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@cikame said:

Can i use voice commands with my headset?

Doubt it.

Sorry captain caveman, only with Kinect can YOU BE THE CONTROLLER!!
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@GooneyGuGu said:

The question I'd love an answer to, will 'Quickplay' solve issues related to the slow loading 'Games Library'?

In the end, improving the loading is really the only thing I really care about. 
Unfortunately, I'm not convinced that's as big a concern to them as it is to us. 
We'll see. 



Sony, don't ever change it. 

Don't worry they won't, and even if they did, it would probably be a PS+ feature.
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@warpedzappa said:
So basically Microsoft ripped off Sony's Cross Media Bar, then put a pretty coat of paint on it. 
Congratulations to the designers at Microsoft.
Because Sony invented the horizontal list of items that opens a second level of vertical items?
Just because Sony's marketing department gives something a fancy name doesn't mean they actually invented anything.
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@DJJoeJoe: Yup, after decades of spottiness the Zune (of all things) really seemed to kickstart Microsoft's foray into some great design..
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I like Segoe UI Light so much I have trouble disliking any of Microsoft's stuff that uses it like this. 
Very nice. So fucking clean.

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@Sammo21 said: 

Why is it that video games are singled out for second hand sales? Books, cars, homes, boats, tools, CDs, DVDs, you name it...all of these are bought and sold second hand with no real care...but video games? Stop the presses!

Because videogame consumers are apparently biggest suckers in the world and have actually taken the side of the corporations trying to maximize their profits. They've bought the line that their favourite junior designer actually gets some cut in the sales and that it doesn't just get dumped into the publisher's bank account.
If any company in one of these other industries you mentioned tried to villainize the associated used market they would be made a fool of by their consumers.
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@Enigma777 said:

I'm really getting tired of these obnoxious headlines, Alex.

I dunno. Even though the headlines are over-the-top and the content is typically slanted towards whatever's best for the game journalism industry they still create some decent and/or entertaining back-and-forth sometimes.
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@Deathpooky said:

The sad thing about this is, despite Alex's terrible framing of the quote, he's on your side in investigating whether price has anything to do with players refusing to buy a game first-hand.

Yeah I'll give him (and you) that, but I think his point would've been made much clearer if he didn't feel the need to lean on the ol' "used games" cliche crutch. Maybe it's a language thing, or maybe it's just become instinct to blurt out "used games market" every time sales woes are brought up. 
Second-hand gaming eh? I wonder if that's where we're going next? Maybe publishers, developers, "journalists" and people on these boards can start trying to make me feel like an evil person because me, my wife and my son all played the same copy of Lego Star Wars. The gall of some people huh?
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I played it back in the day and loved it. 
It was...err... you had to... it... uhhhh... 
To be honest, I have a perfect picture of it in my head but I forget almost every aspect of how it played.

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And not just socks, I also always have a pair of indoor Gazelles.