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That's happened to me before. If you keep trying to sign into GFWL, it should eventually kick you back to the CD key entry screen and you can correct your mistake. Is that not happening? 

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@ZeForgotten: Good, glad to hear it. I wasn't sure if mentioning it on Giant Bomb got the hate flowing or what. I'm only a few levels in but I'm totally digging it. 
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I've been a PC gamer exclusively up until a few months ago when I got an Xbox, so I'm catching up on stuff I've missed. Right now I'm mainly playing Dante's Inferno, Halo ODST, and Shadow Complex. Ran through The Force Unleashed recently, that was pretty fun. And I bought the first Kane & Lynch on the Steam sale yesterday and I'm kind of liking it. I know. I KNOW. 
But, yeah, trying to play as many games as I can before Rock Band 3 and Kinect come out, devour my life, and my family and I never leave the house again.

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I tried it and the lag is super noticeable for me (on a very fast Internet connection). Not completely unplayable but... close. I also had to disable my anti-virus and firewall to get it to connect at all, which isn't exactly endearing. The original download of the Firefox add-on installer was deleted immediately by Norton for being a virus. I get why, but still.
Obviously the pricing is going to hurt it more than the technology, but the tech is cooler in theory than in practice.  It seems like this is only good for people with laptops. But, even then, the pricing... you're paying full price for something you don't really get to own.
That being said, the ability to watch other people play felt like total voyeurism but was neat. That dude I watched play Splinter Cell: Conviction was terrible at it. 

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Lincoln Force 2: The Search for Curly's Gold

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Oh, Kinect. You're the last thing in the world I need.

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It just worked, no problem, for me. Just had to scroll down the list of maps and they were there.

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@ThePaleKing said:
" All of this stuff is explained throughout the game, and the bandanna has the info RIGHT THERE on the item description. As for the animals on the maps, shouldn't that be pretty fucking obvious?  "
Sorry, guys, but this is true.
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Yeah, I got the same offer and I'll try it but I'm not super optimistic.

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 So who's tried the Insurgency DLC (the four new Deniable Ops/co-op maps). I bought it earlier and blazed through them just now and I really enjoyed them.  The Salt Lake City map felt a little routine at first, but it improved greatly by the last zone.
I'm going to go back through and try and get some of the achievements (360), though I'm not looking forward to doing the crypt in New Orleans using only hand-to-hand takedowns. That was probably the most difficult section of all the maps, let alone not being able to shoot anyone.  But, yeah, I liked them. Worth my $10; I'll spend a lot of time in here alone and with my co-op partner.  
Anyone else played it? Thoughts?