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I'll miss you Dave. You've always brought something special to Giantbomb. Best wishes, hope to see you again. Good luck raising your child.

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Isn't Pizza Bat at the end of No More Heroes 2 so dumb that Henry even comments on how dumb it is?

Also Metal Gear Rising seems to have a pretty dumb boss, which kind of makes it great.

Waluigi could probably count. He's pretty dumb.

Also Super Joe at the end of the Bionic Comando Reboot.

At the end of Bayonetta you fight hair goddess and then knock her across the galaxy into the sun.

In Star Fox 64 one of the ending you just fight Androsses Brain, and normally he is just a head.

You fought a terminator at the end of Mass Effect 2.

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Captain Falcon? JYESSSH!

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I have tough time remembering names a lot of the time. Though I think its much easier when characters have shorter nick names or names that let them stand out. I could probably name anyone from the Metal Gear Solid series and I find it easy to remember Game of Thrones characters because they usually have a unique look as well as nick names like "Hound" Mountain, Ned, Bran, Snow, or Kingslayer.

I have watched FLCL several times and I still don't know everyone's name. I can name the episode names, but not many characters outside of Naoto, Mamimi, and Haruka. I think the very Japanese names throw me off.

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I prefer stylized graphics. They have been proven to stand the test of time more than realistic graphics.

Wind Waker and Okami will probably end up looking better than most games today because of that. We will look back and see how crappy these realistic unreal engine characters look when they are loading in all their face textures.

I think SNES games are more visually pleasing than most N64 and Ps1 games because pixel art is stylized. It's the reason A Link to the Past won't need a remake but something like Ocarina of Time or Majora's Mask does.

Even though it has realistic character models, MGS1 still has something interesting about it visually that I'd consider stylized, I played it for the first time recently and it's age didn't bother me.

If in HD many of the best Gamecube/ Wii games would have timeless visuals.

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Something weird about the start to crate thing is that it makes Deus Ex a bad game... I'm ok with that.

@video_game_king: I feel like time to Jeigan could have a followup statistic: Missions until Jeigen can't solo the map.

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Maybe this is a stretch but you probably own a PS2 or PS3. Most of the stuff you'd want on Vita, the Ps1/ Ps2 back catalogue people are talking about as well as Persona 4 are pretty easy to get on PSN or Amazon. You could get Persona 4 for 16 bucks for the ps2 on amazon. You'll probably miss some Psp games. But really nothing exclusive on the Vita seems worth getting.

The 3DS however looks like it is getting games. Fire Emblem is fantastic (and you can't get it anywhere else.) The Mario and Luigi RPG will probably be great like those games tend to be. 5 Pokemon games will probably come out if that is your thing. Isn't Shin Megami Tensei IV coming out eventually? Soul Hackers?

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Play a Hideki Kamiya game. They still have unlockables. Sometimes they are even different characters with their own movesets. He knows whats up. Or maybe play a DS Castlevania. Plenty of reward there and you get other modes/ characters once you are done.

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I want a Fire Emblem game that is one really really long level.

I'm no expert, I haven't played it, maybe you have. But I heard Fire Emblem Genealogy of the Holy War has 12 chapters but all of them are huge.

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