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10lb Beef Pho.


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Man this is real dumb. Real, Real Dumb.

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Isn't Clickbait making a top ten list and then spreading each number across a separate page ala a site like Cracked?

I really dig Patrick's Worth Reading articles. Sure it is an aggregation like Kotaku, but it is a curated list making it far better then having to look at Kotaku every couple hours for fear of missing something cool/interesting/

Also see Jeff's article on Windows 8/BlazBlue on the Beta Site.

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@Brodehouse said:

Here's what I remember about my time with Lunar.

There's a lady in the moon. She gets naked and walks around. There's a blizzard. It's a snow moon I guess. Then you're this dude named Hiro GET IT and he has a pink dragon that is really more of a pink cat. The pink cat also talks and shits fire or something. Okay, so then you wander in a temple because it's a video game and the naked girl shows up and you get your first anime boners of your life. Then you try to save the girl from the evil empire that's trying to kill her, but she's like ridiculous powerful but she's also amnesiac and also not in your control. And then you wander around and you meet some guy who hangs out with you, and then a green haired girl who is like a ninja dancer type. And then you go to hot springs in which the naked girl walks at you and you get the second anime boners of your life. After that it all gets difficult to remember. I think you go to a forest.

Greatest game summation ever. Should be on the official box art.

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Build a house, now you live there.

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Smoke till I die

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Compared to even the broken mess that Dead Island was, this looks real bad.

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No, they are dumb for not buying online or through some other means.

Organic Chemistry takes some know how to get through. If you can't use amazon to look up a book, you deserve to get hustled.

People pay for convenience. You were convenient - They didn't want to think about it, and in the process you profited. It is the same way that the actual University bookstores work.

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A load of the same artists from Madworld.