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I assume the game will be big enough that I won't even bother with DLC (at least for a long time - as in years).

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Just curious what people who play PC games on the couch with a mouse and keyboard do with them. 
Coffee table? TV tray? Lap? 

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I'd like to see reviews be tempered with a degree of objectivity. Unfortunately, it's tough to think and write objectively and the videogame community as a whole seems to have accepted the notion that reviews can only be 100% subjective so if I was reviewer I probably wouldn't bother trying either - plus you get more hits being shocking and/or funny.
People can hate Metacritic scores all they want but if you're looking for objectivity, that silly little number is probably as close as you're going to get. 

In the end it's not really all that important to me. I read them for fun, not purchasing advice.  

@GaspoweR@TotalEklypse: Yeah EGM's reviews were awesome.

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I've started getting the same thing (Chrome, Canada) 
Get's hung waiting for

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@MattyFTM said:

Cross platform play in a competitive game is dumb. Mouse & Keyboard is so much more precise than a gamepad.

There's been pretty extensive testing done that proves this, that's why many games have toyed with the idea but none (few?) have released with it. 
It will be interesting to see what they do to make it all work out. 
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This might be the first time I even consider making an Argonian.

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@SockLobster said:
Also you don't need a gaming PC to play MNC... A decent PC these days is cheaper than a current console and you don't have to pay a subscription fee to play online.
Hmm... maybe I should consider getting one then. 
Anyone got specs for a 300 dollar PC that will run Super Monday Night Combat smoothly? 
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I had one, but the PS2 did all the heavy lifting around my place those days.
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@Valru said:

You expect a tiny indie developer to pay for bandwidth costs that their publisher/platform holder charges them?

Well, it would be nice if developers prepared for the finances required to support their titles. Wouldn't it? 
Anyways, here's to Uber, I hope they keep going strong because they seem like a good team. 
Maybe they'll come back to consoles, or maybe I'll find myself with a decent gaming PC someday in the future.
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@blacklabeldomm said:
When the BF3 QL comes out and Jeff dies 70 times and doesn't support his teammates and plays wrong it will be the best comments section on a QL yet.
It'll be even better when he constantly refers to Call of Duty about how this and that should've been implemented ;P