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Mass Effect 2 for me, and the ME trilogy quite easily.

And I loved me some Oblivion, Too Human, Red Dead, every Halo game, and many others.

The ME series just brought so much ambition, storytelling, and immersion......and ME2 was just an awesome refinement of the ME1 experience,.... which had the best story in a game ever for me.

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Sweet. Finally satisfied with the polish and balance apparently.

The guys at Runic really don't care about other game releases. Seriously, all they want is to make solid games and allow their clients to have a blast playing their games. And because of that, the resultant proper income will take care of itself.

UPDATE: Preordered and preloaded Max ;)

And:Two great loot games can be played at's possible...I think.

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LOL, not hardly. It is by far the most comfortable and convenient way to game. Plus all the friends that are about to talk to and play with. PC is still for the cutting edge stuff, and I love it too, but it wears me out so much faster. I'm old...sue me.

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TC, while you're getting through the Parish(after the blacksmith), go out into the Garden and the Forest. There are some excellent armor pieces to be found throughout both areas. And yeah no pause nor mercy, lol, only bonfires to take a break for a spot of tea. :)

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No, because I don't care and always avoid that drama. I would like to see the new consoles innovate and become much more powerful and capable though. And some good healthy competition usually results in some good development efforts which means us gamers win overall. Plus this site is mellow and fanboy stuff is usually just quickly dismissed. Another reason GB is awesome imo.

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Borderlands 2 and Halo 4 already preordered. Torchlight 2 at some point for sure. Probably Blops2 as well. Maybe Hitman. Not near as much to be interested in this fall than usual for me.

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Wow the 28th? Didn't realize this was coming so soon. Thanks for the heads up tc.

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@Jams said:

@pweidman said:

and he put his dog in a carrier on the top of his car on a vaca trip. :/ Boo.

Then he took it out and ate it as a tasty snack. Oh wait, that's the other President.

OMG, thank you sir. :)

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Really great to hear you're well there and coming home soon. Big fat welcome home duder.

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Not voting is a shitty thing to do. I'll vote for Obama probably.

This I agree with this a lot, although Obama is an easy choice with Romney as his opponent. Romney is nothing but a Republican tool for the wealthy and the big money corporate agenda imo. That and he has failed to publically stand by any of his true convictions at all(could be giving him too much credit here)...... and he put his dog in a carrier on the top of his car on a vaca trip. :/ Boo.