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Um, yeah, whatever. Time to put the cursor over the Post Reply and get out of here.

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I wanted to post this, because I think Steve answers a lot of the questions people are being somewhat apprehensive over. Personally, I love the idea that they're taking out multiplayer and focusing solely on the story. Now, that's not to say from what I've played in two, it was bad, I actually quite liked it, but I still don't believe it's why I love to play a Dead Space game, so this is refreshing. The one thing I am a little surprised by is that there won't be split-screen co-op, so you better have a sibling or friend that'll want to play Dead Space with you. I'm really excited for this game, and am happy with the way they're doing it. The story was always one of the biggest things in Dead Space for me, and I'm glad they're focusing on it.

Also, I wasn't expecting it, but I do think people worried that they'd be taking a more Resident Evil 5-like approach, not only with the action, but the co-op. This won't be like that, Carver isn't like Sheva where he follows you through the entire game, if you play single player campaign, it's only Isaac, just like the first two, but it is jump in and jump out. The co-op is one of the many challenges Visceral had with the game, but I think they'll pull it off. Anyways, here you go. After, discuss. Are you less worried, or are you going to be just as pessimistic about it as you were when you saw the E3 trailer and game play? Or were you excited about it regardless of that stuff, and this helps even more?

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Wow... this fucking sucks. When it comes time for people to ask the question of who won, the answer will be "everyone lost". I do like the look of a lot of the games that were shown, but none of this really has to do with the Sony, Microsoft, or Nintendo press conferences exclusively.

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@CrossTheAtlantic: Well, it is a sci-fi, so I'd say right there it's different. The atmosphere and its setting itself can set it apart.

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Graphically, it looked amazing. Gameplay wise.. Do we need more third person cover based shooters? I'm getting serious Force Unleashed vibes, and that's definitely not a good thing.

But I have a hard time caring about anything Star Wars related these days.

This is dumb. It's a new take on Star Wars. There's never been an M-rated Star Wars anything. There are no lightsabers in this gameplay clip. No force powers. No Boba Fett helms or flamethrowers.

You have no reason to dismiss this game as "just more Star Wars" when so far, nothing about it screams Star Wars.

Exactly, that's one of the few reasons I made this. If I would just have said "nope, more of the same Star Wars" I wouldn't have made it, 'cause I don't care about Star Wars that much, but since this is different, I did.

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@CrossTheAtlantic: Yeah, but everything shown at the show isn't original at all, and almost everything shown had very similar stuff going on wrapped with its own unique stuff. So it really doesn't matter to me as long as it's good.

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It's bad, not as bad as Resurrection, but still not good. The only thing I liked was the very ending where the log replays what Ripley said at the end of Alien, and Ripley bringing back Bishop. Only Alien and Aliens are what I like to consider canon when it comes to the films out (here in the U.S.), but I really want to see Prometheus.

I have Alien Anthology, it's fantastic, but I don't think I will ever watch Alien 3 or Alien: Resurrection again, or at least not intend to do so by myself. I'll only do it if someone else wants to see it, since they haven't done so before, even then I'll hesitate, I don't like them at all really. Just a few days ago I watched both Alien and Aliens with commentary all the way through, I liked that a lot. It also explains the should-be-obvious stuff that no one seemed to think about in Aliens, and I hear complaining over.

Like how the Aliens are smarter than the one in the first film, it's because they've been out longer, and the one in the first was just born, so it wasn't as experienced. Oh, and another thing that I kind of liked, was the the prison setting somewhat reminded me of Chronicles of Riddick's, Butcher Bay, but again, only somewhat. As for Resurrection, I didn't like any of it at all. I also really despise the ending.

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@connerthekewlkid: Ummm, yes?

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Dude... if you notice it, every game basically was the same with their own unique twist. Not saying that's necessarily a bad thing, but just the swearing isn't all.

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Oh, whoops. When did you post this? I just made one a while ago. Anyways, I think this looks really good. I'm glad they're making an M rated Star Wars game, I've always felt Star Wars was (like I said before), in a sense, child proof. I'm not even a big Star Wars fan, but this is something I wouldn't at all mind buying. As with most of the stuff shown today at E3, from a game play perspective, it's not entirely original, but it being the quality it is, I don't believe it has to be. Very exciting.