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Now THAT is an unfortunate typo.

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I'm playing Sam B and your vague recollections of when slots unlocked sound very similar to my vague recollection of how mine unlocked. 
I'm level 12 and have all but one unlocked.

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Has Bethesda released the gravitational information for Skyrim yet?

I don't know, but I hope that comes soon. I'm quite concerned about the height of jumps in this game being a little too unrealistic.

Get ready for disappointment guys. 
I was told by an insider that despite an iron sword weighing 10, you can still jump 6 high. 
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Is there anything to suggest that the weight units are pounds in the first place? I saw where it said "10" and "21", but I didn't see anything about it being ten pounds.


Anyone know the conversion rate from Baloney to Bologna?
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I don't know what the right answer is, but I know what my answer is. 
Dark Souls.

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A meme within a meme.
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I'm not a big DMC fan, and I'm not totally sold on Ninja Theory's gameplay skills (certainly not terrible, but not excellent in my opinion) but after Enslaved I can't help but be a little bit interested to see what they do on the story/performance end of things.

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...telling a simple story in convoluted way

Oh man am I with you there, but in fairness to the writers the gaming community has spoken and they have pretty consistently told videogame writers that we accept this a good writing.
I'd fire up a list of what I think are the silliest, most over-written and convoluted plots ever to appear in a videogame but the list reads too much like too many other users' "Best Videogame Stories Ever" lists, and I'm not in the mood to be flooded with the standard "your just not smart enough" or "you just didn't 'get it'". :)
(PS: I purposely misspelled "your" for the full effect, so don't bother)
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I'm very happy that Batman didn't use the "hide in the shadows and wait till the enemy pattern resets" mechanic that has been so frequently employed by stealth-based games.

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I'm not convinced #3 applies to age, or that it's even true. 
Good stories were just as rare back in the day as they are today. Nostalgia combined with lower expectations and selective memory  tend to, as Matty stated, overshadow the reality of yesteryear's gaming landscape.