(The Great Work in Progress) - *Dat Ass* - Sparkly's (Some Big Number) Favorite Men in Gaming

...I'll finish this one of these days.

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Posted by Son1x

funny list   :)

Posted by Kyreo

Dude.  Solid Snake's Ass is the Best!  The absolute BEST!

Posted by JJWeatherman

I now know who Wakka is.

Keep adding to this; it's great.
Posted by BisonHero

What's the attraction to Kratos Aurion?

Hopefully just looks, because his character did almost nothing for me. He acts like this calm badass all the time, but then the developers forget to sufficiently show him doing badass stuff, so aside from a couple boss fights where he was average boss toughness, I just had to take it on faith that he was actually badass.

Maybe I'm just pissed off with how stupidly obvious the "surprise" reveal involving him and another character was. Like, I called it within an hour of him being introduced in the story.

Otherwise, diggin' the list. I would totally do Kilik. I mean, look at that staff...

Posted by Sparklykiss

@BisonHero: His character was predictable, I agree there. But I couldn't help but find him to be completely lovable. I was a fan of his voice actor and mostly just frothed at the mouth when looking at him. Helps that he looked really, really good in purple...

I just went with the "He kept his power himself" sort of deal after seeing Regal use his hands in that one part.

But thanks! I'll finish it one of these days! I had a lot of commentary to go with this, I just haven't felt like finishing it since! :< (But I agree on Kilik there... >.>)

Posted by Mercy_

*__________* I love you

Posted by RoyCampbell

Yes or No I'm so confused

Posted by Mercy_
Posted by Sparklykiss

@courtney12490 said:

You can finally put Dick Grayson on here :D

I so would. But my guidelines for this are characters in games that I've actually played!

...I must remedy this.

Posted by Mercy_

@Sparklykiss: Arkham City. Now.

I'm actually considering using it as my gateway back into the gaming world.

Posted by Sparklykiss

@courtney12490: You say that like I've got currency right now, yo. And you should play Arkham Asylum, too! I am and it's greaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat. :D

Posted by Mercy_

@Sparklykiss: Argh. Do I need both <_<

Posted by Psycosis

My only question is why am I not on this list?

Posted by Video_Game_King

Wrong Sigurd!

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Good list, which just reinforces the fact that I am way too good a judge for this kind of thing for my own good.