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Marvel is, in my opinion, the best Lego release to date, but I'd probably buy whichever franchise interests you the most.

Oh btw, I've played all of them except for Harry Potter 5-7, the new Hobbit one and the Nintendo exclusive Lego City.

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Crocus everywhere!!

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I really gotta get around to playin' that Dragon's Dogma game.

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Jim Guthrie really knows how to play those same four notes for two and a half minutes.

@razielcuts said:

I'm really liking the look and feel of this but the tiny perspective is kind've putting me off slightly. We shall see.

That's actually the part I really like about the way this game looks.

Yeah, even if it ends up becoming an annoyingly overused/abused trend I'm totally into this hella zoomed out perspective.

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@bigjeffrey: Do you know if the XBox One version is still a "timed exclusive"?

I'm currently playing indies almost exclusively but there's just no way I'd ever be able to bring myself to buy a console for one game, especially a potential smaller indie game so hearing it's coming to PC is such great news.

Now all I need to hear is if/when Galak-Z is going PC...

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If I ever get an XBox One (which depends almost completely on what happens with Dance Central) I would probably pick this up on sale somewhere.

My family and I had (and occassionally still have) fun with the original.

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The Witcher 2.

It has all the right gameplay hooks in the right places but I just can't get into long narrative-driven games these days - even the really good ones.

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@clonedzero said:

If there is a guy who's remotely competent but knows people, that guy will get the job instead of you.

...and from where I stand "remotely competent" is a very wide net when it comes to vidjagame journalism.

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My short-lived, Splunkin'-with-Scoops inspired addiction has passed for now without delving into secrets, only getting to the ice cave a handful of times but I love getting a new game like this that I know will give me fits and bursts for years to come.

I got my eye on Yu.

No wait... Gentlemen, Yu had my curiosity, but now Yu has my attention.

Anyways, I also can't wait to see what he's thinking next.