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So until the beta is released on the 360 I am playing it on Ps3 and so far I have been pretty underwhelmed. What I wanna ask you guys is, to make sure it isn't just me, are the graphics as bad as they seem to me? I am playing on a TV capable of 720p and 1080i so I wasn't sure if maybe the game was being downscaled or something (since Ps3 only downscales to SD if an aspect ratio isnt supported), but I was surprised at how bad this seemed to me. I know this is a beta but I didn't know if anyone knew what level of beta this was (basically are they only working on optimizing netcode at this point?). I didn't want to put too much stock into things since I am playing it on the PS3 and its a beta, but I didn't know if anyone else has had experience playing a beta on any of the other versions. I didn't expect anything near what a decent PC could do, but I expected better than this. Hopefully its just because its the beta.

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Better than a broken gane that still gets high ratings

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I still think overall Oblivion had a more exciting cast list. I could be wrong, but thinking back it feels like it.

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@Branthog: Thanks for your response and good explanation. I did read all of it. What has kept me from getting a TV on Amazon was I heard if you need to return it they can be a pain. I'll look into it a little more though. Thanks again.

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@jetsetwillie: I've had really good luck with Sony, LG, and Toshiba in the past so I suppose that I am partial to those but I will obviously pay a lot more for Sony. You do get what you pay for in a lot of cases but I've seen several friend's TVs who do not have the higher end brands and they were pretty great looking. I wasn't sire if there were a few that were considered really good for gaming as when I try and do some research I getting a lot of just general information crap.

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I just thought I'd shoot the Duder signal out to see if anyone has any good recommendations on TVs for gaming. I think I am going with a 42" if possible and several people have told me backlit LEDs are really good, but I have no experience with that type so I thought I'd check the boards and see what you guys thought. Any recommendations will be much appreciated.

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Tommy Wiseau is too self aware to be funny now. The Room is really the only funny thing he's done, outside of Tim and Eric cameos.

Also, I think Alex's penchant for BS is a lot higher than his hyperbole sometimes lets on, lol.

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Personally it all depends on your play style. Call of Duty is fast paced standard death match style game play with a few different modes thrown in. Battlefield is a slightly more methodical experience and also has bigger maps, vehicles, and in my opinion a more unique experience in comparison to the every freaking year Call of Duty experience (which hasn't really changed much since the first MW).

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Metacritic user reviews are complete trash.

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They are too busy helping Capcom make terrible games.