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I dunno. Looks neat now that I've seen more of the actual game. Then again, I kind of liked the True Crimes games too. They were underrated.

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What's with all that wasted space in the middle?

I assume that is a really awful touch pad.

Oh god, you are probably right. That looks terrible.

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What's with all that wasted space in the middle?

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So its an onlive console with a crappier controller?

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Yes, and this is a big problem for me. I buy a game, play it for 2 or 3 hours, then I don't have time to play more. Busy life, etc. But, then the next big game comes out and I need to have it. Rinse, repeat.

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Go out partying all night at one of the club districts, and enjoy the part of the night where the trains stop running, teens and drunken salarymen wander the streets like zombies, and things just get eerily quiet. Then eat at a Yoshinoya to nurse your hangover.

Also, stay the fuck away from Kabukicho. You don't want anything they are selling. Trust me.

Oh, also, Kyoto is amazing. Go there.

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All apps you buy must be aproved by microsofts app store. Plus its more locked down then ever it even has a kill switch

So don't buy apps through the microsoft app store. This is still just a PC. You can install whatever software you want on the desktop.

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Honestly, the only things I remember about PE was the obsessive talk about mitochondria and how incredibly short the game was.

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This was fascinating and terrifying. I once tried to take apart a PS2 to "fix" it after the disc drive broke. I ended up bricking the system and had to go out and buy another.

Building a PC is no trouble at all, but getting this deep down the electronics rabbit hole scares the shit out of me.

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@TwoLines said:

Video Games are great. I've played this one called "Unholy War" ten years ago, it was pretty sweet.

Your opinion is wrong and you are a bad person for having it.

Also that game looks pretty neat. Never heard of it before.