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So what does this mean for the dicks and butts currently in place?

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Gamestop does. Funny story (at least to me) was when Ghostbusters the game was coming out. Gamestop had Dan Akroyd pre-record one of those messages. I honestly thought for a second Dan Akroyd was calling me for some contest I didn't know I won until about 10 seconds later. I still thought that was kind of neat though.

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I could but a Halo 3 on PC would be a newer community and look better too. Not to mention there could be some interesting PC only options.

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If Halo 3 was released on PC I'd start playing it. So much better than this Halo 4 shit currently out on 360.

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I'd be also interested to see how some of these women feel about the tawdry statues that are also packed with some of these games.

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If you downloaded it and didn't play it then you aren't aware of the bugs. Right?

"If you know about a Bug or have heard about a Bug and fail to report the Bug to EA"

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Maybe that will teach people to not use a beta as a demo.

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Persona 1 and Persona 2: Eternal Punishment on PS1. MvC2 on Dreamcast and Ps2. MGS3: Subsistence with all the DVDs and extras for pre-ordering. Ico sealed copy.

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I think LoL has one of the worst communities I've seen in PC gaming right now. That's just my personal opinion based on every encounter I've had in that game. DOTA2 has been fine though I haven't played it nearly as much as LoL. I'd say go with DOTA2.

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I wonder if we did a background check on the Mexican cartels we sold all those guns to.