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Was going to vote for #TeaamBrad but then I relized just how dangerously funny the Ravaged quick look was and somehow clicked on that instead. So Ravaged it is.

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I will always prefer playthroughs that do not include artsy indie games. So seeing you gravitate more and more towards games like this is kind of a bummer.

But I will take any Hamst3r content over no content and you should always play what you want and not what other people want you to play when doing things like this.

Anyways, I'm liking the resolution but not really the style of the art so far. Gameplay seems pretty bland and safe for the genre.

Got some moments of brilliance in the sound design tho!

Looking forward to more as per usual, keep it up.

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One of the absolute greatest creative minds gaming has ever seen. I will quote my own lost over people I respect and admire for their work in the industry: "Very few can match Cliffy B when it comes to knowing what a gamer wants in a game and how to implement everything while totally avoiding frustration. Cliff has so much feeling and precision when it comes to designing a product it makes other game designers feel clumsy"

Good luck!

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Hearing people still asking horribly planned and horribly awkward questions on PAX Panels is a good reality check. The day that goes away will be the beginning of the end of nerds.

Thanks guys!

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You can find plenty of great jungling guides for your champion of choice over at http://www.solomid.net/

A great resource in general. I also recommend matching some tournaments and streams over at www.twitch.tv to get a feel for the rythm.

One of the worlds greatest junglers has his stream over at http://sv.twitch.tv/tsm_theoddone. check it!

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As previously stated the obvious answer is that it depends on the game. Long grinding sessions or PvP in an MMO, MOBAs like LeagueOfLegends or a fast paced multiplayer shooter are perfect music examples. Those are games where you might want or need that extra adrenaline rush from your own music or where you might want to have that perfect chillout list going.

But I would never destroy a carefully crafted single-player adventure with my own music and thereby lessen the artistic vision of the sound designers and musical directors.

Sometimes I might also have a stream of some kind on my 2nd monitor with another game playing, but that aswell depends on what I'm playing and how much attention I want to give that said game.

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@damnable_fiend said:

@Jimbo_N said:

That makes Amnesia the only game I've seen played the whole way through 3 times without actually touching myself at all.

I honestly had to read this over three times in my head before I realized what you actually meant, rather than thinking that you must be some sort of bizarre pervert. I think I've been exposed to too much of the internet :/

Haha wow. I did not think of that. Man that is some fantastic writing by me !

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Funny timing. I was just rewarching Day[9]'s playthrough of this beast. That makes Amnesia the only game I've seen played the whole way through 3 times without actually touching myself at all. Wouldnt surpríse me if Machine for Pigs would end up the same way.

Amnesia is a game I love, but not because I have played it.

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Ive pretty much hit a wall in Act3 with my super tanky Barb. Ive spent waay too much gold on that gear to just switch and go dps tho. Might just lay low for a while.

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ID: [GB]The_Jimbo_N

No idea how the game handles regions tho. Anyone got some knowledge of that? Does it automatically put you in the correct region? If so, we should probably write that aswell.