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@Redbullet685: and they are already rethinking their idea to rent out video games. Oh well. I was going to try that since I haven't heard many good things about GameFly (you know, since I don't want to rent 4 year old games).

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This is strange, but still welcomed.

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Is he that squishy? What dmg did you do to him? Also, what did he drop and how many souls did you get off of him?

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Is this some sort of flamebiat post? Not to mention this was the last system to have a vast and diverse library of every genre (Except for now over saturated FPS genre), but the amount of stellar and revolutionary titles was amazing. Not to mention this was the generation that Sony really emphasized they had an amazing staple of first party characters and titles.

You have to be flame baiting or something. Personally, the PS2 was more diverse and had more ground breaking games than the generation before AND after it.

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SO FREAKING EXCITED. War For Cybertron was awesome, and I think the darker nature is going to come from the fact that cybertron is almost a dead planet because of what happened in the first game.

Wow, really excited for this.

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No thanks. I have Netflix...I just download whatever show I want to watch :)

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We are saved from a crappy fight game? Sweet.

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All 4 of those PS2 games are awesome. While I still own my original copies I will gladly rebuy them so I can play them discless on my PS3 slim in the living room (launch 60GB in the bedroom).

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I played Megaten for a while and didn't care for it.