton already). I think people trying to say the story sucked, or didn't make sense weren't really paying much attention to that or just didn't get it. It was a love story, boom I said it. I think it was a love story first action movie second, which to market it as a full blown action movie was kind of dumb. Though I understand if they tried to say it was a love story, it would probably not do so well. Not to say this isn't a good action film, hell
 Jake learning t... what wrong movie. Damn.
the final fight is one of the best things you might ever see in a movie. Avatar also does a fantastic job with showing the greed of the human race, which I don't care if you say you've seen that a million times, Avatar does it the best by far. And that is because you get to fall in love with this world and you want to fight for it as the Na'vi do. 
This movie surprised me. I think that if you look ten years from now this will probably been the King Kong or Gone with the Wind of our time. It's going to change the way movies are made. What James Cameron did with this movie is something special, and say what you will but Avatar is a success in so many ways.

I do apologize if this is crap, its been like seven months since I've done a review, or put a blog into the forums. Either way I hope you enjoyed it. Thanks for reading,

An Overall Update Version 8.328

'Sup my GB peeps! It's been a month or two since I have done a update so here we go!


Hey! That's a car!
Like in my last update, I haven't played many games lately. Bowling, work and school have taken up all my time, in fact I'm holding off studying for my Econ test to write this up. But I have tried to get some gaming in there and here's what all I have done. I downloaded Burnout Paradise on PSN, the one that comes with the Party Pack, which I have yet to play. I was a bit nostalgic of that game, can you be nostalgic on a two year old game? Anyway, I played it when I had my 360, but sold it along with my 360. So I decided to drop the 30 bucks for it, and I'm still impressed with that game. It's a racing game that I like, and I am not really a fan of that genre. Not that it isn't a great one, some of the best looking games I have seen have been racing, like GRID, or DiRT. I'm just not too great at them, I tend to run into walls and hardly make it very far before I say, "whatever! fuck this shit!" and turn off my PS3 and bitch about the game for a half hour. The soundtrack is one of the best as well, I know that's a weird thing to praise for a game but hell it has some hot tracks. Crashes look better then ever and
cars look nice. The thing I like about the game best is that Paradise City feels alive if that makes any sense. With the other cars, and the announcer (who I like damnit!) the city feels alive, if not alive at least has a great atmosphere. I've played about four hours of it, and only about an hour is spent on events. I've drove and drove around in that game, I'm trying to get all the bill boards and gates. I'm definitely looking forward to spending more time with that game. I also traded the shitty game Far Cry 2 for Resistance: Fall of Man. OK before I get bitched at for saying "shitty game Far Cry 2" let me go off track and explain. It's not a terrible game, it's a fantastic looking game and has descent gameplay. But enemies are kind of dumb, the game only has one quick travel system (which still doesn't take you everywhere), and the driving is off. OK now that I explained myself back to Resistance. Wow, I'm very impressed with this game. I'll admit when I had a 360 I was a fanboy. I always said that new games for the PS3 were shit and I
"Who left the freezer door open?" (Cocks gun)
didn't care about them. I have since grown up and learned that that's not true, which was the case with LittleBigPlanet as well. I fell in love with Insomniac when I played some of the Ratchet and Clank games, and in fact Tools of Destruction is probably my favorite game on the PS3. I'm only about a couple of hours into the game, but I'm liking the shooting right now. I'm sticking to the machine gun more then the alien gun, but both work and feel fine. The story of Nathan Hale and how they present it is really cool and something I want to follow. They play it off a lot like District 9 did with the character Wikus van de Merwe, in fact they both are kind of similar. Both are infected but don't know it, and both get significant boosts in abilities. Anyway, I'm really liking the game, I'm not a fan of the whole "monsters are coming to take over the world" premise in games, like Resident Evil, but this has pulled me in.  For the most part, that's all I have played. I've gotten some Dragon Age: Origins in, but not too much.


I've been trying to save up for an iTouch for what seems like forever now. This weekend my sister sold hers to me, so now I finally got one!! And now my chance to finally listen to the Bombcast has come again. I sold my iPod Classic to my friend in I believe July, so it's been like seven months since I have had the chance to listen to it. I did today, and boy did I miss it. Randomly laughing fully knowing that people are probably thinking mine crazy, which I don't care if they think I'm weird. I probably won't try to catch up on all that stuff, but I'm definitely going to start listening to it every week. Also I'm probably going to listen to David Ellis' podcast 4 Guys, 1UP. I've always been a fan of his, but I've kind of stopped going to 1UP ever since EGM stopped production. If anyone has listened to it, let me know how it is :) 
Thanks for reading, and let me know about any cool apps or game for my iTouch.

Hey! A Game of the Year Blog!

Disclaimer: All games were played on PS3.

5. Fairytale Fights

Say what you will about the games reviews or the odd controls, but this game is a hell of a lot of fun. It's the a over the top game that maybe doesn't do anything new, but it tries to be fucked up and it works, and for that I really give it credit. I'm a big fan of the art style of the game as well, it's the Unreal Engine but you'd never tell. It has a Saturday morning kid feel that I really liked. I'm probably the only one that has this on their list, and I'm cool with that. I had a hell of a lot of fun with this game. Yes you can sit there and pick all of its flaws, and there are many, but if you just sit back and just play the game, it's pretty fun.


4. Bionic Commando

Oh, what a game GRIN made. The now closed company probably made their masterpiece, a game that I felt got dissed on a little too much by nostalgic gamers. Bionic Commando was to me, awesome. I have not played any of Nathan "Rad" Spencer's games before, so I was pretty new to the whole experience. The game isn't really story heavy which I welcome. Instead it's more about the combat, swinging and the environment. The swinging was ok, the shooting was better then I expected though. I found I was doing a lot of melee kills, which I thought looked good and worked well. Probably the only thing I didn't like was I thought the game was a little short, and the ending was maybe too open ended. But other then that, I had a hell of a experience. 

