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Beats BF free to play...

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I used this guy's tutorial on Youtube, it was one of the first to come up. He seemed to know what he was doing, and when I followed it directly it worked on my PS3 for about 2 weeks. I think I might not have put enough thermal paste, so I might reattempt it and apply a slight amount more. Regardless, it can supposedly work longer for some - it's worth a try and almost a guaranteed fix if you can't get it booted up, at least for a small period of time.  
I too had the problem where the red light would indicate it was overheating. However, after numerous attempts to boot the system - I eventually saw the yellow light. Supposedly this type of fix works at least temporarily for either issue. But there could be something else wrong with the system.

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 One of the worst imaginable things a company ever did this generation was Sony removing BC for PS3. It was mean, it was greedy, it was stupid, and it was unfair, especially since it launched with BC already.  Seeing another company do that is nothing to be happy about, and much less defend it.

That wasn't greed, but simply a necessarily to get the price down. Lets not forget that the PS3 lauched at something like $500 or so and then quickly went down to $300 after they have thrown the BC, the memory card slots, USB slots, etc. They simply cut corners. Also PS3 is still fully PS1 compatible, even so you can actually buy PS1 titles in the shop. Unlike PS2 titles which you can't buy in the shop as they wouldn't run as plain ROM dumps, but have to be ported to the PS3 manually (and only very few titles ever got that treatment).
I always wondered if it was actually cutting corners, or just a clever marketing strategy. Think, at the time they cut out BC, they were still selling PS2's. So if they cut out BC, people who want to play both the PS3 games and the previous PS2 library have to invest in both consoles. Then they begin to have re-releases of PS2 games (such as GOW) in HD, since many on the PS3 own slim's or some variation without BC - the audience for this game increases. The PS1 games they release on the store now will also have a larger audience, rather than people buying $1/2 PS1 games off Ebay to play on a BC console (or play from your PS1 library) - Sony wants you to repurchase from them. 
Of course, it could just be cutting off cost from the PS3 by taking out tech. But this is something worth thinking about.
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Ah so does that mean another 2 weeks from now?

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Yeah I was playing for a few hours earlier, now it's down again. NICE SONY. NICE. Don't announce it's up when it's taken down a few hours later... like really...

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So I've changed my password, and been able to sign onto the PSN - access my friends list etc...

What I thought was strange was how Sony said that when changing a password, if it was not the original PS3 the account was created on - you'd have to verify the password change via e-mail. Well I created my original account on my launch 60GB PS3, which recently got the yellow light (I'll fix it soon) - so I transferred my account over to a slim. It didn't ask me to verify through e-mail, I just changed it directly on the PS3 and signed into PSN. Unless I was reading something incorrectly previous to this, but just thought it was strange.

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So I downloaded the update, and then went to sign in but it told me the 'Playstation Network is undergoing maintenance...'

So it's not up as of yet (at least in Canada), nor can you change your password.

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" Brad Nicholson was doing his job fine."
No he wasn't "
If his job was to report news that was happening in the games world, then yes he was. "
When you're paid to write and your articles are usually late, constantly full of typos, and sometimes contain misinformation, you are not doing your job well. I am a paid writer. I would be fired if my output was similar to Brad Nicholson's. (Brad is still submitting news articles, by the way).

Yup, I've usually felt this way about  Brad's articles. It diminishes the integrity of the site when you have such a terrible journalist as he is, with many of his articles making the site look more like it reports on rumors rather than fact. Brad sort of fits the definition of a yellow journalist, someone who reports on sensationalized stories (usually that have already been reported by other agencies) - unfortunately as you mentioned, his writing style is fairly poor which doesn't help the issue.

For people who think it's rude to comment on a journalists integrity - it really isn't. When this site is about giving you news in the gaming world, and he provides 'soft' and reiterated articles it provides little insight or new information compared to other sources. The other writers at GB are clearly superior in their craft, and should probably continue building the site without him if he doesn't step it up more.
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Yes, if there are any other questions about it then I don't mind answering. That's why this is a forum! There are a few issues with the video, but I think I did pretty well with it. It's in 1080p too for any with good monitors...
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I made this video, it's rather weird - but I figure some of you might appreciate it. Tell me what you think! 
I made it for a class, and this was really my first attempt at using a green screen. I needed a lot more space than I had in my current place, as I could not get the proper shot I wanted. It still turned out pretty well though in my opinion. There were a few hilarious bloopers that I might post up, but really depends on if people like this. I frequent the GB community everyday and would like for some of your input.