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@Xeiphyer: True, but I'm not just asking about what's limited to our knowledge of the known universe.

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@Dany: @SexualBubblegumX: @MikkaQ: @allworkandlowpay: @nintendoeats: Why is it that just because we believe we know how things work in existence, in this case, our known universe, or beyond, the possibilities are held back to our limited knowledge? I'm just saying, what if there's another universe that is in 5D? Which, sound ridiculous to even bring up, but as with such a topic though, it's not yet possible, or never will be possible to know such a thing. I'm also not saying I disagree with any one of you about this.

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@haffy: Yes, to our knowledge, but there's so much we don't know. Heck, we could be all wrong about it all as it is right now; not that I am saying we are, but I'm just pointing out how anything could be. I mean, there could be other universes that do. There could even be a planet as large as our universe! AHHH! No, ha ha. You could be right though, everything to know about our universe, or anything that exist, could possibly be limited to what you say.

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@MariachiMacabre: Maybe I'm too ignorant to think this, but maybe the known universe isn't all there is? I always see the edge of it, and hear about how "this is the end of it, this is the line where stars don't exist" or whatever, but whatever is beyond the known universe that's black to us, could hold something like it. I guess my imagination is overlapping the logical part a bit.

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@haffy: A planet as big as our galaxy, within a galaxy.

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I'm sure most could choose C. 'cause it's the obvious choice I guess, but I'm sure there are those of you that think that there is one definitive answer. Maybe not.

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I don't think it'll hurt to just watch this one. Thanks for sharing I guess. "Ha ha, yes, that is a fake laugh you jerk."

Huh, it's kind of weird. It looks good, but the quality doesn't look like I thought it would. I liked how he would carry one gun in one hand to his side, and use the other one, as well as having whatever weapon you just had in the cutscene. Also, diving into the walls and having his body react to it is cool. It looks good, but it's awkwardly not quite as I expected. Close, but not quite.

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@supermonkey122: I agree that it needs a checkpoint system, that's one huge turn off that was fixed in Red Dead Redemption, and heard those side story expansions had it too. If this is your first time through, then that mission as well as a few others will piss you off. Last time I played it though, I beat the mission the first time through.

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The Big Crunch. Look it up. It's not a weapon, but it can kill.