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This was fascinating and terrifying. I once tried to take apart a PS2 to "fix" it after the disc drive broke. I ended up bricking the system and had to go out and buy another.

Building a PC is no trouble at all, but getting this deep down the electronics rabbit hole scares the shit out of me.

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Video Games are great. I've played this one called "Unholy War" ten years ago, it was pretty sweet.

Your opinion is wrong and you are a bad person for having it.

Also that game looks pretty neat. Never heard of it before.

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They clearly need to be upgraded to the Space Olympics.

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Sly Cooper is great, but it's not the best of the Sly series, and playing it isn't necessary to enjoy the others. The Sly HD Collection is fantastic though.

Bully is amazing.

Just get both.

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I was very worried when Giantbomb was folded back into the Gamespot family. My fears have now become a reality.

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So video games guys?

Yeah? What about them?

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@Butano: People always make it out as if Microsoft was trying to deprecate the desktop, saying "in a couple of releases, we won't even have a desktop!" It's pretty silly.

Also, the new Task Manager is pretty great. Nice graphs for performance (CPU[combined or by core], memory, individual drive activity, network), more informative process and service views, and a handy startup process analysis/configuration tab.

The last time I tried to use Ubuntu (which was five years ago, so my knowledge is likely way out of date) I couldn't get sound drivers at all, and a number of other drivers were somewhat tricky to track down, requiring me to go into the console and run commands there. Fine, I can use a UNIX-type console. I'm a software developer. But if I just want to surf the internet, that's not a reasonable expectation. I shouldn't have to find an ethernet cable to plug in my laptop so that I can google the commands to download drivers for my wireless card. And even after getting my wireless card working, I still wasn't going to use a computer without sound, so I went right back to windows anyway.

Maybe things have gotten better since then, but I was soured on the experience, and there isn't anything Linux-exclusive pulling me back.

This. The consuming public will just give up on desktops entirely, moving to consoles and mobile devices, before they switch en masse to linux. Its a geek wet dream and it will never come true. People don't care if customization takes a back seat, they just want something pretty and simple to use. Thus, Apple.

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I am a sub and I use adblock. I know I should get ads since I'm silver, but I pay more than the golds anyway so whatever.

Even if I didn't have a sub I would use adblock, since I don't think I've ever clicked on an advert in my entire life.

So they'd get no revenue from me either way.

The Civ5 site skin was fairly classy, this one is just retarded.

Not all ad revenue is based on clickthroughs.

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Betting its going to be a janky fun time. Should scratch my open world itch for a few more months, if nothing else.

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Well, ya know, t's the internet, everyone is angry all the time. Even when I'm thanking someone sometimes, they respond with "F you buddy!" because they met more people on the internet that were sarcastic than pleasant.

It would be great if "The Internet" spoke... erm "typed" without sarcasm. Some do! But most of 'em don't. Guess that's just people for ya.

And I just want to say to you guys, the GB community, you're great. Keep being awesome.

You too.