3. Fat Princess

I won't lie, before Fat Princess I never played a game online. Yep. Fat Princess was my first online experience and I did enjoy it, was a good bloody time it was. I spent most of my time as a worker, the amount of fun I had while cutting down a tree to upgrade a class was oddly fun. Titan Studios made doing odd tasks fun! Yes the game did have bad online problems when it first came out, but it didn't slow the game down from being one of my favorite games of the year.


2. Dragon Age: Origins

I've never been into RPGs, probably the only one I have played before this was Fallout 3, and some other was too like Tales of Vesperia. I played for a while and really didn't like it, so I put it away for a little bit. I pulled it back out, played as a mage and for some reason liked it better. So I don't know if mages are my thing now or what. Some of the coolest attacks I've seen all year have came from this game, example: The Walking Bomb spell. The characters are fantastic and the story, while confusing at times, is pretty well done. Now all I have to do is hope they port Tales of Vesperia to the PS3 and maybe RPGs will grow on me. 



Yep, my Game of the Year is inFAMOUS. What Sucker Punch did with this game is truly amazing, it's a dark and gritty game yet also beautiful. Empire City is a live and not all well for the most part. Cole can either be good or bad, but I went with good cause I can't be bad! I liked the way the citizens interact with him, if you're good they'll take your picture and be all cool, but if you're bad they hate you and well are not cool. Also the game has a ending I never saw coming and you don't feel cheated by it. It's a fantastic game, more please! 


Close calls: Game that just didn't crack my top 5 but I still loved. 

Uncharted 2 - I personally didn't think it was the epic masterpiece most people said, the shooting felt off I thought. Good game though.
Afro Samurai - I think I'm the only one who really liked that game.
Trash Panic - A odd yet awesome PSN game. 

And more...

Best Downloadable Game:

Fat Princess
(Runner up : Shatter)

Best Music

Afro Samurai - This game has got some fresh beats!
(Runner up : Shatter)

Best New Character:

Alistair- Dragon Age : Origins
(Runner up : Cole McGrath - inFAMOUS)

Most Surprisingly Fun Game

Fairytale Fights
(Runner up: Wheelman)

Best Trick Shooter Eva...

I found this video on Youtube. It's of And Varipapa, probably one of the bowlers in history and the best trick shooter. If you watch the trick shots today on the PBA, he created probably 90% of them. He did the flying eagle before Chris Barnes among others too. Enjoy the video, the man's a genius. And sorry the shit quality.  
At about 5:20 he makes the 5-7-10 a split I have never seen picked up. It's just about as hard as a 7-10.


An Overall Update: Version 8.9

What is up GB "followers", well I guess that's what they call it now. I haven't been blogging much, school and work have been killing me, so I'd thought I'd spend my Sunday evening kinda updating you guys a bit. Enjoy.


 These cool guys need to get put into a better game.
I haven't played much at all. I have just been too busy. I bought Borderlands, because my Walmart didn't have Ratchet & Clank. And god damn, I am so disappointed in that game. It might be the PS3 version, but the graphics are terrible, it takes about 30 seconds for textures and color to come in. It's terrible. The guns, while designs are cool, don't have much "pow" to them. The vehicles don't even make a sound when you're driving them.... OK? To give the game some credit, killing a level 20 badass while you're a level 12 is probably the best feeling I have had this year in any game. And explosions look good. And it's not like I played it 5 mins and quit, I've
 OMG! Vin Diesel...
played the single-player for about 10-15 hours. I also got Uncharted 2. Very good game, I was surprised. By that I mean there was so much hype around it I just thought it would not live up to it, and it very much does. Though if the game has a down side, I think it's in its story. It's very cliche, most of the twists I saw coming.  The game does look beautiful, though I still think cell shaded or cartoony is a better look when playing a game. I'm not a fan of hyper realism when it comes to graphics. Nolan North is fucking amazing, I don't know if any of you think this, but I'd love to see him do a movie. The man has sensational talent. I also recently bought Wheelman. It was like $40 bucks at Walmart so I picked it up. It's a very good surprise. Cars look great, the car melee attacks are look great and feel great. Vin Diesel
'Nuff said.
lends his voice, as everyone knows, and it doesn't suck. He does a very nice job. I'm not very far in it, kinda just doing the story stuff now, though there is a shit load of extra missions you can do. Lastly, tomorrow I'm buying Dragon Age: Origins. My #1 most wanted game of 2009, I'm am fucking stoked. I'm hoping with that game, with it's like 500 hours of play,  I won't have to buy games for a while. Which is good because I need to save my money. 


I know I just did two bowling updates, but somethings happened that I'd like to update on. I'm not getting a Brunswick Siege anymore. I kinda realized that I don't need another high powered ball, and I didn't want to pay it off. So I'm going with a always reliable Storm ball, Tropical Storm Red/Black. It's a very weak ball, but that's 
what I need. I could just hook the hell out of Hy-Road, but that takes some unneeded energy. On another note, I'm getting this awesome Storm Hoodie, it's really damn expensive, but I don't care. I get some discount so it'll be about $40 maybe? Anyway, I'm really excited.


Alright so for those you hate to read, here is a sum up of what I wrote about.
  • Borderlands is crap
  • Uncharted 2 is da real deal
  • Nolan North is a god
  • Wheelman is actually a good game
  • I'm getting a new bowling ball
  • I'm dropping about $40 bucks on a hoodie.
Sorry for the bland update. Not much has went on lately.
Thanks for reading,