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" @IncredibleBulk92 Are the expansions stand alone or do you need the full the game? I was thinking about pickin up either Red Alert 3 with the expansion or C&C; 3 with expansion.  
From the Steam expansion page   Notice: Does not require the original Command & Conquer 3 Red Alert to play 
looks like you can just buy the expansion pack.
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" @invadernick said:
" hey guys, quick question if I own a retail medevil 2, can I install it and add it to my steam to get the discount? "
Unless I'm misunderstanding your question, er, no.  It's "save money if you get these games", not "get money if you have these games" "
If you have either Medieval 2 or Rome through Steam you can get the bigger discount.  Having one of them on your hard drive won't count, you just need a Steam key.
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@Afroman269: Just don't get 4, whatever you do don't get 4.  I played 4 and it's the worst RTS ever. 
I'm also wondering what C&C game to get but for me it's between 3 and the expansion pack for 3.
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Already buying Blood Money but which of the 2 Red Alert 3 games would be best?  
Everyone interested in good RTS games buy supreme commander 2, it's too cheap for you to waste your time not playing it. 
EDIT: For all you money grabbing bastards the Hitman collection is cheaper if you buy the 3 games individually, you can save yourself 2 whole pennies :D

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The new lineup is excellent.  My number 1 recommendation is to close your eyes and click at random, do it.

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See! More people should be following the example set by Santa, when making a list always check it twice...
I'll let myself out.

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" @ComradeKritstov said:
" @MrKlorox said:

" @raiz265:  For buying new games? Sure. For digitally backing up already owned games? Paying money again is just silly.  Also redundancy is good in case something happens to your Steam account. I make sure to activate all my EA games to bind them to my EA Store account even if I bought them from Steam. "

Except your games on your EA Store account will eventually expire.  "
What makes you think that? "
Actually that would explain where my copy of Spore disappeared to. I emailed EA's support line and I didn't get any reply so I decided that I'll never buy anything from the EA store. 
Buying games on Steam instead of backing them up through the EADM doesn't sound like such a bad idea.
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@MattyFTM said:
" You either need a wired controller, or an Microsoft's wireless Xbox receiver for windows (this thing). The Play & Charge kit won't work, all that cable does is charge the battery pack - no data about your button presses is being transmitted via the wire. All that data is still going via the wireless connection, and you'll need the wireless receiver for that data to be received by a PC. "
Yea "this thing" is awesome, it syncs up to your computer as easy as your Xbox and most games these days recognise the Xbox 360 controller.  As far as I care to find out this is the only thing that'll let you use a wireless pad with your computer.  Use your charge kit to charge it in your computer if you feel like but not every game will work with this.  SupCom for example, is not suited to an xbox controller.
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@PenguinDust:   Don't know if your interested in non-Steam sales but £3.80 ain't bad    

@BeachThunder said:

" @C0V3RT said:

the Fallout Collection (Fallout 1 and 2)"

Fallout 1 and 2 and regularly cheaper on GOG. "
And better, GoG give you access to some lovely artbooks, compatibility patches and soundtracks when you buy from them. 
I'm not certain but I think they guarantee that your games will work.  Anybody who's bought an XCOM game from Steam will tell you that Valve aren't super concerned with that stuff.
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I'm still playing TF2 and loving it.  I know there are people complaining because Valve is trying to make a little money off the thousands of players out there but I ignore all that stuff.  I play TF2 because it's fun to blow people up and stab people and burn people and the addition of a few things I don't like into the drop system hasn't really affected me at all.  I just trade gift them to some new player who doesn't have much (I gave away a hat before to a new guy who was loving the game).   I keep coming back for a chance to try a new gun, to interact with one of the nicest communities out there and ignore the people who take the game too seriously.
If you don't want to play TF2 anymore then that's fair enough, I recommend Bad Company 2 if you haven't tried it.  Your reasons for quiting both this and WoW seems like good ones.  I'll stay here and play with my new BRass Beast :)