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@Sparklykiss said:

@ajamafalous: AHHHHHH.

@shadows_kill: It is and I don't see anything for it all, so I'm going to have to go with no. (Pretty sure they go every other year.)

Its every other year and this year is their off year.
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Talking to you in the Screened Chat you know I'll be there Sunday. Really only thing I had planned was seeing a friend of mind who is in the art show so I'll be free most of the day.

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  I interviewed Jenova Chen over the new thatgamecompany's new game Journey. The video editing was all done by MikeFightNight.
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I did an interview with Greg Kasavin the creative director behind Bastion you can find the link here.

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  I got an interview with Greg Kasavin, Creative Director at Super Giant Games the guys and gals behind Bastion.

  Direct Link
iTunes Link
Please tell me if putting stuff like this on the site is okay I don't want to break the rules by site whoring.
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As you can see from my most recent topic on these forums I am looking for a new gaming website name for my new gaming website. My old site thereviewcast.com is seeing its last breaths till September. My hosting and my email go up then. The domain goes up in December.
So, what the fuck am I going to make. Well, I don’t want it to be purely be a blog like how thereviewcast.com is. My original plan was for the new site to be somewhat be non-focused so I could do movie reviews if I wanted. I have changed that opinion since MattyFTM from GiantBomb said

Kidding aside, I don't know about names but I do have a bit of a suggestion about your website. If you intend for random people on the internet to use your site, give it a bit more focus. Dedicating it mostly to indie games and then throwing in an occasional movie review is a sure fire way to alienate any potential userbase by being too random and unfocused. Try to focus on one thing and find somewhere else to post anything that doesn't fit that theme. On the other hand, if it's just a random site that is somewhere for you to post shit you write that you and maybe your friends are going to read, then the focus doesn't really matter. Although if that's the case, the name shouldn't really matter either.

So, considering I get most of review copies and interviews from independent developers it looks like that might be a good hook.
The name I have posted topics about a name on both sites I frequent to hopefully find one that would work. So far I haven’t found a good one. So, I have been brainstorming and thus far I have indieviews.com or IndieDreamin.com
Also I’m not sure about a couple of things. Do I move my videos to blip.tv and make a tiny bit of profit or just stick to Youtube with its awesome large upload amounts. I’m feeling Youtube currently.
Also do I get a voluntary staff or just stick to my one man wrecking crew (referring to myself). I’m starting to realize that I can’t do everything by myself. So, if your interested message me at davidjohnson[at]thereviewcast[dot]com. I don’t plan on having forum so I really will not compete with anything here. ( Like competing with Giantbomb is the first thing on the list :P)
That brings me to my next question do I want to syndicate my content. Usually I put it on my site and then move to other sites. This takes away from the main site but also promotes it. I don’t think I’ll change that. I still want to see others and my content grow and could care only so much about the actual website.
So, am I missing anything? I know basic wordpress so I can build the site mainly.
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How about Indieviews.com. Damnit the word view, review, and casts are my crutch when it comes to making names. 
Thank you Jazzy Cola, MattyFTM for giving me a serious opinion. Also, thank you everyone else for the comedy gold.

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A "reviewcast" is a podcast I started in November 2008 and died in May 2009. Now that I'm actually trying to get some where I think it is time for change.

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I am currently trying to think of good gaming website names to replace my current one thereviewcast.com. I would like for it to deal more with the indie gaming scene. Possibly have an out if I want to the occasional movie review. If you find this difficult now you know how I feel.

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Sorry to totally necro. But this comes out next week will Screened or Ryan be at all interested?