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Things like that happen, even to the best of us. You handled it with class and respect for the audience. I'm still a fan of your work, and will continue to be....

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I am in the same boat. The controller is simply too small for my giant hands. I really wish Sony would offer multiple sizes of controllers.

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I really hope they do a HD version and a sequel. Hell I'd pay $40 for a Vita port....

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This announcement made me finally pull the trigger on a PS3

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This just in: people complain about their phone provider assuming other companies must be better.

I've had a droid x on verizon

and android phone on sprint

and an iphone 4 on ATT and traveled with all of them. Coverage is about the same, regardless of carrier. Deal with it.

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The Vita is a steal at $249.99. Considering the psp launched at $249.99 six years ago and didn't offer nearly as much as this system does.....

This also makes Nintendo's greed suddenly transparent....

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Microsoft seems damned determined to out dudebro everyone else in the industry. I think I am done with them this gen.

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@spncrrr said:

Looks like a Playstation Mini. Couldn't this run on the iPhone? Isn't the NGP like crazy powerful?

Not everything in gaming has to be a AAA title with a massive budget.  Hopefully this will release at a lower pricepoint as a downloadable title. 
This is a game right up my alley, and the type of game that I hope Sony continues to cultivate and support.  
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The Whiskey Media Roku channel is awesome!