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I think the last time I've been disappointed with a game was when I finished Mass Effect 3 and Assassins Creed 3. Man, 2012 was a bummer year for me

Assassin's Creed 3, very much so, Mass Effect 3, only marginally.

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I guess the most recent, though not a very exciting answer, would be Freedom Cry. I just found it kind of dull. Other than that, while I thought the game was still decent, and though I didn't have huge expectations or sheer enthusiasm for the game beforehand, I thought Second Son could have been a whole lot better. The first one was the only really superb thing in Infamous to me, while Festival of Blood comes in as second with a great atmosphere. I didn't feel a sense of disappointment with two or Second Son, but I probably should have because I love one, but two and Second Son just weren't as good in my opinion.

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11:49 PM. Did I miss it? Seems so dammit.

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I heard others say it was sad as well, but I never watched it. It didn't make me cry, but one that surprised me, and simultaneously makes me laugh because of it coming out of left field, while also almost bringing me to tears is Bridge To Terabithia when the kids friend dies; she falls into a creek and drowns due to hitting her head on a rock, on the way to where they both have fun imagining things, as he went with a teacher he liked to a museum, and skipping out on asking the girl if she'd like to go. The films not a particularly great film (it's a good one I think, but not amazing), and I hardly think about it, so I don't consider it one of my favorites or anything, but when it comes to sadness, that's pretty sad. There are a bunch of sad movies, but none that really make me cry, they just have me on the verge.

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Well, if I was in your shoes, you said you didn't really care for coffee in the first place, I would be happy. As in general, I don't know, I don't get rejected much, but I think if it happened, I wouldn't mind all that much.

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If the game feels cheap at some point, I won't yell at it, that has rarely happened, though it has happened in the past. I'll simply get frustrated and then swear, like "What the fuck is this shit?" And stuff like that. I never throw stuff since I don't want to break anything and I can constrain myself enough, even if I want to punch the wall. I rarely swear, unless I get mad. Furthermore, you're calling it a computer, and yet you talk about Chrono Trigger...

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I don't have one, there are too many games I love. I have many favorites.

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@xyzygy: Connor was dull, he had little personality, he seemed to brood a lot, and whine at times too.

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He had the most personality I think; more to him than just "I am an assassin and want to kill these people". Edward Kenway comes next, and then Altair and finally, not such a great character in my opinion, is Connor. Furthermore, it's kind of crazy, but if you listen to him throughout the series, his voice changes due to age. I didn't know this until I went from Revelations back to two.

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I only checked it a few times, and yeah, it's filled with titles of 'hot girl on couch' and some girl is just sitting there on a couch, and commenters saying "show us your boobs". I left. It's just awkward. I never watched enough to have someone have sex or masturbate though, and I'm glad. Oh, and the news here already talked about it, but it wasn't much of anything, it was just about how parents can't lock that content from their kids.