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How can it be due to distribution issues?  That's the worst excuse I've heard, not even we've run out of keys or something.  At least one of the guys sound hopeful. 
Xbox Live EMEA Editor Daniel Maher   tweeted   the "official line" about the delay: "Unexpected challenges with distribution in some European regions." He then said it "Shouldn't take long!" We've checked in with Microsoft to find out more details about what caused the delay and which regions, specifically, are affected.

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Lol I doubt many do actually.  I always run FRAPs though so I can take screenshots and add them to a mega screensaver that I've been building over the last few years.  3000 screenshots so far :S

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I love getting a new hat or item too but it's not worth your cash even if you play that class a lot.  Nobody thinks you look as cool as you think you look.  That said you'd have to pull my dead cone and brain's bucket from my cold dead hands.

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Is that a code that comes in the box?  If so that's a pretty good deal.  Better than the Mass Effect 2 one
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Weird, is anybody really that interested to find out how well their friends are doing?  I can't remember the last time I even looked at a leaderboard, let alone

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I'd say Oblivion.  I know it came out on the consoles but the PC version is so much more thanks to the moding community.  They've released everything from the obvious armour and weapon packs to completely rebuilding cities, quest lines, adding hundreds of new monsters.  Stock Oblivion is great but the PC community make it  incredible.

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Nice, I'd like to see more Pheonix Wright on the iPod.  I know it was only a DS port but I loved every minute of it.  Give me more Capcom!

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Do they plan on emailing the people who's accounts they've lost?  Sounds like the right thing to do seeing as they seem to already have enough information to tell that those cards are expired.  

This is like a textbook example of how not to handle a total failure of your security systems.  
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Yea its getting bad, I have over 150 games, I've decided to only buy things I like enough to put on my wishlist.  I've started making my way through the games one by one by splitting games into categories, games I've finished and enjoyed, games I don't intend to play again, games I can dip into occasionally and enjoy the heck out of such as TF2 or Super Meat Boy and games I need to give a good amount of time to.

I really want to play New Vegas and try out a bunch of mods but it takes such a long time to mod it properly that I'm fed up of the game by the time I get to it so from now on I'm keeping games fairly simple.  One or two great mods, screw the little ones that don't add too much.
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I like it, it's the first game I've played on the PS3 that I've thought, yea I could play a couple of matches of this quite regularly.  I like the progression system but it does discourage you from using new weapons as you won't have the upgrades you've got yourself with the old guns.  I like the mode I've played, they seem to work quite well with the gameplay encouraging a sort of back and forth push but spawn camping is a huge problem.  

I've been killed by a guy sitting looking at the spawn point a number of times, I would be nice to see some sort of automatic radar range around your base so near by enemies show up if they're just sat there waiting for you to spawn.  If they added that I'd probably preorder but as I am I think I'll leave it until I see some reviews and or a sale.