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Horde mode? I was under the impression there was some deathmatch and team based stuff where zombies and monsters just happened to be in the boards as well.

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I was thinking Ps3...I have gotten the RE games on Sony systems up to this point, but with this being so mp focused I figured 360 this time. I know the 360 version is getting the "nemesis mode" at least as a timed exclusive. Any other news anyone may have seen to tip the scales in favorite of one platform over the other? I tried googling it and didn't really find anything.

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the graphics weren't the worst problem with the new Motorstorm. I think they ruined the entire formula for that series. The second Motorstorm is still amazing.

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I don't see ME3 as a pointless cliffhanger. The conflict revolves around the Reapers and that conflict is resolved, one way or another. Beginning a new chapter is different than saying "here is a cliffhanger now pay for the real ending in DLC". ME3 does not do this and to say it does is factually wrong.

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I thought all of the interns were gone anyway? For like a while now?

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I'm not really seeing a difference between this and the 3DS version to be honest.

@Simplexity: OK, yeah, I can definitely tell a difference there.

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WOW IN SPACE...for 3 days.

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sweet....oh wait, I mean "lol".

@TyCobb: Nah, the SEGA Nomad had even that thing beat. I loved having all my Sega games on the go but that thing took like 16 batteries.

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Archived stream isn't working for me.

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@Tennmuerti: to say you are getting more powerful is a little ridiculous. I don't think this cheapens the game anymore than Gears of War 3 having paid skins for weapons and Jeff didn't seem to mind those too much.

@Enigma777: yeah but that is stuff you get in every pack and its the exact same thing as the in game currency.

I don't see this as any different than playing an mmo or RPG and constantly getting items that you can't use for your class. Just because you get weapons you don't want to use as a squishy Drell Vanguard doesn't mean that weapon isn't worth having for a Krogan Sentinel.