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Because the internet always has to devolve things into an "A vs B" argument, much like our country's politics have turned to.

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its not hurt my gaming experience at all...

The EULA is the same for World of Warcraft or ANY video game you buy actually....

Also, back in the day expansion packs were more like $30-40 and weren't always so consistent in their products. Blue Shift being a great example as it added no real multiplayer stuff (outside of the high res texture pack which is no longer in existence for those products unless you install from the original discs) and the game could be beat in like 2.5-3 hours.

DLC is ruining games is too broad a statement to some of it bad? Absolutely. Guess what? Don't buy it and wait for the game of the year version. The sad part is the amount of people who complain and whine and then still buy the stuff. That's the problem.

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Because they are increasingly the most a-religious country on the planet dominated by materialism?

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hahah did I bring this thread back to life? I was looking for reference photos and I noticed one of them on google images was the Batman, Batman, Batman PS3 game box from Giant Bomb so I clicked on it for a life and it brought me to this thread.

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All Batman would need to do is learn magic and get some kryptonite.

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This would have been a great video feature too.

@BenderUnit22: I agree, such a great part of that game. All the Thief games had great atmosphere.

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@bonorbitz: Maybe, as long as I get the stuff my wife wanted then I think I am just done with it. May report them, but who knows. Just surprised they can even be in business with people like that.

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@iam3green: The sad part is upon doing research into this company I found tons of customer service complaints. The business is located in Bronx, NY and they even have a Bronx address and phone number. Completely unprofessional and literally the worst service I've ever had. Tempted to post their information on 4chan just for the heck of it.

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Not to drag this down, but I think we get one of these posts every couple of months lol.

Ryan seems to excel at single player experiences I feel. He never feels interested in anything competitive multiplayer, but sometimes does co-op.

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I am going to copy and paste directly from my email communcations with someone at "". My wife needed a headwrap to complete a project she is working on, so I purchased what she needed from I chose UPS Ground as the shipping option since I prefer their tracking system and service. When I received shipping confirmation I realized that while it stated I paid for UPS Ground I received a USPS tracking number...I figured I should email an inquiry ASAP in case it could be corrected. The following is what transpired:

Steve Simmons to Buy2:03 PM

Hello. If I paid for UPS Ground shipping then why am I receiving a tracking number for USPS shipping? Thanks.

Steven Simmons


Buy Merchant Inc to me3:23 PM

What? what difference does it make we will hold the package immediately it was sent USPS priority we reserve the right to ship our merchandise however we choose to have a good day


Steve Simmons to Buy3:43 PM

To Whom It May Concern,

I am sorry you feel the need to advertise one thing and then do another. If I pay for what is advertised to be UPS Ground shipping but it is being shipped, as you claim, USPS priority then that is false advertising. I was not being rude in requesting a clarification as sometimes these things can be mixed up and that is understandable. Your response was incredibly rude and threatening that you have a right to "ship our merchandise however we choose" really has nothing to do with the question I asked. You may also want to work on your grammar as it does not exude professionalism to be both rude and decide to not use grammar. I am sorry that you felt the need to respond in such a way and also be unhelpful to a paying customer.

The reason that it is important to me is that I chose UPS ground at checkout as they have a much better system for tracking packages than does the USPS, and if I am not mistaken the USPS priority was much more expensive than the UPS ground option I chose at checkout.

Steven Simmons


Buy Merchant Inc to me3:53 PM

It was more expensive but we still shipped it that way most customers would be happy to have the merchandise get to them faster than the method they paid, your nasty and sarcastic emails will be saved as proof of purchase and character assonating attacks against us for no reason, it is no way false advertising when we ship the merchandise how we choose to we did not advertise shipping we advertise our merchandise, too bad you have the need to write a whole paragraph to tell us we are unprofessional and need to learn grammar we can say the same for you but we won’t waist our time with such childish assaults. We will close your account and ask you please not to buy from us again or use another name to register with our company have a good day J

We get signature for everything we ship out and all merchandise shipped from here has a tracking # we never have a problem with tracking any item we ship UPS or USPS or FedEx


Yes, those are copied and pasted directly from the emails...and yes, they really are worded that rudely and poorly. I am kind of appalled in that...not hurt, just really pissed off. Funny thing is I don't have an account with them and I just did a "express checkout" without having to register or anything. Basically, don't do business with "" as they are dredges of society who can't even answer a question, let along do it politely and professionally.