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On it. Super interested to check this out.

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I haven't been following this news, could someone briefly summarize what happened at Relic/THQ such that now it's being delayed?

Following THQ's general financial issues, Relic and Vigil had to lay off some staff. As such, Vigil had to knock down the scope for the Dark Millennium online MMO to a more single player-focused game. Since CoH 2 is also in the works, it's reasonable to assume that that game is going to take primacy over getting DoW III out, given the reduced teams that Relic has to work with.

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Yep! I got mine. Seriously didn't realize how much a non-dubstep mania experience kinda falls flat.

It's definitely a mania game. I'm kinda enjoying it. I only played for a little bit tonight, though, but I can totally see this jockeying for position when I'm in that Mania kinda mood.

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Yeah. I'm real on the fence about this. I like the idea of better battery life/larger screen. This won't really be a day-one purchase, but I've enjoyed the holy hell out of my time with my 3DS, so I guess we'll see.

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My fiancee and I have put a stupendous amount of time into Civ V. It's been a blast. Super excited for Gods and Kings.

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I've never head about the studio or game you've mentioned here. I guess it's a space-sim in the same vein as Elite?

I imagine there's a bit of Elite in there (as far as any sort of space game with trading has some Elite in it.)

Soldak's last game was called Din's Curse. It was an ARPG in the vein of Diablo, but had a lot more randomization. Furthermore, the townspeople would go down into the dungeon and sometimes need rescuing. There would be various other plots to attack the town as well, and elite monsters would navigate between levels and spawn more and more powerful monsters if they were not dealt with quickly. Sometimes you'd have to figure out if someone was poisoning the town and generally keep things from spinning wildly out of control (which happened more often than not.) In some cases, townspeople would ask you for money to buy food. If you refused, they'd eventually starve to death or attack other townspeople for food and money.

Drox Operative appears to be a sort of Din's Curse in space, with a wide range of factions all going about their business. Your job appears to be to encourage intergalactic peace by taking out pirates, trading and solving missions while levelling up your ship and paying your crew. Combat is very Diablo-esque and actually feels pretty decent.

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I sincerely doubt that there's many Soldak fans hanging out here, but considering there's a page for Drox Operative and it appears to be reasonably filled in, I imagine this is pertinent to some. You can now pre-order the game for 25% off and get access to the beta.

Looks pretty interesting. I'm a huge fan of Din's Curse. I really liked the ARPG mechanics mixed with having to generally care for an entire town/find out who's poisoning the well/etc.

I'm a little sceptical about how well they'll pull off space combat in Drox Operative, but the idea of a free-ranging, dynamic universe with rpg mechanics sounds pretty solid. And at $14 to pre-order, consider me sold.

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There is very little reasonable female representation in entertainment media at all, these are industrial endeavors attempting to attract the widest audience possible without inviting commercial or critical controversy, given the storm in a teacup around this game it's not difficult to see why commercial creators would shy away from attempting to depict their vision of a strong female protagonist. When clearly lumbered with the concept that any depiction of a female character is a statement on all women for all time, it must be a revoltingly restrictive prospect for an author in any medium. If creators aren't allowed the freedom to explore the ramifications of gender or race or sexuality on their individual fictional characters without being expected to carry the torch for an entire segment of society then there can be no equality in media representations, there can only be Generic White Males because you can do as you please with that character without fear of controversy or reprisal.

Creators have to be able to try to tell stories with female protagonists without every moment of their attempt being put under some socio-political microscope - more importantly they have to be allowed to fail, perhaps spectacularly, in their attempts otherwise there is no way to learn what sort of approach will be satisfying or interesting or pleasing for their audience. Hell, they have to be allowed to take completely unpopular approaches which don't paint their subject in a positive light, without fear of their efforts being decimated by populist thinking or their careers being harmed by torch & pitchfork mobs. Otherwise we simply have to make do with nondescript white male protagonists fighting nebulous conflicts against generic malevolent forces until the end of time, brought to us by an industry of cowards.

Except in other mediums, there are reasonable female characters. Agreed, they're still not the norm. Neil Gaiman, for example, has expressly said that he prefers writing female characters. "Revoltingly restrictive" seems like an odd word choice, but given Lara Croft's prominence, I imagine this isn't exactly the discussion that Crystal Dynamics wants to have.

At any rate, I'm all for creative freedom on the part of the designers to do what they want, but that doesn't preclude the audience, arguably part of the target demographic from voicing their concerns. Yeah, it's conceivable that this may just give rise to more homogenous nondescript white male protagonists in AAA titles, but consider the business that Tomb Raider did. I think any moneyman worth their salt would probably say it's worth the internet hand wringing if they can pull it off.

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@MuttersomeTaxicab said:

If it's just the scene you described, then it's indicative of a terribly immature approach to writing the game, and falls into the already well-worn trap of writers using rape as a way to demonize the "enemies" while still showing that, no matter how strong Lara ever gets, she'll always have that looming threat of sexual violence that is absent for pretty much every other male protagonist in a video game.

I get what you're saying, and I agree to an extent. But isn't that just how the world is? I see that less as a form of sexism and more as a reflection of society. Women are more likely to be raped. Men are more likely to be rapists. An older criminal man probably could forcibly have sex with a young woman he has captured, and is probably more inclined to, than if the situations were reversed.

There's a reason that it's somewhat safer for a man to walk through a bad neighborhood or a dark alley than a woman: physical intimidation and sexual/psychological inclinations on the part of criminals (who also tend to be men).

Right. But our current conception of society isn't a constant, and is in constant dialogue with culture and varying forms of representation. Rape, for example, is a thing that certainly happens to men, but it has an utterly different stigma surrounding it. And, yeah, it does happen in the real world. Though part of the complaint levelled at video games for fostering a sort of "rape culture" is that both developers and player communities treat rape as a casual subject, something to be joked about or taken lightly. And, yeah, the film industry does that from time to time and is (usually) raked over the coals for it.

To me, it just feels like a dumb move. These armies of men already apparently want to kill Lara. What does the addition of rape add to the story or the character? She's already physically smaller than them and dishevelled and whatnot. As someone who'd like to see this game be able to pull off its aspirations, this feels like a crazy decision: shock value for the purpose of shock value.