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Rock Band is definitely the best game of this generation (at least for drummers). Even if you have real drums, Rock Band scratches a different itch, and I definitely plan on playing it for many more years.

I also broke a few pedals, but those after-market "reinforcement plates" do the trick. Have had the same petal now for 3+ years.

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Awesome, have been waiting for this for a while. Have avoided spoilers thus far, only a little more to go...

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Just adding to the pile: Vinny!

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@cosi83 said:

Why are people whining about the price? It is a new console! It is bound to be more expensive than the current consoles. T

Because technology-wise it's basically a last-gen console. It's got a unique controller, but that's probably not enough, at least for some people, to justify its $300 price for (relatively) old technology.

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@Nentisys said:

Played something like five hours of Mass Effect 3 after loving 1 & 2. No interest in ever finishing it.

You're missing out, it really is a great game. I'm surprised you don't want to finish it based on how much time you've invested in the first two.

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I want to know three things:

1. Where did the leviathans come from?

2. How many are there? Just those three, or are they all over the place?

3. What the hell do those three do all day, in a vast ocean, for millions or billions of years?

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Penny Racers. So many good memories of this game.

NSTC Box Art
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Beat this game on my PS3, but for about $4 (and way better visuals) I had to buy it. Fired it up, and it's still so easy to get caught up in that game - so much fun. I really hope Just Cause 3 is a next-gen "launch window" game. I feel like Just Cause 2 was popular enough to warrant a follow-up.

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Let's just all agree that the we won't be happy with console graphics until they do real-time ray-tracing at 60+ FPS. Seeing as the GTX 6xx family of cards will have been out for over a year by the time the "next-gen" consoles come out basically guarantees that we will all be very disappointed. So...the next E3 will be underwhelming too :-/